World Record Chapter 125

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125. No matter how many times

–I am quite scared of dying.
Although I have gotten used to it, I can’t get used to it completely.
I am scared to die to that extent.
My limbs that become cold.
Pain gradually fade away.
Closing my eyes, the light disappears from my sight.
Without any sense at all–what’s left behind is

『–Hero of Justice』

Only that word.
With that alone, my 『whole life』 is enough.


The man’s voice resounds.
When I raise my face, I can see the white haired man gazing at me in surprise–if I am not mistaken, he is called as Saikyou Rinji. I am not interested, but that person is here.

「R-Recovery ability……? N-No, there’s no way you have it! Such, such power–」
「Unfortunately, it’s not a recovery–this is 【reincarnation】」

My superpower–『Braver』.
The strongest power included in it.
That’s this 【Divine Protection of the Church】.
In a game, the hero will revive in the church every time.
Even if he is on the verge of dying, even if he received a powerful abnormal status.
If he goes to the church, any wounds and abnormal statuses can be healed.

Even if the abnormal status is 『death』.

「And, one more thing」

I smile and grasp my sword.
–The next moment, a strong power overflows from the depths of my body.
Another ability of the 『Braver』–【Adversity Awakening】.
An ability which rapidly grow myself surpassing the limit when facing an overwhelming adversity.
It is a ridiculous ability as if representing the hero protagonist’s cheat, but this power and the mentioned 【Divine Protection of the Church】. These two have an outstanding compatibility.

「Because there’s no other adversity better than death」

That’s why, the current me is way stronger than before.
Battle Rank wise……maybe 10~20 higher than before.
Well, the opponent in front of me is strong after all. It might be pointless even if my Battle Rank raised about 10~20. I might still not be able to win.
In this 【life】, I might not be able to win.

「Now, Criminal-kun. How many times do you want to kill me?」

–No matter how many times.
I will die as many times as I like until I can win.
The heart will break when a person dies multiple times. An ordinary person will sure go crazy.
But sorry. I am broken since long ago.
There’s no way to break me even further.
That’s why.

Name: Esashi Sana
Job: Special Forces Top Leader
Battle Rank: 167
Superpower: Braver [error]

Taijutsu: SS

「Be prepared. From here on, it will get muddy」

I run with my sword in my hand.
In order to burn this one life until the end.


An overwhelming intimidation surges, and two figures slides the air.


Sword and fist tear the air.
The wind pressure destroys the space in tatters, the after-effect spreads to the whole building.
Even so, the two don’t mind about such thing.
There is only one feeling in both of their minds.

「–You’re in the way……I’ll crush you!」
「–Justice will be carried out! I’ll kill you」

Overflowing the space is the dense killing intent.
Kill the opponent.
Not just killing normally.
–Pulverize the opponent with overwhelming strength.
A thorough victory. An absolute murder.
There is nothing more than that.
What they wish is–only the opponent’s 『death』.


Rinji’s fist raises a roar.
Sana cuts in with her sword, but the impact transmitted from the sword, can be felt in her hand.
She frowns instinctively–the next moment, he kicks up her chin.

「Revive……huh! I see, interesting! It’s only appropriate that that 『resurrection』 of yours has some kind of demerit or a compensation, and exhaustion! Very well, Pantheon. Let’s have a muddy war of attrition!」

Blood is spat out.
Sana who spat out blood from her mouth, glares at Rinji with blank eyes.
And–she grasps her sword.

「–Full release, 【Holy Sword】!」

Suddenly, the sword she is holding, shines.
That is also one of her abilities.
Earnestly enhancing the sword she holds.
The more she enhance, the more exhausted she gets–

(I’m dying after all, so it doesn’t matter!)

She smiles with a face distorted in madness.
A full release with burning out resolution.
Right now, her sword is a genuine holy sword that can cut through everything.
Facing the divine sword like the ones from myths and legends, Rinji feels fear for the first time as he takes a distance without letting his guard down.
On the other hand, she places the holy sword on her shoulder, and smiles broadly.

「Now, let’s die together」

–And the light flickers.
What attacked him along with the roaring sound is light ray.
The beam of light unleashed from the holy sword that was swung down.
Countless beams of light combined into one, and filled his sight–facing that, Rinji smiles.

「Good, I can feel death」

Defending with both his arms, the beam of light swallowed him.
That is the violence of justice that burns everything to nothing.
Even so, Rinji who appeared from the light, stands there calmly–despite sustaining burn marks and smoke coming out from his body.

