World Record Chapter 120

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120. Desperate Situation


Since I was small, I am not very good at hanging out with people.
Because I couldn’t hit it off with other people.
Probably because of my good looks since my childhood, no matter how I want to be alone, people would approach me naturally.
My classmates, my teachers.
They approached me mysteriously……well, I didn’t think anything about it at all. Rather, I felt it was troublesome.


Even though I may be like this, I am considerably smart in the past.
A woman gifted with both intelligence and beauty. You can say that upon seeing me, but I am quite pessimistic. In any case, I don’t think it’s anything good.
After all, I somehow know what kind of feelings the people who approached me.

『If this girl is by my side, my position can–』
『She’s cheeky, but she’s cute. As long as I get along with her–』
『Smart and beautiful. If I get along with her now–』
『It’s bad to be hostile to the girl who’s popular to everyone–』
『If things go well, I might be able to date her–』

……It’s impossible for me to grow up normally.
I rejected all of them.
I don’t want it. I don’t know about such thing. Just go away.
It was quite interesting when everyone in the class froze the moment I said that. Well, the next day, bullying started, though.
Anyhow, I had no interest in bullying.
Even when my desk was scribbled, the mastermind would just laughed at me normally saying 『Eh, you’re being bullied (lol)?』. I will just punch those who try to meddle me during the lesson the moment the teacher looks at the blackboard. When my hallway slippers were meddled, I just use the visitor’s slippers normally. Rather, the visitor’s slippers were basically like my hallway slippers.
But I was probably a little immature at that time.
I don’t know why, but I punched an annoying perfume guy on his face who came to say 「Hey, you. Be my woman」. And apparently, that guy was the son of a Diet member.
Everything I have done was exposed, and I was brought down along with the bullies. Even the police got involved with it.

–And so, it’s probably a coincidence.


「……Oh, you look strong. I wonder what’s your superpower」


At that day and time.
I met the Minister of Defense for the first time.





Tomomi and Mikoto’s voice resounded.
The two of them look at the broken and crumbling ceiling in surprise, and they raise their voices upon seeing a muscle and woman falling from there.

「Wait, what are you doing, Tsukie-san!?」

While saying that, the two jump back from the spot, and at the same time, countless rubbles and a mass of muscle crashes to the spot where the two were. Tsukie who fell similarly, uses the shadow to kill the momentum, and she quickly landed beside Tomomi.

「……Well. That muscle guy is quite amazing. Tomomi, he’s upwardly compatible with your superpower」
「……No, that guy’s superpower is a power that makes him bulked, right? I don’t want such guy……」

Turning around while saying that, there is the figure of Matsubara appearing from the rubbles–

「Nnnnnnnn, Muscleeeeee! Fuhahaha, this proves that I won’t die even after falling from 4 floors and being smashed by the rubbles! As expected of my muscles! Something like rubbles can never break through my muscles!」
「……Did that guy hit his head?」

Tomomi muttered that upon seeing his actions.
Tomomi unintentionally felt worried of Matsubara who might have lost 3 screws of his head, but muttering softly from her back.

「……That’s how he is. That muscle」

Hearing Tsukie’s voice, her face distorts.
Mikoto who sees her comrade’s shameful sight from the back, stays expressionless, but her cheeks are slightly reddish, and her shoulders are slightly shaking.

「……You have it rough」

Upon hearing Tomomi’s words, Mikoto turns her face away in shame.
Tomomi almost felt sympathy to her, but–the next moment, she quickly jumped back upon feeling the mass of killing intent.


The mass of muscles attacked where she was.
–A shoulder tackle.
He charged accurately at the space where Tomomi was, and Tsukie who dodged at the same time as her, leaked a sigh.

「……Tomomi, I will say this just in case. That muscle is strong」

Name: Matsubara Makoto
Battle Rank: 60
Superpower: Matchless Muscles[SS]

Taijutsu: SSS

「Fuhahaha! I thought you had your guard down, but that reaction speed! I see. The strongest A rank member and the Minister of Defense are not just for show!」

Matsubara shouts.
Battle Rank 60.
The Battle Rank surpassing low ranked Sacred Beast class.
In addition to that, his taijutsu has the highest rank, 【SSS】.
That means he is equal to Iwato, the 『King of Black Coffin』 at present time, and he has the defensive ability greatly better than Iwato. By the ridiculous Battle Rank that can’t be relied on, the two leaked a sigh.
–And, another one.

「……It is greatly unpleasant to fight together with that muscle, but there is no other way to kill that woman. With all my power–I will crush you」

The next moment, Mikoto vanishes suddenly–and by the time Tomomi realizes it, she has already appeared in front of Tomomi.
That is the legendary way of walking that can only be used by skilled ones who trains a lot–『Shukuchihou』.
Tomomi opened her eyes wide upon seeing a 『real Shukuchi』 for the first time in her life–the next moment, she was blown away by the mass of shadow that overflowed from the side.
She escaped from Mikoto’s Raikirimaru, but

「Y-You gotta be kidding, right!?」

Tomomi shouted upon seeing the shadow that was cut off easily.
The 『shadow』 manipulated by Tsukie is an all-purpose tool capable of transforming into a light weighted and strong weapon or shield that is harder than steel.
Therefore, the two of them sensed for the first time upon seeing Mikoto cutting it like paper.

Name: Kuroku Mikoto
Battle Rank: 65
Superpower: Mind’s Eye[SS]

Taijutsu: S

–This woman is stronger than Matsubara.

「Well, let me teach you that it is useless even if you know that. My superpower is 『Mind’s Eye』. The mind’s eye that can see through any weaknesses of all creation. Therefore, my attack becomes a deadly hit」
「You……! Half of what you’re saying is like a chuunibyou. What a ridiculous power!」

In addition, the troublesome one is her technique.
The experience as a swordswoman and the technique obtained by all the trainings up until now. It is immeasurable with Battle Rank. That for sure, is more superior than Tomomi–

(Dammit…… If it’s not this katana that Iwato made–【Mumei】, then I would have die the moment our swords clash)

She took the katana after gaining the power.
Or she was blessed with such superpower and she took the katana.
Either way–it matches perfectly.
Although it’s plain, she has an overwhelming compatibility of abilities. That can easily show a strength surpassing her Battle Rank.

「Let me see, muscle」
「You pick a fight against the Six Demon Spears. So I hope you came with a suitable resolution」

Muscle on the right, Swordswoman on the left.
Facing them, Tomomi and Tsukie who lean on to each others back, felt the tension.
At this point in time, Tomomi and Tsukie lose greatly in Battle Rank to them.
Furthermore, the opponents have the power exceeding their Battle Rank.

「This is……Un」

Tsukie mutters softly.
As if replying to her words, Tomomi breathes out greatly.
Feeling the body temperature of Tsukie from her back.
Feeling the heartbeat from the back, she smiles.
For some reason, she recalls the moment she met her.
Her pessimistic self and while being driven by the hatred towards Unknowns, she at that time, found her happiness.
And the meeting with the young him.


「Ah, this is the thing called desperate situation」


While recalling it, she smiled.

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