Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 23

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The fresh, mountain wind blew into the field camp, sweeping away the miasma, revealing bright moonlight. The soldiers raised their heads to the moon, one after another exclaiming in shock. Some people carried out the wounded, allowing them to admire the sight. This whole, bright moon was something they’ve always coveted but never got.


Mo Fang sat calmly on the stone training platform, both eyes staring at the shining character printed on the mountain. He looked quietly.


“Hold.” Suddenly, a pot of liquor was unexpectedly thrown into his arms. Shang Bei leaped high into the training platform before sitting by Mo Fang. “The wounded shouldn’t drink, so I diluted it with some water, hehe.”


Mo Fang grabbed the pot and shook it, “ I don’t drink. Mistakes will happen.”


“Whether you drink or not, just take it.” Shang Bei raised his head and filled his cup with the liquor, turning his head to look closely at Mo Fang, “Do you still think that Sir God Xing Zhi was bullying little King?” Mo Fang didn’t reply. Shang Bei laughed, “That Sir God’s temper truly is quite odd, but if you look, you can sense a clean aura around him. If King was not King today, and if it was you or me that was chosen, then I’m afraid our legs would’ve long gone soft from his pure aura alone.”


Mo Fang nodded. How could he not understand this truth? Even if he wasn’t thinking clearly at that time, looking at this round, glowing moon now, his heart understood Sir God Xing Zhi’s consideration for them. But Mo Fang didn’t care about this, he was worried about…


“Oh, now that I think of it, the moon has been out for so long, so they should’ve been long gotten whatever they needed to get. But then why isn’t little King and Sir God back yet?”


Mo Fang clutched the pot of liquor and silently unplugged the opening. He took a heavy gulp, using alcohol to drown his sorrows. With the first swallow, his lips were tightly sealed. On the second swallow, his mouth relaxed. On the third, a pink, hazy blush spread to his cheeks. Shang Bei laughed mischievously, thinking: not bad. He looked away, repeatedly reminding himself in his heart to speak tactfully, but still, his mouth couldn’t help but open and ask, “In the end, what part of little King do you like, ah?” After speaking, Shang Bei pulled on his own two cheeks.


But at this time, the somewhat drunk Mo Fang only looked at the moon and muttered like he was talking to himself, “Where I like? There’s no place I don’t like…”


Hearing this, Shang Bei was startled and scratched his head with a sigh. “This is really bad.”


Suddenly, a white light streaked across the sky, falling into the field camp. Mo Fang hurriedly got up to take a look, bypassing the tents only to see Xing Zhi pluck off a slender leaf that was stuck on Chen Li’s head. Chen Li impolitely snatched the leaf back from his hands, and said, “Some other day, I will surely blow out a tune for you to listen.”


Xing Zhi smiled. “Then I await your good news.” He turned and left. Chen Li too didn’t lotter and turned around to leave as well. But as she turned, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a glimpse of Mo Fang’s robe. Chen Li’s walked, her voice calling out. “Mo Fang.”


Mo Fang’s head drooped down as he walked out. Chen Li was silent for a moment, and spoke, “When I came here, I didn’t notify the Demon Emperor. It’d be better for you to go to the Demon Emperor first, and give a report of the incident. The earlier you go, the better it’ll be for the recovery of your wound.”
This……. She wants him to leave… Mo Fang clenched his teeth and knelt down on one knee. “Yes.”

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