World Record Chapter 88

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88. Dark History

4 years ago–December 11.

A war between humans and Unknowns occurred at a place located a few kilometers away from Sapporo.
Screams flutter, and angry voices roar.
Among such, only at one place has silence ruling over the entire zone.


A ringtone broke the silence.
When I look at my status application, I saw the name 『Nakajima Tomomi』 written on it and I tapped the name without hesitation.
In doing so, a sound sounded softly.
When I look carefully, my arms were covered with blood. ……No, this warm and yet disgusting feeling covered my whole body. If by any chance there’s a large mirror in front of me, then, it would show a bloodstained boy who’s much more scarier than every hitman in the world.
While thinking of that, the call got connected.

「……What do you want, Nee-san?」
『Iwato? I just thought you would be done by now, but……』
「Yeah, I’m done. Every living things that I can see have all been killed」

I said that without faltering.
Penetrating the chest, headshot, crushing the skull, cutting off the abdomen, smashing the heart. I have killed every one of them.
–When I stepped forward, a sickening sound can be heard from my feet.
The identity is of course–corpses.
The enemy’s corpses.
These enemy–the cheeky and foolish group of Unknowns that attacked me, were all hunted by me mercilessly.
There’s no problem about it.
I just kill them because they are the enemy of mankind.
I just kill them because my mother kept telling me to do so.
I just kill them because it’s my job.
Emotions are not needed in such action. You could say that I’m not feeling guilty at all.

–After all, it’s a matter of course to kill in order to survive, so if I don’t kill them, they will kill me. It’s just that.

『……I see. Can you come and help me since you’re done? Judging from the direction where you are……it’s 10 a.m. About a few kilometers, I believe』

Upon hearing that, I nod and look at the said direction.

「Well then, time to kill more」

I started walking while muttering it plainly.




At the same day.
The war reached the first stage–those words are probably not suitable in this case, but this conflict is different.
For this war, it should be called as ‘Humanity VS One part of the Unknowns’ army’. The troops that were annihilated just now and the great number that have yet to be captured, are just one part of it.

「Well, it’s the same no matter how many comes」

I dry my hair with the towel while saying that, and came out of the shower room.
I’m currently in a room at the Sapporo Special Forces station–in other words, the private room of the King of Black Coffin.
Because I myself hate that it became difficult to take a stroll after becoming popular, no one is allowed to enter this room except for me. In the first place, low ranked members don’t even know about me. Well, what I meant was 『below A rank』.
However, in some kind of way, I have a visitor in my room.

「Ah, I’ll borrow the sofa……」

Saying that and lying down on the black sofa was a girl with golden hair that’s close to white.
There’s the figure of dog ears popping out from her golden hair, informing that she’s a 『Demi-human』.
Well, there’s a 『Holy Sword』-looking thing that’s set against the sofa, and the silver armor that she wore were lying around there.
When I saw her state, I sighed tiredly.

「You came again……? Can you stop coming here. It really is a trouble」
「Isn’t it fine? We’re in a relationship, aren’t we?」

What kind of relationship was it?
When thinking that, I–

「The targeted Number One, and the Number Two who’s aiming at the position」

Saying that, she raised her face quickly, and corrected her posture.
Her name is–Esashi Sana.
……Her nickname is

「Absolute (World Recorder) Number Two–『King of Heroes (Pantheon)』」
「Why so formal, 『King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora)』?」

She said that while grinning.
Dog–no, as a wolf demi-human, the Absolute Number Two who crowned the name, King of Heroes.
She traveled around the world in the name of 『justice』, and protected every countries’ peace–Truly, a hero.
She’s different from me as she’s very popular. If she walks at the street, there will be a crowd in just a few minutes. If I remember correctly, she told me about it.
This time, she joined this war.
Because she was captured and persuaded by Kaa-san when she returned to Japan by chance–as a result, she joined the war.

