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Armored Raven

Hello! I am Armored Raven, and I come from some of the more perverted corners of the internet.

Bringing A Farm to Mess Around In Another World

7 Responses to Armored Raven

  1. readingadictt says:

    just wondering about the release schedule?

  2. Justwondering says:

    Translator kill?

  3. ZYRONT says:

    Is this novel dropped?

  4. joeymets22 says:

    Have you stopped translating?

  5. Anonymous says:

    idk wat to say…. nothing nice to say but if ur not gonna translate anymore then please hand off to another translator….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Honestly you should just let someone else translate it because you call the mtl messy but at least it came out with scheduled chapters. I honestly can’t tell the difference between yours and the mtl besides some polishing, but you have a very unreliable release schedule, if you can call it that. You claim that the mtl is messy but at least they had the effort and dedication to the readers to post chapters almost daily. If you don’t want to keep translating it’s fine, but at least hand it off to someone else. You were consistent at the beginning an I appreciate that however the last few chapters have really been very disappointing with the lack of a schedule. If you have family/life problems I can understand, however the lack of communication is what’s killing me.

  7. undeadreaper says:

    Armored Raven thanks for all the chapters that you have done and i hope you can start up again soon

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