World Record Chapter 77

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77. Demon’s Katana

TL note: I changed the parentheses for the dialogues back to the original instead of square brackets [].

A few minutes later
Tsumugu gazed at the opposite side of the highway from the window.

「It…seems chaotic」

Before her eyes is the congested opposite lane and harsh words can be heard through the window.
While on the lane they’re on, there’s only a bus moving, and since a while ago, people looked at the bus thinking 『Why is the bus going there?』.
In such situation, Tsumugu trembled and looked forward.
Before her eyes is a huge soul heading towards their direction from quite a distance. It’s not Divine Beast class, but surely Sacred Beast class–in addition, a higher rank one.
Karen probably confirmed it. Sounds her throat, and at the same time, starts to raise a shriek.
Probably, because the huge soul started to rage. It’s easy to imagine what’s happening.
Tsumugu looks at the direction of the house.
In the Nagumo house, there’s Tsumugu’s combat uniform and that weapon. If she has those two, she could stand a chance against a Divine Beast class.
That’s why, it’s close. Like I would give up.
Tsumugu clenches her teeth, and looks forward–

「What are you doing, Tsumu-san! Go to the house quick!」

Karen shouted at Tsumugu.
Although Tsumugu was surprised by that, Ayame placed her hand to her in an exasperated way.

「I don’t know why Tsumu-san tries to go back home, but there’s something important there, right? Then, please leave this to us and go inside the house」

Tsumugu looks there.
It’s definitely a Sacred Beast class. Speaking of Battle Rank, it’s about 80.
To send those two to such opponent is–
Tsumugu thought so, but the two smiled as if they read her mind.

「「If you don’t go, I will tell that person about your feelings」」

That’s…a bother.
Tsumugu tried to say so.

「Tsumu-san, you treat us like a child too much」
「We have grown. There’s nothing for you to be worried」

Tsumugu opened her eyes wide by that.
The light of resolution lit in their eyes, and Tsumugu smiled in a troubled way.

「Looks like…you won’t…change your mind」

Tsumugu muttered and opened the bus’s window.
After she looked at the direction where the soul is, she looked at the Nagumo house.
Two gazes pierce Tsumugu’s back.

「Karen, Ayame. Then…I’ll leave this to you」
「「Leave it to me」」

While hearing such words, Tsumugu started running to the outside from the window.





Tsumugu opens the door as she exhales.
Only in a time like this, she feels it. The lack of stamina of a hikkikomori.
The house is about three kilometers from the bus.
This distance which Karen can cover it easily, is too far for Tsumugu.

Tsumugu entered the house after following Iwato’s instruction which is to take off the shoes, and head to the room that’s not used usually.
A room deep in the house.
Sliding the door open, and a Japanese-style room can be seen.
The furniture and the interiors were first-class goods made by foremost craftsman. Anyone could understand that this room is the most gorgeous room in the Nagumo house.
Tsumugu exhaled and entered the room.
There’s a large altar deep in the room, and before it, there’s a stand made of wood. On top of the stand, there’s a katana, cloak, and belt.


That’s the katana once used by her father.
However, her father is no longer in this world. That’s why, it’s left like this.

「Let me……use this katana」

Tsumugu muttered so as she moved to the stand, and grasped the katana tightly.
What felt in her hand is the weight of the katana, and the appearance of it being used for a long time.
Tsumugu strains her face, wears the white cloak left under the katana, carrys the large belt on her shoulder, and wears the katana on her back.
Even though it’s the wrong way to use it, she looked like an expert. That’s what people would think if they see her.
–Absolute (World Recorder).

「Yosh…let’s go」

Tsumugu muttered, and felt that her stamina has recovered and ran to the entrance.
Quickly wears the shoes, and jumps out of the house–


And, opened her eyes wide by the existence standing in front of the house.
The large build standing in front.
Bulging fat green large build, and check-patterned long sleeves on top of that.
Carrying a huge rucksack on his back, and several rolled posters appear from the rucksack.

「Gufu, gufufufu, in this kind of place, there’s a little girl that’s packed with dreams and hope of lolicons…… Kuudere brocon, I suppose…… You can call me Onii-chan, you okay?」

Tsumugu muttered so instinctively, and the green grotesque–Otaku King Fujiwara who heard that


Delighted in agony.

