World Record Chapter 132

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132. Two Cases

「Sorry for making you worry!」

Ayame laughs while scratching her head.
–She is at the large hospital near the school.
Karen stares at her who sits upright on the bed.

「……What was that? The reason you faint was 『anemia』. Are you making fun of me? Gimme back my worry because I was seriously worried」
「Karen…it would be pointless…if she give it back to you」

Tsumugu retorts at Karen’s words, and looks at Ayame.

「……Are you okay?」
「Yes, I am a demi-human after all…… I just need some blood because I am a half-vampire. It went well for these few years, but……after that time, my regular blood intake seems to be low」

Ayame is a vampire demi-human.
Therefore, she is drinking the blood supplied by the government regularly, but recently, after the attack of Dead End and the escape from the large invasion. On that occasion, Iwato was seriously wounded, and just when he was discharged from the hospital, that heavy past.
It was quite impossible to be 『normal as usual』.
Therefore, she made a mistake in the blood intake, and end up having anemia.

「Iwato-sama, I am sorry……for causing you to worry」
「……Ah, no. As long as you’re fine」

While leaning his back to the wall, Iwato squeezes out a smile.
In his eyes is the figure of the pale Ayame showing a gentle smile. Looks like it just ended with an anemia this time, but……

–The succession of sudden death of high ranked superpower users.

The words said by Nakajima Tomomi pass my mind.
Come to think of it, there was an omen.
About one week ago, a Norway A rank member lost his life suddenly.
Having great looks and a SSS superpower, he was said to be the next 『World Recorder』, but his sudden death shook the world.
And two days later, the A rank member who reign the top in Australia lost his life. The next day, similarly, an A rank member from Mexico. According to this morning’s news, a Japan Special Forces member who went to Africa, died suddenly.
……I thought something was strange.
It doesn’t seem like a coincidence.
It was clear that it wasn’t a『coincidence』 according to Tomomi.

(The people who died are……SSS rank 『Absolute Zero』, SS rank 『Lightning Emperor』, SSS rank 『Super Gravity』. Not just the name, but they were genuine A rank members)

Individuals capable to subjugating Sacred Beast class on their own.
Depending on the situation, they might be able to hurt a Divine Beast class. But they all died 『suddenly』 without leaving any resistance……
It’s clearly not normal.
And, above all.

(SSS rank 『Six Divine Powers』. And……EX rank 『Shutendouji』)

One point from the atmosphere when they fall.
Looking at the girls who started to make a noise……To be precise, Iwato grinds his teeth while looking at Ayame and Tsumugu.
Iwato clenches his fists and opens his mouth.

「Well then, Ayame looks fine……so I will go and explain it to everyone in class. The teachers were quite worried after all」
「I……see. I am sorry, Iwato-sama……」

Even though it is just anemia, she just woke up.
She wants the person she love to be with her. But Ayame look downwards without saying anything more.
Seeing that, Karen sighs, and Tsumugu looks at Iwato in amaze.

「Haa……, Master is really dull」
「Eh? What did you say?」
「Nothing! I will be with Ayame-chan, so you don’t have to worry」
「That’s why I can’t stop worrying……」
「What do you mean by that!?」

Karen and Ayame starts to argue.
Tsumugu walked towards Iwato and inclined her head.

「……Nii-san…are you okay?」
「Nn? Ah, I am as usual」

Iwato strokes Tsumugu’s head while smiling wryly.

(Well, Tsumu knows me for a long time after all……)

Iwato is not particularly dull or insensitive.
He knows what Ayame was thinking, and he also heard what Karen said. But he played dumb on top of that.
That’s why, Tsumugu felt something is weird with Iwato.

「Did something…happen?」

From the looks of it, Tsumugu hasn’t receive any information about it.
She is a genius. She learned the way to use technology by watching the Digital Ruler, and she procures various information from the internet.
But she falls far short of the Digital Ruler.
Any information that doesn’t suits her were 『shutout』 by that woman’s hand……and now, the reason why Tsumugu is not saying anything, means that he shouldn’t drag her into this case.

–Or it could be a case beyond Tsumugu’s powers.

Iwato exhales, squats and opens his mouth.

