Wife is Outrageous 110

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110. There are tons of dull people!

She summoned up courage, and shouted: “Since you guys are so ugly, you must be demons from the demon sect! If you want to attack Purple Cloud Clan, why capture disciples who haven’t even entered the sect yet? Release them!”

As she said that, she surveyed the surroundings with her eyes.


The ones captured were all disciples whom have not entered the sect, and not a single official disciple could be seen.

Where’d Yun Zhongyue and Li Yu go?

Weren’t they suppose to be protecting them?

Could it be that they were no match for these demons, and ran away?

If even they couldn’t be these demons’ match, then she and Bai Li…

Qi Luoer’s heart sunk.

Bai Li’s face was a bit dark, as she faintly said: “Little Luoer, demon sect people don’t have to be ugly…”

Qi Luoer was stunned, then swept the six demon sect disciples a glance: “Not ugly? Hehe, at the very least these six before us are ugly beyond hope. I’d assume all the other demon sect people are all strangely shaped like them. Now that’s easy to recognize. So all demon sect people have such ugly faces…”

Bai Li’s mouth curled as she said: “Who said these six are people from the demon sect? How do we not know they’re someone else in disguise?!”

“Disguise? Who would be that dull?

This is the Purple Cloud Clan’s territory.

Anyone who was disguised as demon sect members were impatient for death!”

Qi Luoer casually refuted Bai Li’s words.

Bai Li laughed charmingly: “Dull? There are tons of dull people!”

She held her arms on her chest, with the appearance of watching a good show.

Qi Luoer naturally wasn’t in the mood to bicker with her.

Seeing the six devils before her, she said: “We’re all disciples who haven’t even entered Purple Cloud Clan. As members of the Demon Palace, wouldn’t you feel like you’ve lowered your status just to deal with us? I heard that your boss is called Yue something Wushang, and is also a person of character. Did he tell you guys to make things difficult for us? Are you not afraid of his punishment?”

Qi Luoer knew that she couldn’t defeat them, so she could only bluff, and see if she could find a lifeline.

If Li Yu and Yun Zhongyue weren’t here, that meant that they were getting reinforcements.

If she could delay things here, it’d be best to delay until reinforcements arrive.

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  1. Dayong says:

    Im giggling in my seat. Can’t want for the next chapter!
    Thanks for the chap!!!

  2. Setsuna says:

    Thank you very much and we love you!!

  3. haru98 says:

    Wonder what her reaction when there is a beautiful demon right beside her all this time XD

    Btw thanks for the chapter.

  4. lucialv says:

    oh, this situation seems to be like a part of the exam… Thanks a lot for update!

    • Som says:

      If she’s some sort of special forces ace, who can accept having been transported to another time/place/reality with reasonable aplomb, why can’t she use her brain? She’s got someone with her telling her these “demons” may not be demons at all, and her eyes can see that only the students, and none of the teachers, are in this place which did not previously exist…
      Was she raised to be a yes-man, an unthinking mechanical, who only reacts to the obvious, and never delves beneath the surface appearance of things to better understand? Is she so freaked out in fight or flight mode that she cannot make complex decisions?
      I think eventually I may like this story, but I hope the main character gets a clue soon.

      • Som says:

        “There are tons of dull people”

        right now, she’s one of them

        Still forgot to say thanks.
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