World Record Chapter 90

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90. The Beginning of Despair


When I restored my burned hands with 『Restore』, I heard such moan from behind.

「……I’m surprised. You’re still alive」

While the blood dripping from the wound on my eyebrow blocks my right eye’s vision, I muttered instinctively.
When I turned around, there’s the man–『Shutendouji』 lying down with a fist shape hole on his body, and I’m certain that I gouged his heart.
Anyone would die if their hearts were gouged.
That’s the common sense of this world, but–

「Now, I’m a little curious」

The opponent was just a target to exterminate–well, in short, a trash.
For me to be curious about such trash……I felt a little sad.
However, curiosity is not something that I can deal with reasoning. Once I’m curious, I have no choice but to seek for the answer.

「You, what do you fight for? How can you cling on 『life』 to that extent?」

He sustained a wound to that extent. Normally, it’s either he would faint due to the pain or he would seek for help. Or accept death. It should be any of those.
But this man is different.
Sustaining a fatal wound with death before his eyes, he still……
Why is this man trying to live that much?
I’m curious.

「To……m-meet……my d-daughter……」

If I remember correctly, I heard that before.
This man came this far to search for his daughter.

「……Haa, there’s no way an Unknown has a family. Therefore, such thing is impossible. Speak the truth. Before you die」

Unknowns don’t have family.
Only humans and animals have it.
In addition to that, this guy aimed and attacked this town. If I consider that he has a 『daughter』, then, this girl must be in this town.
In other words, that girl used the 『warp gate』 to invade into the town, and it also means that there’s still an 『enemy』.
Either way, it’s not something decent.

「I’ll ask once again. Why did you come here?」

The light dwelling in the man’s eyes, gradually becomes smaller.
He’s close to death.
Even for an instant, he’s an opponent who tried to kill me. I don’t plan to saving him.
Probably, the next time he speaks would be his last words.
This man probably knew it.
He just desperately stretches his hand towards the 『wall』.


「My……daughter. I wanted……to meet you……for the last……time」


At the end of the words, he lost strength.
–He died.
I know it because I created many deaths. This man lost his life now.
He’s even not acting, but just–dead.


Even at the end, he still didn’t speak the truth.
Or perhaps, that’s the truth.
Although such thought passed my mind, I immediately re-think that it’s not.


Pain runs, and I reach out my hand to my forehead wound.
The scar on my right eyebrow bleeds gushingly and endlessly.
Perhaps, hereafter, there may be existence who can hurt my body.

「At any rate, you’re probably the only one who can block my bullets」

No matter how strong the opponents are.
No matter how absurd their abilities are.
My bullets will not be blocked for sure.
Even if they have abilities such as Absolute Defense, Immortality, and Invincible, these bullets will 『erase』 those abilities and push on.
These bullets that can return anything to zero, were blocked by this man.


「That name, I’ll remember it」


I didn’t even consider to erase the wound on my eyebrow no matter what.





「……Fuu, looks like the Shutedouji is dead」

The woman in black suit sitting on a black throne, said so to the five people surrounding the round table.

「In the worst case, I thought we have to make a move, but the King of Black Coffin–Nagumo Iwato rushed to the spot, and killed the Shutendouji. Here’s the footage……」

At the same time as she snaps her finger, the footage was projected.
There’s the corpse of the Shutendouji and the boy who’s calling someone.

「……This brat killed a Divine Beast class?」

The one who raised his voice in displeasure, was a young man who’s the strongest in this 『Group』.
However, the black suited woman frowned upon hearing the man’s statement.

「……I believe that it’s foolish to judge a person’s strength by appearance」
「……Well, I suppose so, but」

The man clearly is not fully consent to that, but for now, he doesn’t seems like he plan to pursue that.

「With this, the case regarding the Shutendouji ends. I’m sorry for the trouble–」

The woman said so–and the next moment.
By the loud sound of the opening door, the six people looked at the subordinate who entered from the entrance.

「S-Sorry for interrupting the meeting! A state of emergency has occurred!」

Upon seeing the impatience, they presumed that it’s not something normal.

「……What happened?」

To the woman’s question, the subordinate man inhales as if preparing himself.

「T-The captured Shutendouji’s daughter has destroyed the underground jail and escaped!」

Everyone stood up instinctively.

「Isn’t this bad? If the Special Forces finds out–」
「Yeah, it’s bad. Those government dogs would come crowding by my beauty……」

Chuunibyou. The boy which such word suits him very well, muttered, and the blond foreigner brushed his hair while saying so.

「……Let the underlings search in the base. I’ll use my superpower from the control room and search. All of you leaders, please search outside the base. Even if it escaped outside, it shouldn’t gone too far」

Just like that, they leave the meeting room with quick pace, and–the door was locked from the outside.
And–in the dark, a pair of blue eyes shined.


She was shocked by the footage shown just now.
Forgotten that she was hiding, she just looked at the footage of her father’s corpse.
Before she knew it, tears drop from both eyes endlessly, and in the space with no one inside, the sound of sobbing resounds.
And, she glared at the man standing still in the screen with killing intent.

「This guy……」

Killed…my father.
They certainly…said 『Nagumo』.
Etching the name into her mind as she cries in a distorted expression.


「I’ll absolutely–kill him」


Thus, despair framed the first page.




I sat on the sofa while bandage is being wrapped around my head.

「Well, I can’t believe someone manage to hurt you. Although I was requested to fight, I’m glad that I didn’t accept it」

As usual, the girl-Esashi Sana hangs out in my private room. She wraps the my head with magnificent skill while humming.

「Okay, it’s done!」

She said so after tying the bandage, and patted me. It hurts quite a lot because this person thinks that physical strength is the strongest. I prefer that she could treat me a little more kind.
I took a distance quietly while she pats my shoulder, and I realized that it seemed like I’m giving her half of the sofa’s space.
I thought of returning back quickly, but–I was too late.

「Thanks! As expected from a boy!」

I sighed.
When I look at the side, she’s already sitting next to me, and I decided to give up and go and sit on the opposite sofa.
However, she doesn’t allow me.

「So? What kind of monster came out? I’m sure that it’s a monster who’s equal to me because you were hurt」
「You’re saying that you yourself is a monster, you know?」

I pointed that out, and she inclined her head to the side with a blank expression.

「……? We 『Absolute』 can never be lumped together as 『human』 anymore. Well, currently, it’s only the two of us though」
「……Well, you’re right」

On the contrary–if someone who have the power to fight against multiple countries easily and can still call themselves as humans, they are definitely crazy.
I stood up while thinking so, and stretched my back.

「Uu……ah. Well then, I’ll head back now」
「Ah, already? I don’t have anywhere to stay, so I’ll stay here」

Why this person can decide to stay in this room without the owner’s permission……
I sighed to her attitude, and wore my coat and the azure muffler.

「……Well then, pardon me for leaving. Although I can increase my blood with my superpower, I did that before and damaged my organs. So today, I’ll go back and eat meat」
「Oufu…… Y-You sure do crazy stuffs when I don’t know……」

Although I heard a voice of being drawn back, I immediately turned around and started to walk.

……The me at that time, still didn’t know.


That on the next day, I would lose–my superpower.

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