World Record Chapter 124

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124. At the End of Insanity

I still remember that scene very well.
I started to go mad.
The scene when the gears started to go mad.

「Haa, Hahaa! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!」

A loud laughter resounds.
As if piercing my earlobes.
Loudly and noisily.
The voice that could make me go crazy.




「N-No way……!」

Esashi Sana shouted.
One of the World Recorders.
As one of the world’s strongest, the man in front of her was too strong.


A fist draws near to her, and she quickly blocks it with her sword.
A roaring sound resounded.
Unable to withstand the power, she was blown away greatly.

「No way……Iwato-kun, you seriously beat this guy……?」

This man lost to Iwato.
Therefore, I thought he’s some kind of a small fry with unknown abilities.
I underestimated him to such extent.
But I forgotten about it.

–When facing Iwato, almost everything will turn into small fries.

That’s a simple and absolute fact.

「–I won’t be careless anymore. I will crush you with all my power」

The criminal organization, Six Demon Spears.
The Second Spear.
Judging from pure physical ability, this person is surely the world’s strongest.
Even surpassing the current Iwato.
An absolute king of physical.


「Sorry, but become my food obediently, Pantheon」


Name: Saikyou Rinji
Battle Rank: 185
Superpower: Limit Break [SSS]
Taijutsu: EX

–This man is understatedly the strongest.
But only if you exclude the handful of irregularities.




I’m feeling a premonition of death.
She feels such feeling tickling her nape and she thinks.
After all, this organization is full of this kind of monsters.
Thinking that, she couldn’t help but to grasp her sword tightly.
But her mind is shouting.
Shouting “Run from the fear”.
Above all, its telling her to destroy the evil.

「–Evil will be destroyed」
「Ridiculous. You know the power of both sides, and you still want to fight? How foolish」

Rinji clenches his fists.
Sana breathes out greatly, and prepares her sword.
–And her figure blurred greatly.


A silver line tearing the empty space.
It heads to Rinji’s neck as if being sucked to it–however, it was dodged by Rinji who tilted his head just before.

「Fast–but I can see you」

A fist assaults her immediately after.
But it is a powerless fist.
However, there is 『violence』 filled in the fist, and Sana who dodged it barely, received a red scar on her cheek.
–Clearly stronger than Iwato.
Because she has never fought a great taijutsu user than him, she was a little puzzled.
Whether she can really win or not.
It might be faster to run away once, and call Iwato.
Such hesitation slows her movement–and Rinji didn’t overlook that moment.


A hard fist hits her solar plexus.
Then, she felt a feeling as if lightning running through her body.
Due to the impact and pain, she raised a scream and fell to the ground.

「Ga, ha……aa」
「Ho, still conscious, huh」

He was surprised that she is still alive after taking that hit.
But he was even surprised that she is still conscious.
Upon hearing the words with such nuance, she groans.
–The difference in power is too much.
Her current Battle Rank is about 150.
Even so, it is still enough to say that she is strong.
But the opponent this time is too bad.

(I, can’t win……)

Give up, her heart whispers.
Run, her mind mutters.
Accept your loss, her body groans.
Beg for forgiveness, her fear arouses.
Her body trembles and screams by the fear of death.




「……Don’t get irritated」

Rinji’s right leg kicks her face up.
Blood splashes, and towards the powerless girl–

「–Sure-kill 『Gatling』」

Countless fists assault her and unpleasant sounds resound.
That is the sound of breaking bones.
The footsteps of the Death God getting closer to her.

She is no longer screaming.
The girl who had her all her bones broken in an instant, lied on the ground powerlessly while spilling blood from her mouth.
–On the verge of dying.
A serious wound to the extent that she would die just by leaving her there.
Despite that.


Rinji groaned upon seeing her eyes.
Her eyes were not dead yet.
The eyes thinking only about victory.
–No, the insane eyes of only exercising justice.


He couldn’t understand.
There is this much of difference in power.
Even so, her eyes didn’t doubt of her victory yet.
While carrying a serious wound, the intimidation has not weaken yet.

「Gohaa, kehoo……Hey you」

Hearing the voice, he opened his eyes wide.
When looking at her, there is steam coming out from her body, and a while ago, she couldn’t even talk at all, but now she is talking while coughing.
Where does she has such power–
Rinji steps back upon seeing her.
……Step back?


He was surprised by his own movement.
Why did I step back in front of this woman?
Why am I being overpowered–by this dying woman?

「Do you, know?」

While smiling, she gazes at him.
With the eyes filled with insanity.


「A hero will revive every time. At the church」


She bragged with an insane look.




I still remember that scene very well.
I started to go mad.
The scene when the gears started to go mad.

「Haa, Hahaa! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!」

A loud laughter resounds.
As if piercing my earlobes.
Loudly and noisily.
The voice that could make me go crazy.

「Die! Die! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hey, just die! Die! Die die die die die dieeeeeeeeeee! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhha!」

That was insanity.
The height of madness that’s carried out in front of me.

「……Okaa, san?」

My mother’s corpse was right in front of me.
My father’s corpse didn’t retain its original form.

『Sana, you are a good girl. You are always lively and kind. Above all, you are cute』
『Yup! Sana is our proud daughter! She might even become a hero of justice who saves people with that smile!』

The voice of my mother and father resurrect.
And blood splashed to my face.


The man turns towards me.
But he didn’t have any interest at me.
Good girl.
–Hero of justice.
Only that word circled in my head.
I ran earnestly.


A person’s question leaked.
Why did this person do such thing?
Why this person killed Otou-san and Okaa-san?
How can I talk one more time with Okaa-san?
How can I see Otou-san’s smile one more time?
How? Why?
Why? How?
Wh, yyy?
Why why?





「–Hero of justice」


Ah, I see.
In the thoughts of becoming insane.
Found the one and only answer.


「–Evil must be crushed」


Evil is evil.
They are bad.
That’s why, they are called as evil.
There’s no need to show mercy at all.
Because they are evil.
I need to kill them.
I need to crush them.

「Aaaah? Then, you need to die」

The man killed me.
Beating my head, stabbing my stomach with a knife.
My spinal fluid scattered.
My large intestine was pulled out.
My eyes were stabbed by the knife.


–I killed the man.


At that time, I was 8.
I was killed for the first time.
And I killed for the first time.




Somehow, I trembled.
I felt the insanity.
Or rather, I don’t know what, but I became scared.


Turning behind, I mutter that instinctively.
I only know of one person who can unleash this kind of ominous presence.
A hero of justice, and yet the worst lunatic.
With a broad smile.
With the lively speech and conduct and kindness.
She’s supported by the people as the hero of justice.

–She will pulverize those who are regarded as evil.

Without even leaving a piece of flesh.
Burning them to nothing.
Pulverizing them.
Cut them.
Killing them by using every possible cruelty.
She just crushes.

「……Who’s the idiot who killed her?」

For her to 『be killed』……who is it?
The first one I think of is the Digital Ruler.
She should be able to kill Sana-san. After all, she’s strong.
But she probably knows about it.
About the most dangerous ability among Sana-san’s abilities.
That’s why, she ran away.
Because she knows that victory is to avoid the worst move.
That’s why, it’s not her. Then–

「……The unknown Mob D who I beat up on the way」

Right, the white haired guy.
I remember him because he’s strangely fast.
……Well, if it’s that guy, he might even win.
After all, he has white hair, and in taijutsu, he seems to be stronger than me.
But how should I say it–You have my condolences.

「Hey, you, that person resurrects, you know–no matter how many times you kill her」

Carrying a new 『power』 and resurrects.
That’s why, I won’t fight her.


–The only person who can surpass me.

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