「Tsumu, Kaa-san called Nii-chan after a long time. Seems to be a dangerous case that only I can handle it. After school……I will go and see her, so please eat your meal first」
「……Nii…san? Really…what’s wrong?」

Tsumugu stared in wonder.
The hospital room suddenly became silent.

「M-Master……you mean–」
「I’m not going to return to work. I’m just helping as a son. So you don’t have to get worked up」

Everything is different from that time.
It’s different from the time when I head out as a subordinate after receiving an order.
I have comrades. I have friends. I have a family. I have a younger sister.
I have a place to return.
Then, I will never go 『berserk』 again.

「In addition–」

If by any chance, I return to the 『God of Death』 again.
Even if I return to that murderer, I can feel relief from the bottom of my heart.

「In addition……what?」
「……Ah, no, nothing. Anyway, I might not be able to come back for a while starting from today. During the time, Tsumu, I want you to defend Sapporo」

It’s highly possible for me to go out of country.
Facing Iwato who thought so, Karen and Ayame exchange glances.
On the other hand, Tsumugu looks up at Iwato in worry, but……even so, she knows Iwato’s strength. She knows that he won’t lose to anyone.
That’s why, she looks at him with a smile, pushing aside the worry.

「Nn…leave it to me. Nii-san also…do your best」
「Oh, I will」

Hearing her words, Iwato replied with a smile.

If, if I really returned to my old self.
I can feel relief now.
After all, the worst and strongest person has disappeared.
The one here is just an ordinary guy who trained his body.

Not strongest or whatsoever anymore. Just powerless.

There are many ways to kill such man.
Muttering that in his heart, Iwato stroked Tsumugu’s head.


An hour after separating with Tsumugu and the others.
The place is now in a room at the Special Forces station.
Nagumo Tsukie–staring at the stack of documents in front of her. Iwato sits on the sofa in front of Kanekura Tsukie and sighs.

「……I think I said this before, but Akane-san. This will happen if you let the documents accumulate even for a day. Please finish it properly everyday」
「Hahaha……I suggest you to tell that to your mother」

Tsukie’s secretary–Digital Ruler aka Toudou Akane replies while smiling wryly.
She looks at the mountain of documents, sighs, and snaps her finger while saying that it is inevitable.
Suddenly, the floor cracks, and a large screen appears from the bottom.

「……Oh my, when did you remodel the office?」
「Minister of Defense, please do your work instead of talking」

The Minister of Defense is disheartened after being shut out.
While smiling wryly at her, Iwato looks at the screen that appeared in front of him.

「Because Tsukie-san is like that. I think I am not suited for this, but I will explain about this case to you as much as possible」

Cynical, Iwato thought.
As if affirming the thought, the screen showed the footage of 『the current Moscow』.
A drone won’t reach that far.
Even if a plane was used, wyverns and bird wyverns will attack it.
Therefore, every TV station reported the current situation of Moscow as 『unconfirmed』. But such 『live video』, a live broadcast was showed in front.

「……You can really do anything as usual」
「I didn’t expect to hear that from the former incarnation who can do anything」

Akane turns aside Iwato’s words easily.
When she turns her eyes to the screen, she points at a section of the screen with a teacher’s cane.

「First, I would like you to see this……Iwato-san, I don’t know whether you know this or not, but the person on the ground here is an A rank member in Moscow. Battle Rank is 『58』. How impressive. Such strong person get defeated like that. I wonder what kind of a monster is the enemy~」
「No, you’re saying–」

You’re saying that?
Iwato who tried to say that, opened his eyes wide after realizing something.
Tsukie instinctively raises her head and Toudou Akane smiles.

「W-Wait! Don’t tell me……」
「To be honest, even if I spend all of my resources to gather information, I can’t find anything. ……But only this corpse and the succession of sudden death. It is too good to be a coincidence」

Toudou Akane……no, the Digital Ruler said that.
Her eyes are showing the color of cautious, and it is the same for Iwato.
After all, the corpse didn’t have anything it supposed to have.

「……Akane-san, you mean–」

She then speaks frankly about her guess to Iwato.

「–A corpse without wounds. To see this in the middle of the battlefield means……well, it is probably not unrelated. The second case」

Hearing that, Iwato thinks.
This seems to be more troublesome than what I imagined.

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