World Record Chapter 76

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76. Collapse of Peace

The clock’s shorter hand passed twelve, and the sun started to set little by little. Now is about 2 p.m.
Three sleepers’ breathing resounded in the bus.
The bus driver paid attention to not wake them up, and decided to head to the city slightly later. Because of that, they have yet to reach home.
Tsumugu who Iwato expected to fall asleep in the bus, opened her eyes when she felt an unpleasant presence.



Before her eyes is the huge wall that can be seen from here–the Wall.
Year 2019, the 『Absolutization』 superpower user who’s extolled as the strongest used the power onto the wall build by people, the ability to absolutely prevent Unknowns from invading.
As a result, the wall has become an absolute shield that protects everyone. A symbol of peace.
The wall that Iwato once said that 『Even I can’t break that wall』.
Tsumugu stared at the wall–




The wall is gouged out.
The thick sound even reached the bus, and along with the sound, Karen and Ayame woke up.
When she realized it, there’s a hole that can be seen clearly from here. The cars in the surroundings stopped on the spot, and cold sweats ran down Tsumugu’s face.

[T-This is bad……]


Tsumugu instinctively muttered so.
By her voice, the half-asleep Karen and Ayame looked outside from the window, and–opened their eyes wide.

[Wha!? T-The wall……]
[The Wall is destroyed!? W-What on earth–]


However, Tsumugu opens her mouth in a flustered way.

[Now’s…not the time for that! Both of you…contact Nii-san! Oji-san! Go as much as possible…I want to get closer to our house]
[He? U-Understood! P-Please tell me the address!]


Actually, this bus driver is Youji’s subordinate. Of course, Tsumugu doesn’t know about it, but still, Ayame is aware that he’s an A rank member.
Such A rank member didn’t object Tsumugu’s decision. He steps on the accelerator, and the bus departs.
Upon seeing that, Tsumugu looks at the wall once again.
There’s the hole that became bigger than before, and–


[This……only Nii-san…can handle this]


The eyes of a dragon peep through the hole.




At the Sapporo city center, the Special Forces and the polices moved hurriedly.
In such situation, a man ran into her–Tsukie’s office.

[Tsukie! How’s the situation!?]


The man’s name is Nagumo Youji.
The prodigy that even Iwato doesn’t want to make enemy of.
When seeing him, Tsukie showed a slightly relieved expression, but she quickly started to explain the situation.

[In short, 『Unfortunately, it’s quite close』. The Wall was gouged out and countless Unknowns surged into the hole. I have sent the supposedly off duty Isakai Manabu, and Nakajima Tomomi. In addition, I have also sent Ashibetsu Hayato to lead the B ranks and C ranks. And also, I received information that the hospitalized kid–『Emperor of Death』 also heading there. It’s a small mercy that there are many combatants gathered in this town now……]
[But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a disaster……]


Youji replied so to Tsukie, and she took the black robe from the coat hanger.
It’s her–Kanekura Tsukie’s combat uniform.
Wearing that means that–

[Are……you going?]
[Yes. I have a combat-type ability after all. And also, I can’t just sit down and leave everything to everyone]


Saying that, she wears the coat, and walks passed Youji.

[There are too many questions. How to deal with this situation? Why the unbreakable wall broke? How to explain to the civilians?……]


Upon hearing that, Youji thinks.
Then, how can the wall break?
However, it’s clear if he thinks a little. Youji only knows two people who can do such thing.
The first is the superpower user of 『Absolutization』. If he canceled the ability, then it fits the pieces–but, there’s no way a person from such a long time is still alive.
Then, it’s the other one, but–

[……King of Black Coffin is still on holiday]


Therefore, the second one is also wrong for sure.
If it’s not both of them, then there’s an answer that surpasses his imagination for sure.
Youji sighed in a troubled way, and Tsukie who heard that, stopped.

[That’s why, I won’t depend on him. I must not depend on him. That’s why, I will protect this town with my life this time]


Upon hearing those words with resolution, Youji smiled wryly.

[But still, when you almost died, I really thought that you’re going to die……]
[Oh, how rare. Worry about your wife?]
[What are you saying? I’m always worrying about you]


Youji turns back as he said that to Tsukie.
She walks to the exit while the coat flutters, and Youji can only see her off.


[Don’t die, Tsukie]


Tsukie waved her hands upon hearing that.




[Ah! Shit! One after another! Give me some time to think!]


Teshikaga shouted as if venting his irritation while eradicating the Unknowns.
After that–after being knocked down by Iwato.
As expected of an Absolute, he regained consciousness quickly, and it didn’t take a long time for him to be able to move freely.
That’s why, he could discharge from the hospital early, but–

[Dammit! Even though I need to find that black-haired……why the Wall must break now! How useless!]
[Oh my, sharp tongue as usual, Teshikaga-kun]


Then, she–Tsukie came to his side before he realized it, and spoke to him.
After leaving her office, Tsukie who dived into the shadow and moved at high speed, noticed Teshikaga while she’s heading to the hole. Therefore, she rose to the ground.
Teshikaga showed a slightly surprised look upon hearing her voice, but he quickly glared at her.

[Of course! Who’s that guy called Iwato!? How high is his Battle Rank!]
[Hmm……the last time he measured his Battle Rank, I think it’s four times of yours~. I don’t remember much]
[F-Four times–!?]


Teshikaga Oumu.
His Battle Rank is a little over 100.
A higher Battle Rank than Tsumugu’s previous Battle Rank, and furthermore, four times. Calculating it simply–

[B-Battle Rank–400!?]
[Well, that’s 3 years ago~]


To be precise, it’s his Battle Rank before he loses his 『power』.
The Battle Rank after his 『golden age』.
For her who know about his Battle Rank in his golden age, she will only think that 『He’s living in a different world』, but Teshikaga who heard it for the first time, was surprised.
However, the situation doesn’t let them.

[Ufuun♡, there’s a boy of my preference in such place. Ahn~!]


The next moment, such disgusting voice resounded in the surroundings, and Teshikaga and Tsukie took their stances.
The sound of heels clicking can be heard, and the two looked at the direction while sweating cold sweats.
There’s a figure wearing a pink-colored full body spandex suit and pink wings grown from the back, walking towards here like a model.
That appearance can be seen as 『humanoid』, but the height easily surpassed two meters.
On top of that–

[Such monster……can never be a human]


Yes, this is just a monster walking on two legs. Both appearance and strength are very far apart from a human.

[Oh, granny jealous? I don’t want a granny’s jealousy, okay?]
[Oh my, why must I feel jealous to a monster that doesn’t look like a human nor a woman? Please think properly before saying things]


Tsukie replied so to the Unknown–Heartbroken King Makao.
Veins appear on their foreheads.
However, Teshikaga took a step forward.

[Oi, Kanekura-san. I want to ask you because you’re more proficient at moving than me. Go and look around the whole battlefield, and assist the most important 『battle』]
[……Will you be okay?]


By Tsukie’s words, he laughed [Kuku], and placed his right hand forward.
Black aura gushes out from his hand, and upon seeing that, Makao frowns.

[Oh? I myself don’t like yandere, you know?]


He smiled to Makao’s words.


[That’s great because I can’t accept you mentally. We’re unexpectedly getting along]


Saying that, his–『Emperor of Death (Dead End)』’s battle started.

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