World Record Chapter 85

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85. Ascension of Coffin

–Power of existence.

All things that exist in this world have such thing within them.
For example, the stone on the road.
For example, the diamond excavated from the mine.
For example, human body.
For example, Unknown’s body.
Living things or not, inorganic substances or inanimate objects, has a shape or not. All those are unrelated, and the power of existence exists in every of those concepts.

One day, a person who can manipulate such power of existence was born.
He divided the power of existence to 100, and decided to represent every existences with those numbers.
For example, a stone is less than 3.
For example, a diamond is less than 10.
For example, a human body is less than 8.
For example, an Unknown’s body is less than 15.
All things have their own standards.

After that, he tried to raise the power of existence of a stone to 『100』. Then, the stone crushed the diamond like water.
Next, he tried raising his own body’s power of existence to 『50』.
Then, whatever he touches, twisted like clay. When he touched the wall, the wall hollowed out. When he touched the doorknob, it broke. When he punched an enemy–the enemy changed to blood.
Next, he tried reducing the power of existence of an Unknown’s body to 『0』.
Then, the Unknown’s body became a blue light and disappeared. The existence itself vanished on the spot.

Next, he tried creating something in an empty location.
For example, using the power by saying 『House・Power of Existence 50』 while facing the empty space, and a house with 50 power of existence was made.
For example, firing a bullet with the power of 『Body Recovery・Power of Existence 10』 at a heavily wounded human. Then, the human who was shot, became more energetic than before, and the wound recovered in an instant.

Next, he has a go at changing an Unknown into a human.
The humanoid Unknown was gifted with 『Unknown’s』 power of existence and 『Human’s』 power of existence. By adjusting the ratio of those two, the Unknown became a human.

And, finally–he made the power of existence of his own superpower to 『0』.
Then, his pure white hair dyed into black in an instant, and the thing called superpower disappeared from his body.
What remained were the Unknown that turned into a human and the remains of his superpower that was used on his own body.
His body that has an incomparable power of existence than normal humans. The power of existence of『Fatigue』, 『Death by poison』, 『Death by suffocation』, 『Death from illness』, and 『Weakening』 disappeared completely from his body. The more he trains, the stronger he gets. Obtaining the body that overcame the weaknesses of a human and will never get tired.

Once feared as a 『murderer』 by the enemies. Once feared as a 『sinful person』 who violated the taboo by his allies. For only one little girl–the man sacrificed everything including his life.

The man’s name is–Nagumo Iwato.

Iwato looked at his rejuvenated body while the jet black cloak flutters.
He’s wearing a black suit and there are two guns equipped on his waist.
His own white hair appeared in the corner of his vision–and on the left side of his eyebrow, there’s a blue superpower crest.
The man’s superpower is–『Power of Existence Manipulation』
People once called him this with respect and fear–


「King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora)」




Everyone on the scene who saw his appearance, shook in fear.
The air around him has the presence of countless 『death』 of enemies and allies carried by him.


Tsumugu barely speak out.
She knows the him 3 years ago–in other words, the person in front of her, this 『King of Black Coffin』more than the him after that.
Perhaps, he doesn’t remember her. Perhaps, he would consider her as an enemy and attack her.
Such her who felt such fear.

「Haa…… Really the worst. What’s with this body?」

As if ridiculing such fear, Iwato said such words.
–It’s the usual Iwato.
The girls who know the former him–Tsumugu, Tomomi and Tsukie were convinced by those words.
The former Iwato was not this 『soft』. He once had a sharp personality.
That’s why, they smiled in their heart by that indifferent atmosphere.
However, when it comes to the others, it’s different.

「……B-Black Pandora…sama……?」

Ayame leaked such voice upon seeing the familiar back.
By those words, Karen, Teshikaga, and Manabu who were frozen, started to move with a surprised face.

「……I don’t…like that name so much though」

Iwato said that, and turned around to them.
The dazzling pure white hair, and the thing engraved on his left forehead–

「S-Superpower cre……!? A-As expected, Master–」

Karen shouted so–and the next moment, Goleem who have changed class from Machine King to Rubble King, roared.

