World Record Chapter 131

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131. The Beginning of the End

The man sits on a black chair and closes his eyes.
Placing his arms on the armrest, he breathes out while looking at the ceiling.

「125 years since that failure」

Burned into his memory.
Despite more than 100 years have passed, he still remembers it clearly.
The failure when he was young.
The sight of the world’s demise.

「I struggled. Ah, I struggled. In order to wipe out my failure. I tried to wipe my foolishness with more than 100 years」

Even so, it doesn’t go well.
10 years ago, he started to erase my foolish move.
That guy appeared as if ridiculing the man’s action.
A complete irregular.
Even the man who stood at the beginning of all, boasts of the unimaginable superpower. A monster among monsters. Even the word “monster” feels halfhearted. The worst maverick.

–The name is Black Pandora.

Real name, Nagumo Iwato.
Superpower is Power of Existence Manipulation.
The strongest power capable of manipulating anything that has the concept of 『existing』.
It will be realized just by thinking about it. If he thinks there is, then it exists. If there isn’t, then it doesn’t exist. As if it is the personification of the word “absurd”.

The man was convinced after knowing the power.
He couldn’t win.
He understood that he can never win.
He couldn’t see the future of him dealing any damage to him. Even if he managed to hurt him, killing that boy is harder than killing a God.
Then he thought that he could gather many strong individuals to fight him, but there is no way that there are many people who can hurt that boy.

Therefore, the man was greatly perplexed.
The boy can transcend his life span similar to the man.
If he erase the concept of life span, that monster can live for an eternity.
Well, of course, there are measures for that.
There was already a way to kill the boy.
As long as there is time, that monster can be killed.
The man was convinced.

–At that point of time.

The superpower disappeared from the boy.
The cause couldn’t be clarified.
A mutation or due to someone’s superpower.
It was also said that he received a serious wound. It might be the after-effect of it. In any case, the cause was unknown, but–that was nothing but an opportunity.
One year of obtaining the information of his superpower disappeared.
One year to confirm that the information was correct.
One year of observing the boy.

The man made contact with the boy a few months ago.

And he was convinced.
–I can win normally against the current Nagumo Iwato.
He is certainly strong. He climbed to the top.
But he is too weak compared to his past.
He has the confidence to win against that boy now.

「Ups and downs. And the time has come」

The man looks up at the night sky while sitting on the chair.
Black clouds filled the skies, but suddenly, wind blows and a silver light shines the ground.

–And countless monsters show up.

From Sacred Beast class to Divine Beast class–over 100 Battle Rank monsters.
The view is a picture of Hell.
Blood spreads like the sea, human limbs scattered all around, and the sounds of chewing, screaming, shrieking, and roaring resounded.
Humans trying to run. Monsters chase after them, and devour.
It has changed into a place of massacre.
At the center of those, a man takes a deep breath.

–The place is the capital of Russia, Moscow.

Half an hour ago, the wall collapsed.
The Unknowns charged all at once, and the several Divine Beast class monsters sent in through the warp gate.
The town was swallowed, destroyed, and crushed by them in a flash–eventually, the place became Hell.

Babies’ cry.
Women’s scream.
Men’s anger.
And the monsters’ roar erasing all of those.

Facing such Hell, the man’s mouth distorts in madness.

「Now. Let’s resume

The man’s voice resounds in the darkness.
125 years ago–2016.
That was the year when Unknown filled the world.
The biggest turning point in the human history.
The beginning of the world demise–and the after-prologue.

The man laughs.
Eventually, the moonlight hid behind the clouds, and the town is covered in darkness.

–The next day.
There weren’t even a single living thing that can be found in the town.



Looking at the mail, Iwato frowns.
–End of winter vacation.
A few months after Dead End destroyed the school building. Iwato and the rest who just finished the opening ceremony in the new school building built by utilizing superpower.
They return to their new classroom……and on the way there, a mail was sent to the status application.

『Capital of Russia, fall』

Looking around, there is no uproar yet.
When I look at the mail, the sender is 『Toudou Akane』.
I see. If it’s her, then getting an information this fast is understandable……but at the same time, there’s no way she wouldn’t know that the information is fake.

「So……it’s real, huh」
「Nn? What’s wrong, Master?」

Sensing Karen approaching, I quickly delete the mail.

「……No, nothing. Just a spam」

Saying that, she then replies 『Hohee』 and sits on the seat in front of Iwato. Seeing that, the owner of the seat who returned from the toilet, said 『Ah……』, but of course, Karen didn’t hear it.

