A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Volume 2 Chapter 29

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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Vol02 Ch29

Moran was unable to sleep that night. Chu Beijie’s final expression as he left for the night shook his nerves, and he didn’t dare to look at Pingting.

Who knew what words had darted out of her blood-red lips to have caused the Duke to lose his composure?

The overnight howling wind and falling snow did not stop for even the briefest moment.

Moran stood at one side and saw Hongqian crying as she begged, “Please Miss, don’t cause trouble. The Duke is already angry.”

Pingting lay propped on a couch, her eyes conveying her certainty. Her eyes flickered past Hongqian and jokingly said, “So it was for the Duke.”

The sides of Hongqian’s eyes were red as she hurriedly shook her head. “No, it’s not that…it’s not for the Duke; it’s for Miss. You shouldn’t damage your health like this. At least eat a little. If you get sick on such a cold day, what will I do?”

Pingting measured her for a moment and couldn’t help but soften her heart. “Sit here.” Pingting pulled the maid to sit and helped her smooth out the stray strands undone from her vigorous shaking. Pingting chuckled, “Silly girl, you don’t need to worry.”

“Dear god, how could I not be worried?” Thanks to Pingting’s soft persuasion, Hongqian’s tears ended up falling instead. “The Duke said that if anything happens to Miss, your servant would be punished according to the army’s ways.” She wiped away her tears, “The Duke has never gone back on his words.” She shuddered at the thought of Chu Beijie’s angry chilling gaze.

“The ways of the army are harsh, I can’t help you either.” Pingting was still acting leisurely, slowly leaning backwards.

At this state, Hongqian knew there wasn’t the slightest change of heart and hurriedly stood back up. She shook her sleeve, saying, “Miss, of course you can help me. If Miss eats some food, then you’ve done me a huge favour.”

Pingting seemed far away, out of earshot, thinking about something unknown. She appeared dazed out. Her gaze paused slightly on Hongqian before tightly closing her eyes, seemingly intending to sleep.

Hongqian however refused to give up. She begged. “Miss, you have a great heart. Miss, you couldn’t let me die right?”

“Your life or death is in the Duke’s hands,” Pingting replied vaguely. “My life and death is also in the Duke’s hands. Don’t beg me, go beg the Duke.” She turned to face the wall, refusing to say any more.

Moran observed coldly for the entire night. The second morning, he hurriedly arrived at Chu Beijie’s bedroom. Chu Beijie’s attendants apologised, “The Duke went to practice swordsmanship at dawn.” Moran then rushed to the small courtyard where Chu Beijie practiced. When he reached the door, all he could hear was a sonorous voice overpowering the roar of wind and snow, followed by rattling sounds of clashing swords. Moran, surprised, quickened his approach to the courtyard.

Chu Beijie was sparring with his men, the blunt sword in his hands cleanly slicing horizontally and vertically; his tenacity was not easily stopped. It seemed that with every clash, at least one man would always fall out of the fight, but all his men were all battle-hardened, well-seasoned warriors. It wasn’t for long before they retrieved their weapons to attack once more, despite still having difficult time to breathe. To a person unfamiliar with them, the fight between these two parties appeared to be a question of life and death.

When Moran had just placed one foot into the courtyard, his vision blurred as a shadow rushed towards him. His reaction was swift. Moran raised his hands, grabbed, and pinned Luoshang by the face against the courtyard wall. He whispered, “How’s that?”

“You’re finally here.” Luoshang was also one of Chu Beijie’s personal guards. He sighed in relief the moment he saw Moran. “Calm the Duke down, he’s crazy today. We’ve been sparring in the snow for almost half an hour. There’s no sign of stopping. Us brothers will probably have to rest in bed for eight to ten days now.” Despite it all, Luoshang stooped down to pick up his sword and roared before rushing back into the spar. Chu Beijie countered his blow. The two struggled, locked by their swords.

Clang! The clash of swords rang.

Luoshang’s two shoulders were almost completely numb. His blunt sword fell to the ground with a single thud. Chu Beijue’s face was expressionless as he spat out, “Haven’t worked hard enough.” His left foot extended silently. Without warning, he kicked Luoshang near his waist, causing him to roll outside the fight.

“Duke, I have something to report.” Moran stood apart from the fight, lowering his voice.

The Duke must have been waiting for Moran. He took a step back, sheathed his weapon, looked around and waved at the others. “That’s enough for today, you can all go.”

The already punished guards could barely straighten their backs. Like hunchbacks, they quickly answered ‘yes’ and helped each other up. None forgot to give Moran a look of gratitude as they left.