『Guoooooooo! S-Such thing is just a lie! There’s no way that a human brat can become stronger by returning to the past!』

Upon hearing that, Iwato looked at him uninterestedly.

「I am the one who wants to escape from reality」

Saying that, he pulled out the guns from his waist–and prepared.
Although he’s the embodiment of 『Physical Attack is the strongest!』, his actual way of fighting is not that.
The lethal long-distance attack that has overwhelming accuracy, and the close combat that he accumulated from training in case the enemy approached him by chance.
In short, close combat for him is nothing more than an 『extra』 to compensate for his weakness–




The bullets that were fired at the speed several times faster than normal, hit Goleem’s right shoulder, left shoulder, right knee, and left knee without a miss.

–After that, 4 holes were created on Goleem’s body.


Diable was shocked by that, and the one concerned, Goleem fell to the ground without knowing what happened.
On the other hand, Iwato nodded upon seeing his state, and upon seeing the guns that ran out of bullets, he took out new magazines.

「Practically……about 4 years ago, huh? As for the chronological order–about several months before meeting Tsumugu, I guess」

Diable who heard the sound of the magazines exchanged, finally started to understand the reality.
The rest also the same–

(This man–became stronger after returning to the past. ……Overwhelmingly stronger!)

What exactly happened is incomprehensible.
But, only the truth is simply comprehensible.
Such Iwato turned around once again, and looked at Karen and Ayame.

「On this occasion, Karen, Ayame. If you’re going to be strong one day, if you want to be stronger than anyone else–」


–burn this 『Summit』 into your memory.


And, Iwato starts walking.
Before his eyes are the Unknowns that gathered upon seeing the presence unleashed from Iwato’s body, and Iwato faced them.

「For the time being, I’ll have you all die within one minute. Prepare yourself」

And, said that without getting eager.




「W-What foolish thing are you saying–」

The next moment, smokes emit from the muzzle of the 『Creator Gun』 held by Iwato, and the bullet pierced Heartbroken King Makao’s head.

「One down」

Makao’s body became a blue light and 『vanished』. Diable who saw that, reconfirmed–this man’s danger.

「Ku……! Reload, can you return that man’s time to normal!?」
「I-I cant! This ability can only return through tim–」

Blood dances from Reload’s abdomen, and at the same time, his body turned into blue light and vanished.

「Two down. Only 2 left, Prison King」

While saying that, Iwato starts walking, and the huge existence appears in front of him once again.

『How dare you do that to me! If that gun is strong, then I will just fight you in a close combat!』

The one who said that and swung his fist was Goleem whose body has become smaller.
Because he remake his body without limbs, of course he would become smaller, but–

「Hai, three down」

The moment Iwato touched his fist, Goleem’s body turned into blue light and vanished. Not even leaving the core behind.

「And, you’re the fourth–Checkmate」

When Diable realized it, the voice was heard from his back, and he felt something hard was pushed the back of his head.

「Diable, I’ll tell you something nice. Every superpower has its own weakness. Even your reflection won’t work when coming up against the katana that cuts through superpower–『Mumei』. And also, it’s useless against a superpower that can erase existence」

Upon hearing those words, Diable felt that he’s going to die for the first time.
A few years ago, when he fought Iwato, he lost before he could think so, and when he realized it, he ran home shamelessly.
Therefore, he had no choice but to feel fear, but

(This feels like the scythe of the God of Death is approaching me)

Diable laughed while thinking such thing.
This man who stands behind me now is called as 『King of Black Coffin』 and 『Powerless Black King』 according to rumors, but when facing him like this, the nickname rumored among the Unknowns, suits him the most.

「That appearance, exactly a 『God of Death』. ……Good grief, we have been challenging a god since the very beginning」

Then, there’s no way we could have won.
The fate of me dying–will never change.
Diable feels a refreshing feeling from somewhere after losing to such overwhelming and absolute power–


「Unfortunately, I’m just a high school student」


The gunshot that marks the end roared in the town.

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