Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 26

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The servant had to stand behind the screen as he reported, “Lord Immortal, my friends in the Demonic Realm had just reported that a fearsome beast from the Space-Time Rip escaped, and the Azure Sky King beheaded it! Lord Immortal may not know, but this little one heard that when the Azure Sky King got angry, she killed the beast, which was as big as a temple, with one shot, ah! Then she feasted on its flesh, raw! Eating the whole body, bathed in blood!!”


Fu Rong’s face turned pale as he hurriedly got out of the bath and clothed himself, before running barefoot to the screen. His voice trembled as he pulled at the servant’s robes, “Seriously?”


“It’s true!”


“Ge….. Get ready! You still haven’t gotten ready for this lord?! This lord must see the Emperor!”


It’s said on that very day, Fu Rong groveled in front of the Celestial Emperor in the palace hall, howling for more than half a day, “Grandson doesn’t want to die!!!” In the end, the Emperor’s attendants had to dragged Fu Rong back to his estate.
That night, Fu Rong fiercely struggled up from his bed, and set out. “This won’t do!” He had said, “I must go to the Demonic Realm to have a look with my own eyes, otherwise…… otherwise, on the day of the wedding night, I might die a violent death in the wedding chamber!”


Inside the darkness where the passage of time was unknown, with no direction, no goal in mind, and no idea how long Xing Zhi’s “two laps” is, Chen Li’s heart couldn’t help but hold some anxiety. She’s opened her mouth to ask Xing Zhi multiple times, but he simply continued to walk along leisurely. But if she were to ask too insistently, her image as the Azure Sky King would’ve turned into someone who could not keep her calm…….


Chen Li couldn’t help but sigh again. She felt, in Xing Zhi’s presence, she was always presented with a dilemma. The hard approach wouldn’t work, and the soft…… she cannot……


Suddenly, a blast sounded by her ear as they were engulfed by a powerful murderous intent. Chen Li’s face turned serious. “There are beasts.”


Xing Zhi lightly smiled, “They’ve finally gone impatient, coming here to court death.”


Hearing those words, Chen Li was startled, but didn’t get a chance to think deeply before another hoarse cry rang out, echoing in her eardrums. Subconsciously, she summoned her Hongyin spear and moved forward, when Xing Zhi suddenly waved his sleeve in front of her, stopping Chen Li. He turned around and asked her, “Do you want to see what the Space-Time Rip looks like?”


Chen Li was dumbfounded. Heaven’s Space-Time Rip…… it was impossible for anyone to see the Space-Time Rip looked like…… Her thoughts still hadn’ t settled when she suddenly saw a flash of light coming from Xing Zhi’s palm, the ball heading directly to the source of the noise. A loud “Gong!” could be heard as it hit, white light bursting open, piercing through the darkness, letting Chen Li see not only the beast that it hit, but also the unending number of icy cold eyes around them!


The demonic beasts, crouched in all directions, staring at them frostily. Some peeled back their lips, reflecting the cold light off of their sharp fangs. Others had long tongues as they hid behind the rest, their eyes dark and cruel. They made not one sound, resembling prey about to be killed by its hunter, completely tense.


Even Chen Li, seeing this scene, the tiny hairs on her body couldn’t help but stand up as she stared, astonished. She couldn’t calm down until the light had faded, restoring the world to it’s previous darkness. Chen Li asked “While we were walking, did you already know of that the beasts were watching us?”




His tone was completely indifferent. Chen Li’s heart fell silent. For her, killing a single Scorpion Tailed Fox had taken so much effort. Yet for him, he easily dispatched a beast while chatting, all while just casually taking a walk freely here. Even disregarding the power he held as a god, this guy……. Is indeed a piece of work.


“Azure Sky King.” Xing Zhi suddenly turned around to face her, “Don’t you feel like the air here’s rather eerie?”


“Anyways,” Xing Zhi’s face turned serious, “After I treat you and we exit, don’t let another person ever approach the Space-Time Rip again.

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