“What woud you like to report?” Chu Beijie passed off his sword and took the warm towel from a maid. Despite the freezing wind and heavy snow, he was only wearing a single layer and was sweating profusely.

“Hongqian begged for an entire night but Miss Pingting refused to even touch a drop of water. I think…”


Chu Beijie’s hand slammed onto the wooden table. He sharply turned towards Moran, voice cold. “You can’t even properly take care of just a woman? And you have to report to me this early in the morning? Go, I don’t even want to hear that name.”

Even when facing millions of troops, Chu Beijie had never lost his compsure like now. Moran kept quiet, not daring to say a word. It took a few moment before he replied, “Yes.” He backed out of the small courtyard, hesitating for a while. He then raised his head to look at Chu Beijie’s back. There was no trace of his mind changing. He sighed a few times before turning around to leave.

The situation grew worse.

After the second day, no matter how Hongqian cried or begged, Pingting would no longer say a word.

She didn’t just refuse food but also tea and other essential items. Whatever that was sent into her room warm, was left cold and untouched.

Hongqian asked Moran in a corner outside the room, “What to do? It’s already been two days. If this goes on any longer, even if a person of steel cannot last. Can General Chu think of any other ways?”

Moran’s well-chiselled features revealed a bitter smile. “What to do? Perhaps counter her with the military’s ways? At her state of health, force-feeding her will only make things worse.”

The two stood for a while in distress. Since their consultation resulted in no viable alternative, they had to turn back into the house.

Pingting was in the room, a scroll in her hand that she was leisurely reading. She didn’t want Hongqian to help wash her hair and managed to put up a loose cloud bun by herself. Her silky black hair was secured with a hairpin. A few side strands softly fell on her shoulders, highlighting the unspeakable elegance from her face caused by her refusal to eat. Seeing the two people enter the room, she raised her head and smiled lightly as acknowledgement before lowering her head to resume her reading.

Moran hadn’t expected her threat to be deliberate. If it was only a little unusual dramatic pastime, everything would’ve been fine. Coming today, he realised that the more comfortable Pingting appeared, the more agitated he was. Measuring his options, he told Hongqian, “Take care of her properly; I’ll be right back.”

He turned to go out of the room, instructing the guards outside the door to carefully watch over her. Grinding his teeth, he headed for Chu Beijie’s office.

Halfway, he collided with a person who laughed while asking, “General Chu sure is walking in a hurry. Where are you heading?”

Moran raised his head, and saw a familiar face he hadn’t seen for a long time pop into his view. “Zuiju? Why are you here? With all this heavy snow, the genius Doctor Huo actually let you come here?”

“I setted out early in the morning and arrived at noon. Didn’t dare pause on the way.” Zuiju wore a maid’s clothing and raised her head to look at the sky. “What ghastly weather. It just stopped snowing for a while just now. If it hadn’t been the Duke’s handwritten letter about an urgent request without delay, Teacher would have never let me out. Sigh, this year’s snow isn’t stopping and Teacher’s foot has begun to hurt again.”


“The gossip can wait. I heard that you’re responsible for taking care of that infamous Miss Bai. Hurry up and tell me where she is.”

Zuiju studied under Dong Lin’s genius doctor, Huo Yunan, and learned about seventy or eighty percent of her teacher’s skills. Of course Moran understood why Chu Beijie would urgently request her and turned, saying, “Let’s talk on the way.” He led the way to Pingting’s residence, lowering his voice, “Hasn’t had food for two days and refuses to touch water too. Her body was weak to begin with, and when nighttime arrives, she doesn’t stop coughing!”

“Shh.” Zuiju waved her hand. They had arrived outside the room and peeked inside. As they turned, their eyebrows furrowed.

“It’s her?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Not good.”

Outside the building, the sounds of footsteps crunching in the snow were heard. The kitchen’s matron was carrying a food container into the atrium.

Hongqian bustled out of the side room, rubbing her hands nervously. “The food’s here?” As she received the container, she asked, “The Duke asked for a few Gui Le dishes too, have they been made?”

“Yes. Geez, for these few tiny dishes, the entire kitchen was turned upside down. How could it be easy to prepare Gui Le dishes in such a short time in this kind of place?” The matron raised her head and looked further into the room, whispering, “How is it now?”

The mention of this made Hongqian worry again. “How is it now? I’m worried to death, but she’s super relaxed. Let me tell you, according to the Duke, if something happens to her….” She pointed towards the main room inside, “not just me, but the entire kitchen’s lives are at stake.”

