ENL – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 – This Young Master Will Make All of Your Accusations True! (3)

That face twisted with horrified astonishment was deeply imprinted into Lei Xu’s eyes.


The Ideal Gold Store’s manager’s hand was burned off by the intense flames, its blackened bones dropping onto the ground along with a few clusters of golden flames. Following that, his voice was forever silenced from this world.

There was nobody who could’ve saved him. In the end, he turned into a pile of burnt bones with that middle-aged man, stacked up in front of Lei Xu’s horse.

The aura of death spread throughout the air.

Outside of that dilapidated house, there was only the suffocating “scent of meat”.

After the overbearing and aggressive Zhou Ji personally witnessed all of this, the hairs on his entire body stood on end. Unconsciously, he turned to glance at Ji Fengyan. She was clearly a weak and dainty little young girl, but at this moment in his eyes, she was like a desolate evil spirit!

Zhou Ji quickly took a step back, almost unable to control the urge to run away from here.

Suddenly, Lei Xu returned to reality. There wasn’t the least bit of colour on his face, he was as pale as a sheet of paper.

He essentially couldn’t believe that all of this was done by Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan… was clearly the trash of the Ji Clan, how could she…

At this moment, a strong sense of uneasiness spread throughout Lei Xu’s body. As his peripheral vision swept through his surroundings, he abruptly found out that no matter whether it was those family leaders behind him or those soldiers of Ji City that he brought along, all of them couldn’t stop themselves from revealing their nervousness and fear at this time.

He couldn’t keep letting Ji Fengyan pull his nose along!

“Ji Fengyan, you actually dared to kill people in public!” Lei Xu bellowed, pointing his finger at her. The finger he pointed with was faintly trembling.

He must do something, otherwise… otherwise…

Ji Fengyan lifted up her chin as she looked at Lei Xu whose face had slightly changed. “Didn’t you say that I had failed to kill someone? Today, this Young Master will make that accusation true! So what if I killed him? Not only did I kill him, but I did it in front of your face too. What can you do about it, Lei Xu?”

“You’re too audacious! Y-you simply have no respect for the laws!” Lei Xu had been completely agitated by Ji Fengyan’s aggressive tone.

“And you’re qualified to talk about the law with me?” She lightly laughed, slightly a brow. “Speaking honestly, not to mention those two trash, even you and those lackeys of yours shouldn’t think about leaving this place alive today!”

That type of resolute domineeringness as the seemingly weak Ji Fengyan said such ruthless words shocked everybody at the scene.

Ling He and the other guards were completely flabbergasted as they watched their young lady’s petite back. Suddenly, they felt as if they were once again seeing that death god who stood in front of everybody as he sent all of his enemies into hell with two light sword strokes.

“JI FENGYAN, YOU DARE?!” Lei Xu glared at her as he clenched his teeth. He couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe that Ji Fengyan would actually be so arrogant.

Ji Fengyan lightly laughed, “You can see if I dare or not.”

After she finished speaking, she retrieved her hand from Yang Jian’s armour and crossed her arms over her chest. As those red lips slightly opened, they spoke words that would cause people’s blood to flow.

“Yang Jian.”


“Don’t leave even a single one.”


The instant that Yang Jian received his orders, his body abruptly disappeared from its original place. Fear filled Lei Xu’s heart as the cold shadows of death enveloped him at that moment. Unable to control his voice, he roared out in fright. “FIRE! KILL THEM ALL! ZHOU JI! QUICKLY KILL HER!”

Along with Lei Xu’s panicked roars, all of those dazed soldiers finally returned to reality. The fear of death made them all forget their cowardliness as they hurriedly reacted, quickly pulling and releasing their arrows, all for a chance at survival.

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