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Hanayome to Futsuma no Kishi

Hanayome to Futsuma no Kishi

Alternative name: 花嫁と祓魔の騎士, Hanayome to Exorcist, The Bride and the Exorcist Knight
Author: Ishihara Keiko
Artist: Ishihara Keiko
Category: Manga, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to left
Status: Ongoing
Scanlation Group: Moon Bunny Cafe
Total views: 8908
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Anne (17 years old) is a girl who attracted demons ever since she was born. Mephisto, a great demon, wants her as his bride in hell… But Hal (12 years old) is a genius exorcist who saves Anne from her sad fate. Now, he proclaims that Anne is his bride instead!?

We need a translator for chapter 2+, or a group willing to pick it up. We will provide the raws!

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