The matron paled.

“Leave this food container to me.” Behind the two people, an unfamiliar face suddenly popped out.

Hongqian was startled, clutched to her chest and jumped back. She hadn’t opened her mouth yet when Zuiju had taken the heavy food container off her. “The Duke has ordered that, from now on, I will look after Miss Bai. Hongqian is to remain here, to help me familiarise how serving works here. You can just call me Zuiju.”

Although Hongqian was shocked, but was happy to have someone replace the pressure of failure. She lowered her head, saying, “Yes.”

“The kitchen still has work to do, so I’ll get going. The food container does not have to be returned to the kitchen, as I’ll come to get it myself. Just put it on the table in the side room.” The matron hurriedly excused herself, then stepped into the thick snow, going back the way she came.

Moran walked towards them. “Take them to her, or the dishes will get cold.”

Zuiju nodded her head and headed for the main room. She pushed open the door with one hand, the other holding the food container. When she turned, she saw that Hongqian had followed her. She whispered, “You don’t have to come in, I’ll deal with her myself.”

Hongqian knew Pingting’s stubborness, her immense ability to hold her opinion regardless of how much one cried or begged. But seeing Zuiju’s utter confidence, she wasn’t sure what to say. She gave her a look, nodded and went into the side room.

Zuiju lifted the curtain and stood at the door, not making any other steps. She just quietly observed Pingting reading on the couch.

It was a while before she walked towards the table and opened the food container. One by one Zuiji took out the dishes, still steaming hot.

Two meat dishes, two vegetable dishes, steamed chicken soup with cloud ears, a bowl of well-boiled rice porridge and four other Gui Le side dishes.

Ten things in total, completely covered in colour, flavour and taste. Each was mouthwatering.

Zuiju spread out the dishes, stood by the raised platform and carefully sat down. “Your servant, Zuiju, due to the Duke’s order, has specifically come to serve Miss Bai.”

Pingting continued to have her head lowered, reading. Her slightly drooping neck, delicate white skin, was undescribably touching.

“I know persuasive words have all been used by Hongqian already, and even if the food on the table is limited delicacy of the mountains or seas, Miss feels no desire to eat.” Zuiju slyly smiled, saying, “Miss’ desire is to simply have the Duke by Miss’ side. Due to the Duke’s temper, surely only an extreme measure of the last resort can soften it? To me, if it really becomes the last resort, even if the Duke agrees to come, Miss can no longer hold up either. This ‘I test you, you test me’ will be a waste of your life and cause grief to the Duke forever. Miss is a wise person, so why continue such a foolish act?”

Pingting’s gaze finally lifted off the book and swept towards Zuiju.

Zuiju saw her movement and went a little closer, intentionally lowering her voice. “Miss’ love for the Duke is very deep and can’t bear to leave the Duke alone right? You have to look after your body so that you can gain the Duke’s love in the future. I have a bottle of special medicine, a family secret recipe. Taking one can replace the meals for the day. As for the dishes on the table, Miss does not have to worry about them. Just return them the way you used to. Like this, in less than two days, the Duke will definitely be distressed and will naturally come to see Miss.”

She took out a small bottle from her arms and shook it at Pingting. “This act will not be detected by anyone, human, ghost or god. It is perfect to test the Duke’s thoughts towards Miss and does not damage your body. What does Miss think?”

Moran had hid himself behind the door. His hearing was above most people and heard about seventy-five percent of Zuiju’s words, which he thought were very clever.

To attack an opponent, one must attack the heart. This bottle of medicine was the perfect bait, making the future easier to deal with.

Pingting’s gaze remained soft throughout and as clear as dew. She stared at Zuiju for a long time before suddenly opening her mouth to speak, “Can you smell the scent of snow?” Due to the lack of food Pingting’s voice was very hoarse but still possessed an exciting charm that others lacked.

Zuiju was stunned, unsure of how to reply.

Pingting slowly turned away, her gaze resting towards the snowing sky where the sun tried to outrun the white face of the clouds.

She stretched her delicate eyebrows, carelessly slurring her words. “Only those who have pure hearts are able to smell the scent of snow. If you can’t resolve the feeling of sadness and continuously panic, then what’s the difference between life and death? I have already found the way to solve the problem of death so go tell the Duke that Pingting has never felt more relaxed than now.”

