World Record Chapter 119

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119. Muscles & Swordsmen

The muscles draw near to me.
–A charge.
A muscle charge with no twist on it.
It is not laughable because the power is too much. While feeling the sweat running down her cheeks, Tsukie avoids the charge, and holds out her right hand as she uses her power.

「『Shadow Thorn』!」

Then, countless swords are summoned at the muscles–Matsubara’s feet. Those are the extreme hard stabbing attack created by the shadow. Matsubara was shocked by that, but the next moment, he turns his body in a circle and shouts loudly.


Japanese translation) 筋肉.
He shouts an incomprehensible word while swing both of his arms, and stares at Tsukie with a smile.
There is no wounds on his body at all, and the shadow swords that were should be hard, were all broken into half.

「Oh, what a nice sound of it! Calling muscles as if they are monsters, is in fact the greatest praise to muscles! Aren’t you a good guy?」

Somehow, fighting this man breaks my way.
Upon facing the muscle guy who just go with the mood on the spot, she twitches her face and gather the mana deep in her body.

「Now then. It is time to go serious. 『Hyakkiyakou』!」

Then, the shadow at her feet expands.
Thus, the one that manifest from the shadow is–evidently, a demon.
The fully black Oni……no, the Onis stream into the surface, and upon seeing that, Matsubara raised his eyebrows in surprise.

「……Muu, how strange」

Saying that, he raises his fist.
Lowering his balance, putting his strength into his legs to dash towards the crowd of Onis, and hearing only Tsukie’s voice resounding.

「Now. The Sixth Spear of the Six Demon Spears. Top leader, Matsubara Makoto. Charges, multiple……damage to property and attempted murder to the extent that it can’t be counted. In addition, you take part in more than two digits of murders or you planned the murder by yourself. A high grade criminal. The name of your superpower is–『Matchless Muscles』」

It might sound stupid, but the effect is terrific.
The superpower’s effect is simple and clear. Muscle enhancing.
The muscles swell up more than usual, the hardness, strength, and also ability evolves to an abberant level.
Only that, but an overwhelming power.
Facing that while being able to read all those facts indifferently, she–appeared behind him the next moment.

「–Therefore, I will execute you」

Words without any enthusiasm.
A chill ran through Matsubara’s back, and he quickly swings his fist to his back.
Seizing her body with great physical ability–the next moment, the body disperses into a thick fog.


Matsubara groans upon seeing that.
He received information from the Digital Ruler beforehand.
The information procured by the Digital Ruler is always the world’s forefront. No matter how important the stored data is, it is just like saying “Please come and look at it” as long as it is surrounded by machines.
For the Digital Ruler, it is possible to find out Iwato’s identity. She managed to deal with the attack of the King of Heroes (Pantheon) because she sensed it beforehand.

–But only this woman she didn’t know.

It was too diverse to call it as a superpower.
Summoning weapons by using shadow, and manipulating it.
In addition, the summoming of countless underlings from the shadow.
Furthermore, it even has the ability to make a clone.
Perhaps, an illusion……is her superpower a type that shows illusions?
Thinking that, Matsubara tries to run towards the Onis–


His spine froze when he found out that he can’t move his legs.
When he look downwards, there’s a pitch black swamp at his feet, and upon seeing himself sinking into the swamp, the word 『bottomless swamp』 came to his mind.
This……is this an illusion?
Thinking that, his instinct tells him that it is not an illusion, but a fully-fledged reality.
The killing intent that pierces his skin
is telling him the danger.
The survival instinct as a living thing is telling him.

–If I lose focus, I will probably die instantly.

「U, ooooooooooooooo!」

He shouts.
Raising his voice as if to subdue his fear.
Countless Onis approach him, and before he knew it, Tsukie’s figure has already disappeared from his sight. There is only a swamp at his feet–suddenly, when he look down at the ground, in short, the floor of this building, he laughed greatly.

「……Fumu! I don’t know, but for now! I will destroy anything I can!」

Thus, he swings his fists.
Upon seeing his action, Tsukie who disappeared, felt perplexed–and the next moment, she felt a bad feeling.


Before she could finish her word, Matsubara’s fist pierced the floor.

–Thus, the crack on the ground spread, and the floor collapsed.




Going back in time a little before the battle between Tsukie and Matsubara.
In the room at a few floors lower than their floor, 2 swordsmen face each other.
On one hand is Nakajima Tomomi with the superpower-cutting, unbreakable, normal katana, 『Mumei』.
And she is facing–

「–The Fifth Spear of the Six Demon Spears, Kuroku Mikoto. The legendary mercenary who practices tsujigiri. Killing every strong passerby regardless of Japan or abroad. So why is such legendary pleasure seeking person in this kind of organization?」

Facing her was another woman.
Dressed casually with black patterns, and the katana worn in her belt was the legendary famous sword, 『Raikirimaru』 that was said to be lost during the outbreak of Unknowns. The woman with a navy blue ponytail hair, is evidently a 『samurai』.
When she looks at Tomomi with sleepy eyes, she opens her mouth as if it is none of her concern,

「……What, this world is too narrow to test my skill. Ah, I want to test this human’s strength. If possible, I want to defeat the human and show them I’m the greater one. At the moment I think that, I manage to attack instantly, and even if I’m charged with a crime, there’s no place for me to run quickly」
「I see, I understand. So, you’re a trash, huh」

Upon hearing the frank remark, Mikoto became a little loss of word.
However, when she regains her calmness.

「Such taunt is useless. I would be troubled if you think that I’m a cheap woman who would get on to such cheap taunt」
「……Nn? In short, you want to fight strong people, but if you attack them, you would get caught by the police. Therefore, you entered this organization to prevent that, right? What’s that, isn’t that cheap?」
「……Needless retort. If you continue to fool around, then, I will turn your cranium into the rust of this 『Raikirimaru』」
「You say that, but isn’t it a serious matter if your katana rusted? Now that I hear it properly, isn’t your Japanese weird? Cranium into rust? Are you an idiot?」

「–I’ll kill you!」

The next moment, an overwhelming killing intent enveloped the area.
A silver flash runs through, and Raikirimaru approaches Tomomi.
When Tomomi look at the direction where she heard a spark, there is the ground gouged greatly by Raikirimaru. Upon seeing that, she opened her eyes wide in surprise.
And a comment.

「Ah, sorry. Even I felt that slightly. I can understand why you’re angry because I felt weird when saying that myse–」
「Shut up, you bitch!」

With veins appearing on her forehead, Mikoto slashes at Tomomi.
Against Tomomi who offsets the slash with an iai strike, Mikoto opens her mouth without concealing her anger.

「You just say whatever you like……! I am born in a distinguished family! My Japanese will never be wrong grammatically! Something like making a mistake is strange to be ridiculous!」
「Hey, 『strange to be ridiculous』. Why did you add “to be ridiculous” at the end? As I thought, you’re an idio–」
「Shut up!」

While saying that, she pushs aside Tomomi along with her katana with brute force, and glares at Tomomi.

「Y-You! You damn! Damn bitch! Treating me like a fool……! The one who make fun of others, is the foolish one! Didn’t your mother teach you that!? You fool! This is the first time I’m humiliated like this! Die, you fool!」

Tomomi bursts into laughter.
A sound of something breaking can be heard from Mikoto.
Her face is flushed in anger–

「E-Enough! I-I’ll kill you–」


The moment when she prepared her katana.
A large muscle tumbled down from the ceiling along with a strange shout.

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