World Record Chapter 126

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126. Unwavering Hatred

「Aaaaaaaaah–! What is this!?」

Nakajima Tomomi shouts.

「Don’t ask me! Isn’t it your comrade’s fault!?」
「Like I know! Who the hell is doing such an idiotic thing!?」

Kuroku Mikoto replies, and Tomomi shouts back.
Matsubara and Tsukie were next to them, but there was no strained atmosphere between them.

「Whoooooooo–! Is the one who’s destroying the building without thinking of the other–!!」

Currently, the four of them are escaping.
Behind them is the crumbling ceiling.
A while ago, a shock wave that shook the building (shock wave from the battle between Iwato and the Digital Ruler) ran through, and after that, a huge beam (strike of the holy sword) pierced the building, and the building started to crumble.
There is no time to fight each other anymore.

「Hey, you bastards! Don’t you have an escape path! Something like a secret passage」
「The hell I know! It’s not been long since we came to this base! In addition, even if there is, no one thought that the Six Demon Spears base will be destroyed!」
「Fuhahaha! Originally, I will charge to the rubbles with my muscles, but my stamina……or rather, my muscles are exhausted. Even being buried alive is tough for me! If I can’t breath, my muscles won’t shine!」
「Enough! Don’t argue and please think of a way to escape!」

Tsukie shouts and Tomomi clenches her teeth.
Behind her is the crumbling Six Demon Spears base, and when thinking about her little brother who might still be fighting in there, she frowns.

「Don’t die……!」

–The story is already approaching to the end.  



A voice distorted in hatred resounds.
At the same time, the girl’s body which is lying down, is covered in white flame, and burns away Akuma’s wolf familiar which was pinning her down.
The heat is exactly like the Gods.
The holy flame called as Divine Flame.
Even so, it is polluted by hatred.

「Won’t forgive me? I don’t care. I don’t live for the sake of being forgiven by someone. Let alone, being forgiven by an Unknown!」

Waruno Akuma laughs loudly.
The number three of the Six Demon Spears, and also the man who possesses the superpower 『Dark King』 which is the opposite of Esashi Sana’s 『Braver』. In the 『diversity』 of the abilities, it is surely superior than the Digital Ruler, and it can surely match a 『World Recorder』.
A large vibration pierces the surroundings.
They are currently at the prison located at the top floor of the base.
When the building slants greatly, the Shutendouji’s daughter melts the floor to fix her footing while Akuma flies with the devil wings from his back.

「Now then, the Digital Ruler told me to not do anything to you, but that woman looks to be having a hard fight. Thanks to your friends……the surveillance disappeared」

The Digital Ruler stopped monitoring temporarily in order to fight Iwato.
Akuma didn’t miss that opportunity.
Even if his personality and character are like a corrupted lunatic, his power is a real deal.

「I will destroy anything that I don’t like. You better prepare to die」

The Shutendouji’s daughter glares at him while covering herself with flame.
In her eyes, there is an unwavering hatred.  


It feels like running in the dark.
I can’t see anything.
But only my heart hurts. It’s so sad.
So empty as if there’s a hole in my heart.
It hurts.

『Hey, □□□. I don’t particularly want to get along with humans. There are too many blood splashes in order to get along with them. Therefore, I want to create a peaceful world where no one gets along with each other while also not fighting each other』

That person in my memory said such thing before.
I don’t understand because I was a child, but that person’s eyes were very strong and cool. When I looked at that eyes, I also hoped that such dream would come true.

『Good grief, how stubborn. Even if the appearance differs, there are many Unknowns that aim for mutual understanding. To attack them without considering anything……Humans are really insane. Especially the white haired boy called 【Death God】……that man killed us without having a feeling at all. ……That boy is clearly crazy』

I recall the person’s words.
I don’t know why, but I somehow like that figure of the person trying to think of a plan desperately.
I can’t say that the person is cool by no means, but I like the desperateness and earnestness.
It was the best boast of this little me.

–Yes. It was.


I raise my voice from the bottom of my stomach, and create flame.
The Divine Flame inherited from my father.
The SSS rank superpower which is the top class of all superpowers. That is my……no, our 『Divine Flame』.
In addition, I also have the power as an Unknown.


I’m a humanoid Unknown.
I still can’t transform wholly, but still, I can transform parts of my body. I change my arms and legs into the Onis, and accelerates.
In front of me is the man who’s laughing frivolously–

「Good grief, like that speed will work」

Along with the voice, the space distorts and chains comes out from it.
I evaporate all the chains, and approach the man without slowing down. But.

「Unknown, too slow」

Suddenly, a shock runs through my whole body.
When I realized it, my body slammed on to prison wall and I noticed that my stomach was punched.

「Ga, aa……」
「Difference in stamina. Difference in superpower. Difference in Battle Rank. Difference in strength……Difference in ability. No matter how much you enhance, a small fry will always be a small fry. A fly will always be a fly. You can never win against this Demon King」

The man’s voice can be heard from the top.
When I jump back quickly to dodge him, an axe kick falls to the place where I was.
I try to counter him immediately, but immediately following, he summons countless of familiars, stopping me from getting close to him.


I swing my arm and release the flame.
The countless familiars that approached me, are burned away.

「Shutting your sight against a stronger opponent……A small fry is always stupid」

A shock pierces my body from the back.
When I look, I was kicked by the man from behind, and I somehow adjust my posture while glaring at him.

「Ah? What’s with that rebellious eyes?」

The man speaks without concealing his displeasure.
As if a child.
I suppress my heart forcibly and laugh scornfully, but……even if it’s a fake, I can’t 『laugh』.

「Shut up, I will……kill you」
「Ha, kill? You? Kill who?」

Taking on his taunt, I approach him.
I know that he’s not letting me coming close to him. That’s why, I take the initiative and unleash the flame at him.

「『Flame Cannon of Divine Dragon (Dragreshia)』!」

The white flame overflowing from my palm.
It becomes a beam and approaches him. As if fearing the power of the flame, he dodges my attack for the first time.
–And I shorten the distance at that chance.


Cladding flames to the Oni’s hand, I swing my claws mercilessly.
It gets suck into his neck……the next moment, upon seeing his body dispersing, I opened my eyes to the limit.

「How stupid. Do you really think I will fight directly against a small fry?」

His body that becomes mist in front of me.
Suddenly such words pass my mind.
But since when? Does he have such power?
While many speculations flying about in my head, I jump back in accordance to my intuition, and at the same time, a black sword grazes the tip of my nose.

「Tch……dodged again. How troublesome」

Along with the voice, the space distorts.
The man faintly appears from the space, and he activates the summoning magic. My face almost twitches due to his almighty ability.
But I think I didn’t show it in my expression.
I have confidence that it didn’t show up.
My body is burning in hatred to that extent.
I’m boiling in hatred to the extent that I won’t waver by something like fear.

「I will……absolutely kill you」
「……Ah, I can understand those eyes when facing the person who killed your father, but……I can’t believe that your that weak. Hey, Shuten’s brat」

The one who killed my father.
I know it’s not him.
The one who killed my father is that man.
That white haired man, the King of Black Coffin killed my father.
I won’t doubt that reality. I don’t have the time to doubt it.
But if this guy is the one who created the cause.
If this guy is the one who kidnapped me, wounded my father, and lead my father to the King of Black Coffin.

「Shut up…I will kill you」

Even if I need to use this life.
I will kill you–with my body and soul.

This hatred will never waver.

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