Zuiju remained dazed for a long time before putting the bottle back into her sleeves. She stood up, preparing to leave. Out the door, she looked up to see a surprised and frustrated Moran. She pursed her lips, “There’s nothing I can do but convince the Duke to come personally.”

Moran sighed helplessly. “Easier said than done, the Duke is even harder to convince than she is. I can only hope that he changes his mind in fear. How could you or I possibly bear his punishments?”

Relationships between men and women were truly scary, making such a wise person like the Duke fall into the pits of traps, putting their survival at great risk. This fatal attraction between two clever people resulted in too many setbacks.

Zuiju tried again. “If one place doesn’t work, then try the other place. Let me try.” Leaving Moran, she headed towards his office by herself.

Chu Beijie was in his office. He held a teacup in his hand, but he didn’t even drink a sip until the tea became cold.

Then suddenly, he heard someone outside. “Zuiju would like to see Duke.”

Chu Beijie abruptly stood up from his seat, before realising his actions were too impulsive. He returned to sitting down. He placed the cup back onto the table. “Come in.”

Zuiju walked into the office and bowed at Chu Beijie. “Duke, Zuiju has seen Miss Bai.”

“Still refusing to eat?”


“How’s her body?”

“Judging by her face, not very well.”

Chu Beijie replied “Hm.” He asked using a deeper voice, “You haven’t gotten her pulse?”


“Given her any medicine?”


“Applied acupuncture yet?”


Chu Beijie laughed coldly. “Your Teacher bragged about your cleverness, how you are able to determine a patient’s intentions so even psychiatric conditions are solved. Since you are not taking her pulse, giving medicine or applying acupuncture, I suppose you must have another way to help her?”

“Yes,” Zuiju replied respectifully, “Zuiju does have a way to help her.”

“Oh?” A dim light of interest flickered in Chu Beijie’s eyes. “Say, how do you plan to help her?”

Zuiju carefully thought this through for a while and then rapidly spat out, “If the Duke firmly refuses to see Miss Bia, then Zuiju’s best plan to help Miss Bai is to prepare poison for her, so she can part from this world without pain.” She paused and sighed. “No one can convince Miss Bai. From just one phrase, her words are not a threat or blackmail but something she feels comfortable about. She is waiting for Duke’s decision without resentment. A doctor’s heart is like a parent’s, so knowing that she’s a hopeless case, giving her poison is the happiest choice.”

Chu Beijie’s breathing stopped, his clenched fists loosened, then tightened again. He quietly asked, “What phrase?”

“She asked Zuiju if she could smell the scent of snow.” Zuiju’s expression was one of remembrance, “She said, only those who have pure hearts are able to smell the scent of snow.”

Chu Beijie suddenly stood up as if suddenly struck by lightning. For a long time, he appeared to be deep in thought. “Did she really say that?” he asked.

“Duke, you have to harden your heart and just let her go.”

The sentence was barely finished when Chu Beijie had already pushed open the heavy door curtain.

The chilling bitter wind gushed into the room, causing the scrolls of art to flap noisily against the wall.

Seeing Chu Beijie’s parting back view, Zuiju hid her smile. “See Teacher, I was right wasn’t I? The Duke is the one who’s sick.”

Stepping into the room, Chu Beijie seemed to be unable to move under Pingting’s gaze.

He had guessed many times, but he had never expected that Pingting would be waiting for him like this.

She was still lying on the couch, her upper body leaning against a cushion, her head softly placed on top of a pillow, revealing only half of her soft face to the outside.

A purple blanket covered her from the waist down, appearing to be increasingly fragile. A half-open scroll lay in her hand.

Everything was as still and beautiful as a masterpiece.

Her infinitely deep black eyes were gone, as she had closed her eyes. Her black yet long lashes perfectly rested on the tip of her lower eyelid.

Something resembling a serene smile escaped from her dry, cracked lips.

At that moment, Chu Beijie only had one thought in mind.

Pingting is gone.

She was no longer, and left with a smile.

His world split into countless pieces as if a beast had bared its fangs and swallowed the four seasons in whole.

Everything had ceased to exist whether it was the flowers of spring, the autumn moon, the summer cicadas or the winter snow. Colour was lost.

She was as faint as her chords and gradually dissipated.

Had already dissipated.

Chu Beijie was dazed like a clay statue, crumbling. Moran took a step forward to support Chu Beijie with a hand but was pushed away.

Hongqian happened to come into the room and saw Chu Beijie’s figure. Her voice was a mixture of shock and happiness as she cried, “Miss, Miss Bai! The Duke is here to see you.” She threw herself at Pingting, whispering, “Don’t sleep any more, Miss, the Duke is here!”

