ATP Prologue

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Thunder rolled oppressively. Above the storm clouds, the atmosphere was even more oppressing.

“The Demon Emperor has commanded the Azure Sky King to return with us to the court!”

Long hair bound by a golden circlet whipped in the wind along with the sleeves of her robe. The woman called the Azure Sky King replied deliberately, “I shall not return.” Her girdled black gown was embroidered with gaudy tree peonies. She spoke with chivalrousness and boldness uncommon to her gender. “No matter who orders me.”

“Then don’t blame us for this, Your Highness.” The gray-clothed leader gestured and two others leaped out from behind him, trapping Shen Li in their triangular formation.

“You have guts to block us.” Shen Li’s eyes flashed tyrannically as she spun a silver longspear in her hands, drawing a silver arc with the spear head. Her sleeves trembled with the killing intent surging from every pore of her body. “Come at us!”

The leader shared an apprehensive glance with one of his men. The other, at Shen Li’s right, drew his blade swiftly and unleashed a powerful blow. “Don’t be hasty, Mo Fang!” The leader shouted futilely. Shen Li raised an eyebrow, her silver spear readily meeting his attack. The clash of their weapons reverberated with energy.

The other two gritted their teeth. Their only choice was to join the battle against Shen Li.

Each man was renown in the Demon Realm, yet they struggled to match Shen Li. But Shen Li was not only outnumbered but also unwilling to kill them. She was soon at a disadvantage in their encirclement despite her magical energy was greater than all three of them, and revealed an opening. Mo Fang took advantage of it and aimed straight at her heart!

One of the men roared, “Mo Fang! Don’t kill Her Highness!”

Mo Fang ignored him. The tip of sword parted cloth and entered flesh, stabbing Shen Li with so much force that she flew out of their formation. Shen Li was furious. “You’ve grown, kid! Truly befitting of a soldier we’ve trained! You’ll stop at nothing!” Mo Fang said nothing. He shifted so the other two couldn’t see, and gouged his neck on Shen Li’s spear. Blood sprayed through the air. Shen Li’s eyes widened. Through the mist of blood, she asked him, “What are you doing? Are you trying to scare us to death?”

“Your Highness.” Mo Fang whispered, “This as far as I can help you. Take care.” With that, he shoved Shen Li with all his might and removed the sword that missed her heart. Blood gushed out. Her body fell through the clouds while the heavily wounded Mo Fang was caught by the other two men. She didn’t know what he said to them as their figures turned into light and vanished.

As lightning flashed and thunder rolled, the falling Shen Li realized that Mo Fang had been trying to help her. Perhaps he understood that she’d rather die than return now.

Good kid! His loyalty was truly befitting of a soldier she’d trained!

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