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Miss Jiu

Miss Jiu

Alternative name: 九小姐
Author: Mi Gu Manhua
Artist: Mi Gu Manhua
Category: Historical, Manhua, Romance, Slice of Life
Reading Direction: Left to right
Status: Ongoing
Scanlation Group: Alyschu and Co
Total views: 12331
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Prince Yong, who was aiming for the country, replaced his recently born daughter with a boy from Old Chen Ge's place. More than ten years later, Chen family’s blue-blooded Miss Jiu grew up and learned martial arts, then entered a romantic entanglement with the scholarly young master of Jiang family, and Prince Bao who was out on an imperial patrol. One is a wanted anti-Qing handsome scholar who wants to restore the Ming dynasty, and the other is an extraordinary brilliant heir to the throne. Who should Miss Jiu pick?

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