She shook her a few times.

Chu Beijie watched the eyeballs under her skin moving a little before her eyelids slowly, silently opened little by little.

Those eyelids hid all of his world’s colours. As they slowly opened, light came out of them. The wider her eyes, the more the hidden colours scattered out. The colour returned to the blankets, the couch, the pillow, the scroll in her hand and the blush on Hongqian’s face that were once all white-gray.

It was as if a bright light was circled around Pingting, causing others to have trouble looking at her.

Chu Beijie finally found his four limbs, yet his mind was blank and his eyes were filled with the light. Thankfully his feet had a mind of their own and managed to seat him down at a table. He picked up a bowl of soup and sat next to the platform.

He did not know when, but Moran and Hongqian had already excused themselves.

Chu Beijie held the soup. Pingting blinked.

The two people did not hide the fact they were staring at each other.


“Must you die?”

“Does Duke want Pingting to live?”

Chu Beijie pursed his thin lips, silently gazing at the soup in his hands.

“Don’t worry. If Duke doesn’t want to talk, then Pingting won’t force you.” Pingting struggled, wanting to sit up. “I’ll drink it myself.”

“No.” Without thinking, his hand had already pressed onto her thin shoulders, making her body involuntarily lie back down again. “I’ll do it,” he whispered these three words, picking up the spoon.

He carefully filled a spoonful and brought it to his own mouth, lightly blowing on it. Only then did he realise that the soup was not hot enough and he frowned as he turned to get someone to change it.

“It’s fine,” said the soft voice.

Chu Beijie turned back.

Her beautiful lips had a few cracks due to lack of water. This was like a cut to his heart.

“No, drink it warm for once.” He loudly spoke, “Send someone to the kitchen immediately and tell them to bring a new table of food.”

His tone left no doubts. The people outside replied ‘yes’ and hurriedly ran to pass on his order.

He put down the cold soup in his hands, his gaze unable to leave Pingting’s pale lips. His vigorous fingers went up to gently stroke the fine cracks.

“It’s cracked…” Chu Beijie murmured. He couldn’t help but put his hot tongue on her lips, moisturizing her dried wounds.

Pingting’s silent treatment was finally broken down. “Ah,” she cried in a low voice and turned away, surprised and ashamed, but Chu Beijie’s big, gentle yet firm hand pulled her back.

“Was life and death mine, including your honour?” He asked in a low voice.

The overbearing kiss was ferocious as an attack of the Dong Lin warriors he led, a truly firm one.

She was like fragile flowers on branches, unable to block the power of the wind.

Bai Pingting held her breath.

She helplessly placed and curled up her slender fingers on Chu Beijie’s clothing. Whether it was to push him away or to grasp onto him, no one knew.

The snow outside appeared to lessen and Pingting’s face grew dizzying hot.

She tried to open her eyes tighter and look at the light in Chu Beijie’s eyes a little better.

“Duke, the hot soup is here…”

Not only did hot soup come, but four heavy layers of food containers, each steaming hot.

Hongqian and Zuiju were peeping at their spring, two red clouds floating near their ears. They bit their lower lips as they busily arranged with much effort.

The kitchen was amazing. They had prepared so much in such a short notice.

Two meat and two vegetable dishes were placed in the middle of the table with all sorts of coloured dishes around them, like starry friends accompanying the bright moon. From red to orange to yellow to purple, all were brightly coloured.

Green onion flowers floated in the lotus and ham soup. In the freezing season of winter, it must have taken a while to find them.

Zuiju brought the soup bowl over and carefully lowered her head to blow a spoonful, which she then brought before Pingting.

“Miss Bai, the Duke is here already so please eat.”

“Just eat.”

Pingting refused to open her mouth, not making a sound.

Despite the fragrant soup before her, she seemed to be completely untempted.

After the forced kiss and Chu Beijie’s display of affection, he released the beauty in his arms, frowning. “What other conditions do you need?”

Pingting sucked her lip, a coldness hidden in her eyes as she undemandingly looked at Chu Beijie.

Chu Beijie sat at the platform, feeling all of his organs burning under her gaze. More complex than complex, not in pain nor tired, yet overwhelmingly difficult to read.

How could he possibly let her have her own way? Chu Beijie widened his eyes, not saying a word, as he stared back at her.

His gaze sharpened.

The stronger his was, the weaker hers was. If one became more charming, the other became more delicate, revealing her intense stubbornness.