「So Master! Speaking of January, it’s the month of the postponed ski learning! Master, are you good at skiing!?」
「Nope. Never done it before. And it costs money」

A pair of skis costs about tens of thousands of yen.
If including the snow wear and shoes, it would cost more than that. Although Iwato may be very rich, he rarely uses the money for himself.
Everything of his is for her.
The usual Karen will laugh it off. However, now that she knows about his past, she didn’t know what to say.

「U-Um……i-isn’t that fine? After all, we will be using it during the ski learning」
「Yeah…… If Tsumu wants to do it, then I’ll consider. If Tsumu doesn’t want to do it, then I don’t think I want to use the money for it」
「……Recently, I don’t think there’s a person who has a greater siscon trait than Master」

His love is too severe……Karen muttered.
Maybe our relationship can take a step further in this ski learning……Karen was thinking of such thing, but she realized how foolish she was. That’s right, this man is the world’s foremost cheapstake guy. Reaching that high alone is hard.
Karen groans while putting both her index finger on her temple.
Iwato smiles wryly……and suddenly, he stands up after seeing a familiar redhead outside of the classroom.

「Sorry, Karen. Toilet」
「Oh, poop? Go and push it out~」

Hearing Karen’s unladylike voice from behind, Iwato exits the classroom and chases after the person.
The person couldn’t be seen in the hallway anymore, but he saw the redhead at the corner to the staircase.
Iwato chases after the person, and turns at the corner–and just as he thought, the figure of his class teacher was there.

「Oh, so how was it after that?」
「Nothing. Both Karen and Ayame didn’t particularly touch on the subject」

Hearing Iwato’s answer, the woman–Nakajima Tomomi smiles wryly.

「Well, it’s good to be as usual. That’s some good friends you have. Why not take both of them as your brides?」
「I will think about it after I reincarnated」

I have already decided who to devote to in this life.
Hearing that, Tomomi muttered 「You’re not saved at all」, and then she coughed and squinted.
Suddenly, the air changes completely, and Iwato’s spine straightens.

「–Last night, Moscow was destroyed」

As expected, Iwato muttered.

「……What’s the cause?」
「Uncertain……I would like to say that, but according to that Digital Ruler, 『The wall was destroyed』. It really does sounds familiar」

Destroying the wall.
That is something impossible to do.
After all, the wall around the world was applied with the superpower 『Absolutification』. No matter what happens, it will never decay and break. It is a kind of curse that stays eternally to the wall.
But it was destroyed. Destroyed by someone.

–Just like what happened in Sapporo.

「The Unknown army lead by the Prison King Diable–aka 『Six King Assembly』. Those guys broke the wall and invaded. Their leaders were mostly annihilated. I don’t know much about the remaining one. That’s why, there were people who think optimistically like–『There was a defected part on the wall』」
「……So it was completely destroyed this time, huh」

It’s too much to be a coincidence.
Continuing from this town, the capital of Russia was attacked.
Japan is certainly the world-leading superpower country, but that doesn’t mean that the other countries are inferior than that. The capital, Moscow has the greatest forces due to the population in Russia. It’s really abnormal to hear that it was 『taken down』 in just one night.

「Divine Beast class……It’s better to consider that there are several of them」
「In addition, it’s probably a bigger invasion than the attack on Sapporo. ……Well, I doubt there were any monsters of Diable’s level」

Hearing that, Iwato leaks a wry smile.
Prison King Diable is the only existence who seriously wounded the current Iwato. Seeing from his Battle Rank, it is clearly higher than the Shutendouji. If such monster spawns everywhere, even Iwato will have to prepare for death.

「The current information is a footage found in the digital world by that woman. It’s the footage of the wall being destroyed and Unknowns entering. There’s nothing else. Who did it? What is their objective? How did they even do it? We know nothing of it」

And also.
Tomomi was going to continue, but–the next moment, she was surprised when she heard girls screaming from Iwato’s class.

「Unknown……no, it’s unlikely」

Both of them start running.
Within a few seconds, the two entered the class and what they saw was a silver haired girl lying on the ground–the figure of Sumikawa Ayame.

「A-Ayame…… K-Karen, what hap–」
「I-I don’t know! A-Ayame-chan suddenly turn pale, and then she fall like that–」
「I-I’ll call the ambulance now! Don’t move her–」

Karen and Eita raise their voice.
Among them, Tomomi frowns and says this to Iwato who’s looking at Ayame dumbfoundedly.

「–The succession of sudden death of high ranked superpower users. Sorry, Iwato. This time, I will need you to move」

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