ENL – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – The Authority of Life Exterminators (2)

Shockingly, on Ji Fengyan’s revealed neck, there was a dark golden-coloured necklace.

That necklace was closely adhered to Ji Fengyan’s neck without the slightest bit of space between the two, almost as if it had naturally grown there. Attached to it was a small, egg-sized, silver-coloured pendant. A sparkling gem was inlayed at the centre of that pendant with obscure sigils spreading out from it to mark the entire pendant.

The pendant wasn’t beautiful, but the instant that it was revealed, it sent the entire crowd into an uproar!

Life Annihilation Armour!

Once everybody saw that pendant clearly, they all drew in a cold breath.

Amongst the different nations, the main battle strength that opposed the demons were the life exterminators who had Life Annihilation Armours. According to rumour, only those who had a life exterminator’s bloodline would be able to use a Life Annihilation Armour. It would be able to change into a small seal and once it was activated by a life exterminator’s blood, it would instantly transform into the powerful and mighty Life Annihilation Armour!

Wasn’t what Ji Fengyan wore on her neck the seal of a Life Annihilation Armour?!

At this moment, everybody understood.

Ji Fengyan was truly and actually Ji City’s city lord.

Every single life exterminator would have a city once they inherited their Life Annihilation Armour, and Ji City was the city that was granted to Ji Fengyan by His Majesty.

Once that was thought through, then what Lei Xu wanted to do and did became extremely obvious.

He had no desire to step down from the position of Ji City’s city lord, so he wanted to force Ji Fengyan to bow her head towards him and carry out the engagement between her and Lei Min, thus completely solidifying his grasp on Ji City.

Only it was a pity that Ji Fengyan wasn’t somebody he could just mess with as he pleased.

That treasured son of his would also never be able to enter her eyes as well.

Whether that engagement really did exist, was already unimportant to everybody there. What they really wanted to know, was how Ji Fengyan would deal with Lei Xu.

Even a life exterminator would have to ask for confirmation from His Majesty if they wanted to deal with a vice-city lord. Once they received a decree, then they would be able to finally act.

This was the last sliver of life that Lei Xu could grab on to.

However, just when everybody was still stunned by Ji Fengyan’s true status, when Liu Huo saw the Life Annihilation Armour seal on her neck, his eyes became slightly shocked. The eyes that he used to look at Ji Fengyan abruptly became clouded by a complicated expression, his pretty eyebrows unable to help but lightly furrow.

She was actually a life exterminator?

Lei Xu’s face twitched as he looked at Ji Fengyan, his sweat pouring down like rain water.

“Lei Xu, I know what you’re thinking. However, I’m very curious. If I don’t obey the rules and kill you right now, then would His Majesty take the head of a life exterminator like me for a shameless person like you or not?” She asked, her lips curling up dangerously.

Despair swallowed up Lei Xu’s heart at her words. How could a meagre and pathetic Ji City vice-city lord have the qualifications to be compared with a powerful and noble life exterminator?

This answer was already very obvious.

Lei Xu dejectedly sat on the ground, looking as if he had instantly aged more than ten years. The hand that was hugging Ji Fengyan’s calf also slackened.

A trace of a smile flashed in the depths of Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

Lei Xu abruptly thought of something and quickly opened his mouth, “Wait, wait, the Eldest P-“


Unfortunately, in the end, Lei Xu wasn’t able to finish speaking before Ji Fengyan’s hand had already lightly slid across his neck. In an instant, Lei Xu’s head was sent flying with a flick of her hands.

Warm-hot blood sprayed out from Lei Xu’s neck in all directions!

Blood being sprayed everywhere was also the final end of Lei Xu’s avaricious life.

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