World Record Chapter 118

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118. I’m a mother

Author Note: The past arc is entering the final stage.
After this arc ends, this novel is planned to end in about two more arcs, so it feels somewhat lonely.

「Hoo? Hoo hoo hoo!」

The muscle–or rather, Matsubara Makoto raised such a voice of admiration, glared at the woman glaring at him.

「Oh, Head of the Special Forces. You thought that we don’t know anything? You certainly did reject that girl, right? And in addition to that, you just threw your killing intent at her without listening to a word from her! You calling yourself a mother? Nuhahahahaha! Are you here to make me laugh!? My muscles are also laughing loudly by your words! Muscles and bones as if a supernova–」

Hyun, a sharp sound resounds.
Dodging the attack by moving his head, Matsubara smiles distortedly and continues speaking.

「Oh! Oh, Tsukie! What an easy to understand attack! As if a shota/loli without muscles! Now, I don’t understand why you came here, but saying that the reason of it is because of the kid, is highly ridiculous!」

Thus, he prepares his fists.
His eyes are blazing greatly, and his words are a little hard to understand, but it is very easy to understand that it varies.

「–Now, as a villain. Let’s punish the evil adult who’s trying to use a child, Muscle」

Hearing those words and seeing his figure, Tsukie instinctively smiles wryly.
I wonder why I look like an evil villain.
The opponent is a sinner who committed many crimes. Even if he line up many hypocrisies, it doesn’t redeem all of his sins, let alone, it can change into an insult towards 『justice』.
But there were no curiosity and anger.
Rather than that, I understood.

「–Well, right」

Muttering that, she prepares her weapon.
Glittering the dark grey dagger while Matsubara’s muscles pulsate slightly, she remembers the words she said to her own son.

『Unknowns are pests. They only know how to harm and give despair to humans. The extermination targets that know nothing but killing us. That’s what Unknowns are. No matter what kind of human form it takes, it’s different than a human–it’s just a monster』

She certainly said that.
That is an unregainable truth. In fact, when thinking that the young child is an Unknown, the trauma that was planted in her since her childhood, appears.
Blazing town, and her parents reaching out to her desperately.
Seeing her young self–and the large Unknown biting her parents lower half of body.
Even her young self was able to understand that the Unknown’s eyes were filled with 『joy』. The moment she saw that, she was convinced.

–Ah, these guys are 『enemies』.

Since then, her life was simple.
To say it in a word–revenge.
She built up strength in order to take revenge on the Unknown that killed her parents. She obtained power, and a firm position.
In order to subjugate countless Unknowns, she trained the Special Forces’ members. By revising the Special Forces’ system, many enemies were massacred. And she did every possible thing in order to find that monster one day.
For her, her purpose in life is to find that Unknown and kill it.

–It was like that.

「……Good grief, I lost my edge……」

While smiling wryly, she scratches her head.

『I order as the Special Forces’ supreme commandant. Kill the Unknown living in that house and Nagumo Iwato』

That were the words she said before.
In order to eliminate any instable risk factors, she tried to kill her own son.
That was the right choice as the Minister of Defense and the Special Force’s supreme commandant. To the extent that it won’t even be strange that she will be praised.
She thinks, “Why am I in this place?”.
Why I get married and gave birth to a child, but still clinging to this position?
Was the reason really 『for revenge』?
Thinking that, she laughs.

「–Such thing, there is no way it is like that」

Just like that, she recalls.
In the antiseptic smelly hospital.
The small baby grasping her hand tightly.
Drenched in sweats and gasping in pain. The moment she saw the child, her 『number one』 has been decided.
Thus, she opens her eyes.
In front of her is Matsubara preparing his fists, and after making sure that the figure is a reality, she shows a smile.

「I said already. I came here as a 『mother』」

Revenge, search, and extermination.
Certainly, those that became her roots, have not changed. Everything started from there. It doesn’t change the fact that she manage to go this far because of the death of her parents. However.
She was wrong.
She made a mistake at the most important part.
What reason is she alive for?
Not for the past, but it is for this moment.
She asks herself who is she living for.

–She immediately answers, 『for my son’s sake』.

「I forgotten the most important thing due to my anger. I did such a silly thing just for revenge……」

I am stupid
She smiles wryly.
Why did I make the Unknowns be cautious to that much?
For the people living in the town?
Thinking that, she–couldn’t give an answer immediately.
When she know that the Unknown appeared in the town and Iwato is close to the Unknown, her mind became blank instantly.
Flashbacking her trauma.
What if he experienced the same tragedy as me.
She couldn’t stop thinking about it, and she rushed out of her office. She was just worried of Iwato.

Why did I say such thing?
Since when have I been wrong?
What exactly I wanted to do?

Thinking that, she feels regret.
Did I worry about him so much that I became weird, or I was just confused by the hatred to Unknowns?
There are many excuses like that, but just by saying those, won’t repair the relationship with him.
However, still

「–But still, I’m a mother」

No matter how much he hates me or neglects me.
I’m still his mother.
Even if I’m not a good mother.

「Even if I’m not qualified to be one, I won’t brush away the child’s hand–again」

Those words, and figure.
Matsubara laughs greatly.

「Laughable, really laughable! It’s upright to be keen to not fail the second time! As expected of the head of the Special Forces, I guess! However, that first mistake is the end. Once you put it in words, there won’t be a second time. Your relationship will never recover!」
「……You may be right. I have no intention to appear in front of them with a mother look now after doing that much. But still–」

Thus, she smiles sharply.
The corner of her mouth rises, and the sharp glint in her eyes glitter.
She just thrust her won self-satisfaction.

「But, I don’t need any qualifications to think of saving them, right?」




「I see, there’s no point to talk」

Matsubara’s voice resounds–and the surroundings are enveloped by his intimidation.
The feeling of oppression accompanied by an overwhelming pressure.
Facing that, Tsukie starts to sweat while Matsubara’s muscles pulsate greatly as he lowers his balance.

「Well, I have never thought that the evil and justice can understand each other from the start. I amused myself by trying to chat with you, but since our opinions are different, there’s no chance we can come to an agreement. But when thinking carefully, the bad one is the Unknown who attacked your parents」
「……You investigated me. So the so-called 『justice』, what are you going to do? Are you going to arrest this bad mother who abused her son?」

Upon hearing that, Matsubara was shocked for a moment.
However, he starts to laugh 『Gahaha』 immediately, and sends a sharp glance at Tsukie.
His figure that was abusing her since a while ago, is not there–

「What are you saying? The 【evil】 one is me」

And he muttered that with a strange weight.

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