「Why must you come to my room?」
「Eh, you don’t have to mind–」
「Please go back」

I said that.
To be honest……I’m not good at dealing with this person.
What this and that about justice and evil…… For example, when humans confront Unknowns, if a human thought that he/she is the evil one, this person will definitely join the Unknowns.
Such thinking is just too uncomfortable.

「Even though I’m like this, I’m busy. I need to kill all of the Unknowns」
「……Haa, you really…don’t change」

She sighed upon hearing my words, and started to say something incomprehensible.

「Listen! I said this before, but the thought of Unknown=Enemy is a dangerous thought. I don’t know about it regarding this time’s war, but killing an Unknown on sight is a foolish way of thinking for me. In the Special Forces, this applies on you and your mother」
「……Ha? What foolish thing are–」
「Unknowns are alive」

As if she’s not letting me finishing my words.

「Unknowns are alive. Well, of course humans don’t have the composure to ask the assaulting opponents 『Why are you attacking us?』. If they attacked me suddenly, then I might also kill them. ……But at least, you should think whether the opponents are good or evil, capable to communicate or not.」

That’s the minimum politeness the killing side can show.
She said that.
Select the Unknowns to kill.
Upon listening to her way of thinking, I–


「Ha? Are you an idiot?」


laughed scornfully.
Unknowns are alive?
I know that because they can be killed.
Whether Unknowns are good or bad?
Such thing–of course they are bad.

「Unknowns are the enemy of mankind. It is our job as the Special Forces to kill them without hesitation and protect the peace. Even a kid knows about that」
「A world of wars or a world where everyone live peacefully. Even a kid knows which one is better」

She said that and sighed.
I knew.
That coffin and hero will stay parallel no matter how far it goes.
This person and I will never understand each other.
Such thing, even a 13-year-old–in other words, I myself understood it easily. This worlds’ providence that’s much more simpler than our opinions.

「One day, you will regret it」

I wore the cloak hanging on the sofa, and said that to her.

「With such thinking, you will die when a smart enemy appeared. At the end of being tricked and falling into the worst case–you would die in misery」
「Thank you for your advice」

While hearing that, I turned my back on her and walked.
When I look at the corner of the room, the red lamp is blinking. That means that it’s an emergency state where I need to go.
Among such.

「Well then, I guess I should go too」

She looked back at me.


–You will regret it before long.


For some reason, those words left a deep trace in my heart.




「Oh, you reached!」

When I raised my head upon hearing that, I can see my familiar subordinate. Black coat with her red hair tied behind. Wearing a katana on the waist, she waved her hand towards me.

「……What’s wrong, Nee-san?」

Even though I call her that, this person is not my older sister.
Nakajima Tomomi.
She’s the woman who I spent my childhood with and she’s apparently my subordinate, but because my mother told me to pay respect to seniors, I call her 『Nee-san』 with intimacy and respect.
Well, for me, she’s a sister-like person.

「Ah, there’s this outrageous guy who appeared……」
「……Outrageous guy?」

Even if she’s like this, Nee-san is still a monster with over 60 Battle Rank. Combined with the katana, she can even defeat a Sacred Beast class.
If such her can’t defeat it–

「–A Divine Beast class appeared」

I turn my eyes upon hearing that.
I can see my mother–Nagumo Tsukie wearing a suit, sighed greatly.

「To be precise, it’s an Unknown that seemed to be a Divine Beast class. It’s better to put it that way. After all, the people who were sent to measure the opponent’s abilities, were all killed. It’s surely a monster with a Battle Rank higher than 100. So I want you to go and defeat it」
「……Ah, okay」

To be honest, if so, then–it shouldn’t be a problem even if it’s Sana-san who go, but……if my boss decided so, then I have no problem with that.
I sighed deeply, and–her words passed my mind.

(Unknowns are alive)

I know that very well.
I kill them because they are alive.
They are enemies. They must be killed.
It’s a sin for them–to stay alive.
I muttered that in my heart to persuade myself.


「Well then, let’s start killing」


It’s just passed 4 p.m.

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