Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 6

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“So the results- Are you satisfied?”

Chen Li knew that he was talking about the couple’s affair. She stayed silent before opening her beak. “ These results, 15 years long overdue. Even if it was done then, the result would’ve still been one of grief. ”

When one has died, no matter the time, no matter the outcome, the result always wouldn’t be good.

Xing Yun smiled lightly. “Oh? So you actually do have sentimental feelings to mortals…”

“On the battlefield, I have watched far too many die, their souls  led astray. “ Chen Li’s tone was heavy, serious and stricken with an undertone of grief. “ I do not know if I have done the right thing and helped the woman today, so I do not know if these results are good or not… However if I had a family with loved ones waiting for me and died, the thing I would desire most is for them to forget about me. Quickly forget and move on, not wallowing in the past; Only in the future can they be happy and lead a real life. “

Xing Yun hesitated with a complex look on his face, but a smile forcibly restrained on his lips. “ Stupid chicken. If leave the past locked away, than we cannot truly experience life. “

In his arms, Chen Li poked out her head to look at him before settling into a comfortable position and said, “You are also right. “


“Let’s go home.”

Xing Yun, with Chen Li in his arms, soon reached the courtyard. The two swiftly opened the door and entered the home, the two too tired to sense the person hidden in a cloak within the courtyard. When the two went deeper into the room, she came out. It was woman once hit by Xing Yun with the stones! As she watched the duo  walk away, she couldn’t help muttering, “Ah gods… Madame, they really are gods…”


Incense wafted out of the house,  ebony wood reflecting the light to where a man sat, writing calligraphy as he listened to his subordinate’s report. He sat aside the pen, his voice smooth as he spoke. “Is this the truth?”

The man trembled as he kneeled beneath him. “ Even if you gave me 10x the guts, I would still not dare to lie to the prince. For the past few years, my sister in law was insane after the loss of her husband. However, for the past 2 days, she had calmed down, behaving like one normally would. It was believed to be the work of the gods! My wife had personally witnessed it, but fell into a coma and was unable to retell the whole story. However, all the neighbors had seen a huge flash of gold light on that day. Also on that day, the deity gave his chicken his coat and transformed her into an immortal beauty! The woman wore it, but when he turned her back into a chicken, he had forgotten it there.”

“That seems interesting.” The man’s phoenix eyes curved up, “Fu Sheng, bring that man here into the palace, let’s see what his ability truly is.”



Within the small courtyard, it was as calm as always. The grapevines grew just right, blocking the sun and providing shade for the increasingly hot temperature. Xing Yun laid down on the cool grass to rest when he suddenly felt the edge of the rocking chair hitting him. He opened his eyes to peer at Chen Li who was sitting on the rocking chair.

“Ai, Why can’t you change me back already!!” Chen Li rocked the chair on him again, angrily shouting, “ On that night, even with drained power, you obviously succeeded in turning me back to normal, no?!? In the past two days, you’ve recovered almost all of your power, so why won’t you change me back??”

Xing Yun blinked lazily before turning his head back to ignore Chen Li. “Quiet. “ Xing Yun looked at the clothes Chen Li had dragged over and lazily replied, “ Get inside the clothes and change into it. If you were to appear as a human without it…. Better not. “ His voice quieted as he suddenly remembered when she had appeared as a human before. Her back was straight and tall, her beauty radiant. At that moment, Xing Yun really could not figure out who- or what she was.

As Xing Yun thought, Chen Li stood up to look at him. “ That day, you had used a powerful array. Can you construct another one? Or are you using the day or moon light’s essences instead?”

“ Those arrays don’t need to be set up again.” Xing Yun laughed lightly. “After so many days, you still cannot feel it?”

Chen Li was stunned for a few seconds before turning to look left and right, noticing that the stones were all placed at certain sections, the grass all growing in accordance to special rules. Although they look very old, if one looked closely, they could see that it formed a line. At first, Chen Li was confused, but now it came crashing to her. It was an array! No wonder her physical recovery was so fast, it was actually due to this array all along…

“Xing Yun, the more I get to know you, the more mysterious you seem to be…” Chen Li started to inspect every inch of the small courtyard before squatting in front of Xing Yun. “Although your abnormal fate as a human could be put into consideration, it still doesn’t explain how you could possibly have such a mastery over these arrays and magics. With so much power… In the end, what will you do for the people?

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