ENL – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – This Young Master Will Make All of Your Accusations True! (5)

Zhou Ji’s eyes became bloodshot as he stared at his blood-soaked body. Bit by bit, the aura of death began to devour his entire soul.

He struggled to lift up his bloodied arm and reach towards Ji Fengyan, as if he wanted to grab onto something. However, the instant that he lifted up his arm, his entire body fell down onto the puddle of blood below him as he breathed his last breath.

Ji Fengyan looked down from above and lowered her eyes, retracting that cold light from their depths. When she gazed at Zhou Ji’s bloody corpse, her mind suddenly thought about the words that her ancestral master once said to both her and her master.

“Fengyan, this child, has a natural immortal bone, but her aura for carnage is too strong and will likely be enveloped by sin, making it extremely difficult for her to ascend to immortality. She still needs to consider and reflect, to control her murderous nature.”

Her lips raised in a smile, having an unexplainable feeling.

When Ji Fengyan once again raised her eyes, the coldness in their depths had silently dispersed and had been replaced with that playful and frivolous smile. She beamed as she watched the dogs that Lei Xu brought with him fall one by one, watched as those so-called noble family leaders ran away in panic, watched all of these scenes of blood-curdling screams and miserable moans.

Lei Xu’s face had turned deathly pale in the middle of this bloody massacre, while the horse that he was mounted also became frightened. With a neigh, it raised its body and directly flipped the dazed Lei Xu onto the ground.

His armoured body heavily slammed into the large puddle of blood, that bright and clean armour becoming stained with it.

Lei Xu tried to crawl up, but as he turned his head and saw those family leaders that had always supported and acted together with him fleeing off in all direction, his legs couldn’t help but tremble. He wanted nothing more than to escape from this Asura hell.


“Did I grant all of you permission to leave?” Ji Fengyan asked, her voice sounding like that of a devil’s whisper as it resounded in everybody’s ears.

Thread after thread of golden-coloured strings started to streak through the puddle of blood as they forcefully wrapped around the ankles of those family leaders and Lei Xu who wanted to flee. All of them were trapped in place by those faintly visible strings, and any who wanted to struggle out of them would have their ankles directly broken. Without both feet, those who had their ankles broken were only able to curl up on the ground as they howled in misery from the agonizing pain.

Lei Xu was scared now. He was truly scared.

He watched helplessly as a few family leaders tried to struggle and ended up with both their feet broken. After that, he didn’t dare to move even an inch as he stood stiffly in place while trembling.

At that moment, Lei Xu abruptly discovered that those hundred or so soldiers that he brought along with him had long since early on been almost completely slaughtered. Their sliced up corpses were scattered throughout that large puddle of blood on the ground, while the thick auras of blood and death mixed together to envelope all of the survivors hearts.

That thing… What was that thing?

Even in his dreams, Lei Xu would never have imagined that all of his meticulous plans and schemes would all be crushed into dust by Ji Fengyan right now.

All of those plots and schemes all seemed that pale and useless in front absolute power.

Faint footsteps sounded out from Lei Xu’s side. As he slightly turned his head, he unexpectedly saw Ji Fengyan leisurely walking towards him.

“Lady Ji, mercy! Please, Lady Ji, have mercy!” Those family leaders who had all been scared out of their wits collectively kneeled on the ground. They couldn’t care less about the sharp pain coming from their ankles as they all kneeled down to beg for mercy, only hoping that Ji Fengyan would spare their lives.

Ji Fengyan didn’t bother to look at those pleading family leaders, instead she slowly walked in front of Lei Xu as her lips still curled in that faint smile.

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