World Record Chapter 89

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89. Flame God White Oni

Snow was falling.
The white dances brilliantly in the darken night sky.

–And, the flame danced.


Such voice covered in anger, despair, and irritation resounded, and immediately after that, the flame dances once again.
The flame is a white flame that seems to burn everything completely.
As if–a God’s flame.
That God’s–white flame flared up, and burned everything around completely regardless of enemies and allies.
And, he stood at the center of it.

「Humans!! Where, Where is my daughter!? I know that you bastards took her away!」

The blue hair that’s extremely close to white, waves, and the cloth wrapped around his waist makes a sound as it flutters.
If he swings the katana in his hand, flames will be summoned. If the katana strikes the ground, flames will scatter around.


This is the first time I see an enemy this strong.
That person–Number Two, Sana-san is quite strong, but she’s not as strong as him.
I stiffen my expression just a little, and jumped from high ground. At any rate, it’s the strongest enemy so far, so it’s weird to not be careful.
I land near the man, and the white flame attacks me immediately.
To counter it, I–


The white flames that spread across the area, turned into blue lights and vanished in an instant.
My superpower is–Power of Existence Manipulation.
That’s the result of making the flame’s power of existence to zero, but–


I feel pain on the hand that touched the flame.
I wonder how long has it been since I felt pain.
Even though I just touched it for an instant, I can see my burned fingers. When I saw that, I frowned–


Blue light wrapped my hand immediately, and returned it back to normal instantly.
That’s the result of increasing the power of existence to the limit, but–as expected, I can’t do anything with the pain.

「It……might be better to train a little more」

Even though I train quite a lot usually, I usually train my superpower more. I can’t help to think that I will depend on my superpower if I continue being like this.
But–now’s not the time for that.

「……Where is my daughter?」

The man opened his mouth while showing his anger.
His appearance is exactly like a human. ……Unknowns should be strange-looking monsters, but……Is it okay to think that he’s an Unknown?

「……Are you an Unknown?」

I ignored his question, and asked him.
……No, rather than a question, it’s just to confirm.
However, I must praise myself that I didn’t laugh upon hearing his question.
An Unknown’s daughter?
How ridiculous. There’s no way such thing exist.
Unknowns are nothing more than monsters. Enemy of mankind.
There’s no way such existence has a family or even a daughter. A ridiculous guess that doesn’t deserve a consideration.
I wonder whether I sensed a 『scorn』 or not, he stayed silent and prepared his katana.

「It looks like I shouldn’t have ask you humans」
「Yeah, you guys should just stay silent and get killed」

I muttered and took out the gun from my waist. It only took less than one second. It’s still too slow to be considered the top of fast shooting. Looks like I need to train more.
Just like that, I–


「Die, monster」


Gunshot roars, and I who’s convinced that I won–


opened my eyes wide upon seeing the repelled bullet.

「Wha……!? The bullet endowed with 『Erase』–」

The impossible-to-block attack that reduces the target’s power of existence to zero just by touching–was repelled easily.
When he saw my shock, this time, he laughed.

「Kukaka, greenhorn. Your ability, no matter how I think, it’s something that kills one hit. Using your ability at the start in front of your opponent, is just like telling the opponent ‘Please think of a way to stop this’」

Saying that while shaking his shoulders, and clad the katana in white flame.

「I don’t know in details, but your superpower probably has the ability to erase by touch and heal wounds……However, you’re just a brat, so your brain is still immature. For example–」


–If I clad my katana with a huge amount of flames, I can deal with your superpower by sacrificing the flames.


The next moment, the katana’s tip approached my eyes.


I dodged the thrust by twisting my upper body, but he easily changed it into a slash as if he expected me to dodge it.
–But I can’t keep letting him attack.
I quickly took out the other gun from my waist, and shot both of the gun aiming at him.
Each and every shot is fatal. An attack that reaps life.

「Like I said, it won’t work」

I’m starting to feel respect rather than irritation upon seeing that. And I immediately wanted to punch myself who thought of that.
I took distance from him in the opening created, and aimed my guns at him once again.
The 『Power of Existence Manipulation』 superpower has very strong abilities. Therefore, it’s extremely hard to handle it. Ever since my superpower manifested, I trained for this superpower and it finally 『reached to a point where it’s usable』. It’s still hard to say that I can handle it perfectly.
His flame is for sure a SSS rank. The highest ranked superpower. If such superpower is used in high density, it seems–that bullets that were endowed with my superpower can’t pierce him.