「But it’s still weak」

Sana opened her eyes wide upon seeing that–and the next moment, the rubble he kicked, hit her face.
A thick sound echoes, and she who stumbled forward, wipes her blood-stained eyes with her hand……immediately following, a knee strike draw near to her face, and she moves to dodge it. But.

「I won’t let you. Die」

Holding her head with both arms–the hit landed.
His knee pierces deeply into her face, and the sound of a person dying can be heard.
–And reincarnate.
Dazzling light envelops her body, and her flesh restores.

「–No, matter how many times」

Light returns to her eyes.
An intimidation superior than her previous one is unleashed, and Rinji who is showered with it, launches his fist.
Just like the one before, she receives it with her sword.
But she is clearly more 『harder』 than before.
Her power didn’t change–or rather, as her condition rises, her power should also increase. And yet, compared to before, composure can be seen from her. The swung fist didn’t move forward like before. The recoil from the fist is greater.
–She’s stronger than before.

「Good. You’re interesting」

I smile, and incline my head.
Suddenly, the holy sword passes through the place where my face was, and a red scar is carved on my cheek.
The first wound from another person other than the King of Black Coffin, Iwato.
Facing that, I open my eyes a little–and distort my face in ferocity.

「Interesting, Pantheon!」

Clenching his fist, he thrusts it to Sana’s face.
That is a blow of speed instead of power.
Even so, the blow from Rinji’s body is always 『deadly』. Once a person suffer from the blow, the victory has already been decided.
Therefore, Sana–didn’t even try to dodge the jab.

「Shut up. And just die」

She received the fist with her face.
Her face crushes instantly, and she dies.
And, revives.
No matter how many times. Every time.
In order to win.
In order to carry out justice.

「I will revive as many times as I like」

There is no demerit in it at all.
She revives without paying any compensation at all.
She revives–with a new power in her body.


A suicidal charge.
Upon seeing the unexpected attack, he opens his eyes wide–and the next moment, the holy sword cuts his body diagonally.
Although he jumped back immediately, he couldn’t dodge it completely.
Fresh blood splashes from the big wound, and upon feeling the burning pain, Rinji clenches his fist while frowning.
And, he swings his fist.

「……! Y-You, ……!」

Due to the fear he is feeling for the first time.
This woman will not die.
Even if she dies, she will keep on reviving.
She’s no hero.
She’s an immortal zombie.
–All of my resistance was useless.
I feared the figure that says my lost, my death has already been decided.
Therefore, he clenched his fist seriously.

「–Die! 『God Destroying Fist (The Deadly)』!」

That is the worst fist that destroys everything.
The fist swung with full power.
The power of the fist easily surpasses his Battle Rank, and what awaits her is–only 『death』.
But still.

「……Hi, ii!?」

–She revives no matter how many times she dies.
In front of him is her figure standing there with the usual smile despite having a hole on her body. While leaking blood from her mouth, she laughs in madness while entrusting her body to the resurrection.

「That really hurts. It’s since Iwato-kun that I have to die 3 times against the same opponent」

Upon hearing that, Saikyou Rinji felt fear.
–And when he realized it, his right hand disappeared.
Opening his eyes wide in pain, before he can scream, his left arm disappears.
Next is his right leg. Then, his left leg–

「Say, do you remember what you said at first?」

When I realized it, I’m already on the ground.
My right arm, my left arm.
My right leg, my left leg. I can’t find them.
Opening my eyes wide to this incomprehensible situation, I look around.
And–I found it.

「Y-You, ……」

Pantheon, laughing in madness.
The thing she is holding in her left hand is……surely one of his arm.
Other than that, his left arm and both legs are rolling on the ground at her feet. The figure of laughing while holding a blood dripping right arm is–just like a Demon Lord.

「『–It’s decided. I’ll kill you first』」

Hearing that, a scream leaks from my throat.
The words that I heard before.
I remembered–or rather, I just recalled it.

「You said it, right? That you will kill me first」
「T-That, is……」
「It won’t change. I don’t plan of changing it. You will kill. You will be killed. You will be killed thoroughly」

Those eyes were distorted in madness.

「It’s often the case that a scene like the bad guy appears later after you thought that he was killed. I won’t do something like that. What I will do is kill. Pulverize until he really dies. That’s why, you don’t have to worry」

Then, she shows a broad smile.
That is badly refreshing–and inevitably cruel.
Above all, it was filled with madness.

「Now, I will take place of God to punish you」

The dazzling holy sword is swung down.
To the extent that the Demon Lord name is suitable for her–his life was reaped without hesitation.

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