The more stubborn, the more adorable.

Chu Beijie’s heart softened. He couldn’t help but sigh.

In a battle of the two, it was not the stronger who would win.

No wonder it was often the gentle person who became a true hero.

“Open your mouth.” Chu Beijie was helpless, and took the bowl from Zuiju’s hands.

The moment his words rang out, smiling joy immediately surfaced from Pingting’s sad, pale face. Her pouty lips formed a smile of unlimited potential. Chu Beijie shook at the appearance of her smile. His hand that held so many swords could not stable itself, spilling drops of the hot soup onto the purple blanket.

“Drink it properly.” Chu Beijie lowered his voice, composing himself.

Laughter was hidden in the bottom of Pingting’s eyes. She obediently opened her mouth and swallowed a mouthful of the hot soup. The lotus was sweet; the ham was mellow.

“Blow it again,” she suddenly said.


“Blow it again.” Her smile deepened, her dimples showing shyly. “It’s hot.”

The Chu Beijie who had commanded millions of soldiers had never guessed that he’d feel so powerless on this one day. He was literally sucking up to this insatiable woman. Each word put him completely to shame.

He stiffly bent down, blew until the soup was cold before clumsily bringing it to her lips.

Pingting obediently opened her mouth once again and drank the delicious lotus and ham soup. Leaning on the pillow, she chuckled, “This is the best soup I’ve ever had, doesn’t Duke agree?”

Chu Beijie replied bitterly to this, “How would I know?”

Pingting saw his stoic expression but couldn’t suppress her laugh. Seeing Chu Beijie with just a passing trace of exasperation, her scallion-like, white fingers of jade took the spoon off him. She filled it before carefully bringing it to his lips.

Chu Beijie looked at her.

Her eyes were completely clear, much like the fresh springs of hills, without a trace of impurity. This looked too sore and too sour in his eyes. He refused to open his mouth. With just this spoon, she had disappointed the skies, disappointed the most disappointing.

How despicable, how annoying!

He bit his lip tightly, but suddenly seemed to change his mind. His expression changed to one made at a decisive moment in a battle. He abruptly opened his mouth wide and stuffed the whole spoonful of soup into his mouth. His upper body uncontrollably pitched forward, one hand clutching firmly onto the soup bowl and other resting on Pingting’s shoulder, forcing his lips to hers.

What came over, other than soup, were also Chubeijie’s strength, intelligence, dominance and arrogance.

How could he so willingly agree to her conditions?

Pingting’s eyelashes trembled. She closed her eyes, her thin delicate arms wrapping around Chubeijie’s generously wide shoulders. Through gritted teeth she whispered, “From today onwards, if Duke is mean to Pingting, Pingting will be 100 times meaner to herself. No matter what, I only have one life, wasting it is fine too. Duke might as well give up.”

She was in Chu Beijie’s warm arms and felt his whole body stiffen as he muttered, “How many times do you plan to go against me?”

“A hundred times is not enough. Even a thousand times isn’t enough.” She answered in a very low voice, without a shred of apology.

Twice as angrier than before, Chu Beijie rose but was stopped by two slender arms wrapped around him. He looked down and saw tears had filled her face. Her teardrops delicately balanced on her ivory-like skin, falling yet not falling. Her snow white teeth tightly bit onto her bottom lip, refusing to let others hear the sound of her sobs.

Her bright profound eyes were not afraid of his sharp gaze, desolately earnest and ultimately they did not seem to be concealing hidden intentions.

His anger vanished immediatelyat that very moment like a hundred years of refined steel suddenly malleable once more.

“So hateful! So evil!” Chu Beijie hugged her tightly and seemed to want to plunge her into his own bones. “You’re so hateful Bai Pingting! Evil Bai Pingting….”

The sun hid behind the clouds; delicate snowflakes slowly drifted down once more.

It wasn’t a problem though. The room was incredibly warm. Although it was winter, the room seemed to be a landscape in spring.

Hongqian stole a look, blushing furiously. Her expression was immediately replaced with a frown. “You’ve messed up. The soup isn’t even finished. That isn’t good, is it?”

Zuiju smiled faintly. “There are people caring for Miss Bai’s body, so why should we? Come, since it’s snowing so wonderfully, we should quickly go into the yard and build a snowman.”

No longer caring the affectionate flirting in the house, the aftermath from battles of love and fate, everyone else looked outside, to the yard piled high with snow.

Dear Teacher, it seems that the Duke has fallen for such a pain-in-the-neck kind of girl.

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