「The thing called a shocking new discovery」

Well, the shocking one is probably his technique.
Sighting bullets.
I can also do such act easily, and if you like, I can even catch the bullet with my fingers.
However, this 『Creator Gun』 is not a normal pistol. I raised its power of existence to the max and its’ bullet speed is even faster than a rifle.
It’s enough to call him as a monster as he can see the bullets. And also, at the point where he repelled the bullet with his katana, he’s not an ordinary monster. And, at the point where he clad flames and repelled the bullets–

「This is…a Divine Beast class, huh……」

I felt that I must not be careless against this opponent from the bottom of my heart.




Perhaps, if I made a mistake, I would die.
I have such fear.
My knees are shaking faintly, and upon seeing that, the man laughed.
And I–


「Shut up, and vanish」


His fist hits my knee.
Pain runs from my knee.
Perhaps, my kneecap is broken. The pain that made me thought so, ran.


The sound of the gunshot resounded, and the delayed pain vanished.
Before I knew it, my knees stopped shaking, and upon seeing that, the man leaked an admired voice.

「I thought you were a brat who only depends on your superpower, but looks like you have what it takes to stand on a battlefield」
「Of course. I have killed many up until now, so I’m at least prepared to be killed」

Unknowns are certainly my enemy.
They are pests that need to be exterminated.
However, this is still 『killing』, and if they tries to kill us, they should be prepared to be killed by us. Even a kid knows that very well.


「Fear is not needed in a battlefield. Only the resolution of killing and getting killed are necessary」


Others are unnecessary.

「Kukaka…… Well said, boy」

Anger and impatience–vanished from those words.
What’s there is pure killing intent.

「Looks like I have been underestimating you」

The man prepares his katana.
And, flames blow violently–from his body.


White flame burns his whole body–and I opened my eyes wide upon seeing the figure appeared from there.


What’s there is–just a white Oni.
His body became bigger one size, his limbs became something like Oni’s limbs, and he seemed to be wearing an armor-looking skin.
I was convinced with just a glance–guns will not work on this opponent that I am confronting now.
He grasped the katana with his Oni hand, and clad the katana with bountiful flames.


「『Flame God White Oni』–My genuine seriousness」


I was pulled in by those words instinctively.
It was the first time.
For me to think that I might die.
My instinct is telling me that it’s dangerous.
Blood is boiling inside me, and my flesh is telling me to fight.

–To be honest, I’m having fun.

And, approximately the same as that–I’m scared.

「Then, I will also get serious with my life on the line」

I store my guns, and clenched my fists tightly.
If I use the gun’s bullets, I’m certain that the flames will erase them.
Then–I just have to erase it myself.

「Of all the choices, you chose to jump into the flames. I can only think that it’s a suicidal act」

While he says that, I prepared my fists.
At the same time as I put strength into my legs, he prepared his katana.

「I’ll say this just in case. My name is Shutendouji–I came here to save my daughter who was kidnapped by humans」
「……My name is Nagumo Iwato–Special Forces’ Top of the Absolute (World Recorder) 『King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora)』. I came here to kill you」

This is the first time I feel interested to an 『enemy』.
Up until now, I didn’t even care about remembering the enemy’s name. If the opponents introduced themselves, I only thought that it’s the chance to attack them.
However, mysteriously, I thought of remembering this man’s name.

「Here I come, Shutendouji」
「Come, Nagumo」


In that moment–I started running.

The one-hit kill of flame cladded katana, swings.
The one-hit kill of superpower loaded fist, raises a roar.

To be precise, our victory is decided in an instant.

We who crossed over, face our back to each other.
And at the same time as that, a small shriek resounded.


My shriek.
When I look, I can see my right fist was burned hideously, and my right eyebrow has a trace of the slash.
Blood dances, and my expression twisted in pain instinctively.


「It’s my win」


I heard the falling sound of Shutendouji from the back.

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