「The first word from the kuudere brocon little girl was 『……Gross』! Wonderful, very wonderful! That cold gaze, that disgust! I’m getting excited!」

By that reply, Tsumugu instinctively embraces herself and steps back while straining her voice.

「R-Really…gross……D-Don’t come here……」
「Nohoooo! That voice actress-like voice! Wonderful, little girl!」

Fujiwara in agony once again.
I’m very sorry to every Fujiwara-san, but no matter who sees him, Fujiwara is extremely disgusting to the extent that some people may vomit.
The excess flesh shakes like a jelly, the dripping sweats scatter to the surroundings, and Tsumugu starts to dodge those sweats.
That’s merely an action causing displeasure.
However, Tsumugu opened her eyes wide upon seeing the ground where the sweats dropped.

The ground dissolves.
Those were the spots where Fujiwara’s sweats dropped, and depending on one’s point of view, the ground may have died due to shock triggered by Fujiwara’s disgust.
However, that is his superpower.
His superpower is–『Disgusting Otaku King』.
A quite incomprehensible ability that enhanced the prejudice against the world’s 『Otaku』.
However, the prejudice against otakus seem strong.
Some say, their gastric juices can even melt steel.
Some say, their hands sweat a lot.
Some say, they laugh 『Deyufufu』 while reading.
Some say, they would reveal powers transcending human for otaku goods.
Some say, fat guys are usually otakus.
Some say, they love 2D waifus.
For a normal otaku, those prejudices are extreme, but it can’t be helped because it’s the fact.
And the personification of those, on top of that, the existence enhanced in a bad way, is this Otaku King Fujiwara.

「Again…a strong character……」
「Deyufufufufu! There’s no character stronger than me!」

Fujiwara replied so to Tsumugu, and at the same time, the shaking fat stopped.
Although there’s no damage to the Nagumo house, the garden is melted with smokes rising. Tsumugu who gazed at it, squints.

「How dare you……」

Tsumugu opens her mouth, and reached out to the katana on her back.
The blade appears together with such sound.
The silver blade with flame-like edges.
The blade reflects the sunlight, and emits radiance.
Fujiwara frowned slightly by that, but–immediately following, he opened his eyes wide after seeing the katana properly.

「T-That katana is……!」

Fujiwara opened his eyes wide upon seeing the familiar katana, and the fear carved in his body comes back.
Recalling the time when he challenged that man who’s drown in his own power.
–It can’t even be called as a battle.
Made fun of Fujiwara, and just because his daughter is in her rebellious age, Fujiwara was minced to vent his anger.
That fear that can’t be forgotten.

「This katana’s name is–『Onigiriengoku*』. Tou-san remodeled a certain famous katana, and literally, the strongest weapon that will never break」

Fujiwara confirms Tsumugu’s appearance once again.
The pale bluish white hair, the cloth worn by that man on his waist, and the similar cloak.
The thing carried on her shoulder is the belt he worn on his waist, and upon looking at the girl’s eyes, he reached the truth.

「Y-You! Don’t tell me…you’re Shutendouji’s–」

Tsumugu pointed the katana at the astonished Fujiwara.
The katana reflects the light coming from the opening of the clouds, lighting a red light as if a blazing flame.


「I won’t forgive whoever who…hurt my beloved people」


Shutendouji has a daughter.
Her name is–Tsumugu.
Mysteriously, she has the same name with her.




Going back a little in time.
Iwato finally entered the open air bath.

「Fui~, it’s relaxing……」

It’s not like I’m very tired, but still, I just wanted to taste the feelings.
While thinking such thing, Iwato’s status application received a mail.
When he thought what it is–


Iwato opened his eyes wide upon seeing the mail.
That’s natural because there’s no way that Iwato can relax in the hot spring while such serious things are happening there.
–As if ridiculing such thought.

「T-That Mr. Shampa Rinswin who’s called as 『Living Shampoo』, is coming to Sapporo station to hold a speech!?」

Who the hell is that?
Everyone would thought so for sure.
However, Iwato who stood up.

「It’s today!? The time is……1 p.m.!? Damn, I can’t stay here like this!」

Iwato said that and ran out of the bathroom.
After that, only the inn’s landlady and Mr. Shampa know that Iwato reached the town before the Wall is destroyed.

TL note: *Onigiriengoku(鬼切炎獄)= Demon Cutting Flame Prison?

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