Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 16.1

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Qing Yan fell onto a knee, but he still couldn’t stop himself from sliding. Even with one hand gripping the floor, he still slid for quite a while before stopping. In the meanwhile, Chi Rong changed his palm into one of a paw, hitting the pole on the bridge. The push was so powerful that more than a few poles broke when contact was made. Losing the support of the pole, the bridge broke down and collapsed, causing ashes to fill the area. A red figure opened his hand, dropping the remnants behind him as he gently wiped his face that was scattered with blood. “This is the first time facing the Azure Sky King, the King’s power is really surprising, ah.”

The remnants of golden light glittered in the ashes. At first, it looked as if it no longer had any use, but after a while, it once again shone brightly with powerful, golden light. It surrounded Chen Li, whose face was pale with blood  trailing down her lips. Xing Yun’s hand was leaning on her shoulder, struggling to stand. Although his body held to injuries, the poison had already reached his heart. He could no longer speak well. He whispered into Chen Li’s ear, “Why……….”

Xing Yun’s breath made the hairs on Chen Li’s neck shiver, and she wiped the blood off her lips. “Don’t argue.” She snapped, “I’ll make you continue to live.” Her voice was hoarse, evidence of her injuries.

Xing Yun cracked a smile, “Chen Li, life and death are ruled by fate. You said you do not regard it, I too say no.” He sighed, “You……..”

Not giving time for him to finish, the sword that was in Qing Yan’s hands stood up, attacking once more. Chen Li saw the sword, one hand grabbing Xing Yun’s waist as she rotated the Hongying Spear. Her hoarse voice shouted loudly as magical qi began to surround her. It condensed into a sharp sword, turning to Qing Yan, wanting to hack him in two. Looking at such a blunt, frontal, untactful attack, he snorted in disdain, easily dodging. But unexpectedly, the blade unexplainably curved, changing directions. It attacked out to the horizon.

Qing Yan suddenly had a bad feeling and turned around, attempting to block, but it was too late. Golden light shot into the black robed soldiers. The survivors were caught unprepared, dispersing in a panic, finally revealing a way out.

Chen Li’s figure jumped, directly flying forcefully in that direction. Qing Yan sneered, “King really looks down on us!” As soon as he finished those words, his figure disappeared from his original position, only to appear once again blocking Chen Li’s path. “Carrying someone, you still hope you could be faster than me?” Qing Yan’s hand brandished a long, double edged sword, strong magical qi shooting towards Chen Li, causing the golden light around her to cave in slightly. Chen Li blocked, clenching her teeth. She was forced back by several feet.

When Xing Yun saw this, he silently let go of the hand clasped on her shoulder.  His body had just started to fall, but suddenly, Chen Li’s hand grabbed him tightly. She spoke angrily, “Do not add to the chaos.”

But Xing Yun just sighed helplessly, “It’s not I that wanted to add to the chaos, it’s just the……… Lower back pain.”

Chen Li’s strength was big, and had no trouble grabbing him on the waist. However, she didn’t want to keep Xing Yun in such a tiresome position. Her grip was painful, but up in the sky, she had no time to put him down and switch. She could only clench her teeth and say in a low voice, “Hold on.” In her hands, the Hongying Spear danced, piercing towards the sky.

Chi Rong shouted loudly, “Defend to the West! That as the direction the land spirit had left in, she also wishes to go there!”

Chen Li naturally wanted to go there- That was where the people that could save Xing Yun lived.

The dark clouds rapidly accumulated to the west. Chen Li did not hide nor evade. Rather, her body burst out with golden light, shining brightly, “Those who block the way shall die!” The Hongying Spear surged with murderous intent, blood from the demon soldiers still absorbing, But suddenly, the dark clouds released some sort of mysterious power, shoving Chen Li several feet back.

The golden light radiated by Chen Li seemed to be restrained by something, leaving her unable to move an inch.

Chen Li’s voice was filled with anxiety, “This strength……………” Before she could finish her words, the golden light around her body degenerated, and an incorporeal power fiercely hit her face, slapping her directly onto a large, open area in Rui Palace. The blue slab stones that were on the floor earlier had been crushed, only leaving a deep crater in the area she was in before. After the dust settled down, Xing Yun could be seen lying on Chen Li’s body. Although he had no wounds on him, he had fainted. However, falling from such a great height, Chen Li was badly injured as she laid passed out for a long time before slowly recovering.

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  1. Gwylon says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Has the Demon Emperor shown up?

  2. mpressparadox says:

    Maybe. But now is the time to figure out Xing Yun’s identity. I think he’s a reincarnation of a celestial or demon. He seemed to be hiding something, or more like, he wants Chen Li to figure out who he is?

    • soysuva says:

      Ohh, I was also thinking the same after recent chapters. I really do think he is a reincarnation of a god or demon because he seems to know so much that normal mortals don’t know.

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