World Record Chapter 86

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86. Sequel -People who stand on the top-

–About one week have passed since the incident.

The Unknowns that entered into the town, were exterminated by a white-haired boy wearing a black cloak who’s seen around the town, and the destroyed wall was completely restored before anyone knows.
The society was saying that the boy who saved the town this time is 『King of Black Coffin』, and along with the restoration of the town, many people came from other towns to Sapporo to search for him.
Even though the King of Black Coffin joined the battle, the damage to the town was still tremendous. Countless casualties and missing people have been confirmed, and at one point, the criticism towards the Special Forces got stronger, but still, the latest threat–the fact that several Divine Beast class attacked was forced into the people, they had no choice but to hold their temper in silence.

And this is also something popular in the society. The boy–King of Black Coffin was only seen for 10 minutes.
He was first seen at the destroyed city center, and lastly, near the destroyed wall.
Thereafter, the King of Black King was not seen anywhere, but instead of him, there’s a black-haired boy who was found unconscious near the wall. He was then sent to the hospital by the prime minister, Nagumo Youji who was searching nearby.
Although many people thought that the boy is somehow related to the King of Black Coffin, they couldn’t meet the boy–Iwato.

「I should have…add resistances to…pain and bloodshed」

Iwato who said that, looked outside through the window in the hospital room.
–Complete recovery, 2 months.
In this era with the medical technology being way developed than the Disastrous Year, any light wound would heal immediately. The period of his complete recovery being 2 months is a bit too strange.
It also means that Iwato was heavily wounded to that extent, and the doctor who saw the x-ray of his arm, was surprised mainly to 2 facts.
The first being that the doctor has never seen a wound this big.
The bones of his arm were smashed as if a hammer smashed it directly, and when considering the pain on the spot, it’s not strange that he would die due to shock.
The second was the bones were connected with power by his tough muscles.
Normally, it would be very painful if he put strength into the arm that was crushed to the extent that it’s not an exaggeration to call it minced meat. He most likely felt the pan.
In such situation, he stopped the bleeding with his muscles, and connected the smashed bones. Surely, an abnormal case.

『To be honest, it is a miracle that he is still alive. It is not strange that he would die due to shock at the point when he received the wound on his arm. Even if he didn’t did due to shock, he would have died due to blood loss–but he is somehow alive. I cannot figure out why』

After the emergency surgery, the doctor told the parents–prime minister and Minister of Defense, and the little sister.
Normally, it’s not strange that he would die. The short period of 2 months for complete recovery was simply Iwato’s judgement on the spot, and it’s also determined by his training.

Outside of the hospital room, autumn is almost ending.
He could see the red leaves falling down from the trees.

「……Soon, it would be the fourth year, huh?」

When the winter comes, he would probably recall that time.
3 years ago……no, it might be better to say it almost 4 years ago.

「Well, I’m glad that I could discharge from the hospital before that」

Iwato who said that, lies down.
Pain runs through his arm in an instant, and Iwato frowned instinctively, but such pain can’t be compared with the pain at that time.
Iwato placed his hand on the wound on his right forehead, and sighed lightly.

「I guess…I should tell them」

After showing such–self.
I have no choice but to tell them about the incident at that time.
Why I stop being the King of Black Coffin?
Why I neglected the Special Forces?
How Tsumugu’s father died?
How we became brother and sister?
There’s nothing fun at all. It contains too much blood and tears to be able to call it as a memory.
That dark history–that has blood, tears, hatred, and grudge mixed in it.

That’s the dark history that’s smeared with sins.
Everyone who was involved in that, carried 『sins』, and as a result, no one gets repaid. The boy who worked the hardest–was not saved.

Such story of a shithead.




「Good gracious, I didn’t expect that he would be that strong」

The old man said while smiling.
Harden swept back white hair, and beyond the glasses, the glint of his eyes, has not weaken despite being old.

「Did you watch from the beginning?」

Suddenly, such voice resounds.
The location is outside the wall. He only knows one person who has such voice.

「No, I started watching midway. Although I thought that he was just a shampoo maniac boy when I first met him, when I see him being invincible against that Unknown, my heart pounded. It might be interesting if it turns into a game」
「If you do that, no matter how much Unknown we 『make』, it will never be enough」
「You are right」

Saying that, he stands up and looks at the wall.
There’s the completely–restored wall that may not be as strong as before, but still strong. That’s the only thing that he couldn’t accept.

「But still, I wonder why the wall returned back to normal. Did you actually see what happened?」
「No, I didn’t take concern in here after sending Diable there」

They didn’t see the King of Black Coffin.
That’s why, they felt confused, strangely scared, and curious.
–They are researchers.
Fear of the unknown, and pursuit in order to overcome the fear. The most foolish living thing in this world.
Repeating experiments while using the excuse 『for the sake of the world』 despite the fact that it’s for their own sake. The masterminds who insist that it’s for the world–that destroyed the world.

Among such masterminds, the old man stands on the top.
He’s smiling pleasantly.

「Now, which path will you choose, the shampoo or the domination. Either way, it would still be interesting」

He said that, but


「However, with your current ability, you cannot reach me」


said that as if it’s a matter of course.






The girl–Tamamo Gozen is lost.
It’s about time for him to appear.
Err, rather, it’s about time I reach.
While thinking such thing.

(……Where…am I?)

She somehow crossed the ocean, and moved to the next continent.
However, it’s not Japan–


Her body trembles due to the coldness.
When she looks downwards, she could see the huge ice continent, and suddenly, she saw a shadow, and turned her eyes towards the direction–


There’s a huge dragon.
The dragon that has ice covered all around its body, is without a doubt, a Divine Beast class. She was convinced so.

Race: Ice Dragon King Isis
Battle Rank: 198
Superpower: Ice Divine Power[SSS]
Taijutsu: SSS

Against such dragon, she–

(……Is it…edible?)

The next moment, a destruction sound of the ice continent resounds, and a large amount of blood scattered around.
Raising a roaring sound, she sighed while looking at the huge body falling down to the ground.


Although she still hasn’t gotten used to English, she muttered to the ice continent.

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