ENL – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – If Soldiers Come, Then the General Defends (1)

Ji Fengyan’s heart was firmer now than at any other time. She would protect this little fellow that she had almost killed when she lost control for as long as she could since she owed him a life!

Feeling a bit dazed as he watched her back, Liu Huo’s eyes slightly widened as they were filled with complicated emotions. The warmth on his wrist at this moment was so scalding that his entire body was feeling hot.

“Of course, when you’ve recovered enough, I’ll teach you a really strong cultivation method so that when anybody wants to bully you in the future, you can just beat them down,” she said, smiling. It didn’t matter whether she owed Liu Huo or something else, she felt that this kid was easy on her eyes, therefore even if the emperor came, she still wouldn’t let go.

Ji Fengyan’s nature was very carefree, but once she stuck up her horns, then even a horde of horses couldn’t pull her away.

Because of this, there were many times where she was beaten by her master in the previous world.

Liu Huo didn’t say anything else as followed silently behind Ji Fengyan. Lowering his eyes, he dispersed the emotions in their depths.

Once Ji Fengyan found Yang Jian, she immediately handed the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance over to him. As Yang Jian obeyed all of her orders without hesitation, he naturally took the weapon without a word and also changed into the golden-coloured scale armour that she had prepared for him.

After he had finished equipping everything, Yang Jian really did look a bit like the rumoured Pure Monarch Erlang while he held the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. Unfortunately, his eyes remained dull, missing that bit of dominance and sharpness.

After Little Bai Ze entered the room, it trembled as it curled up against Ji Fengyan’s leg, its pair of watery eyes looking in terror at the Howling Heaven Hound that was “yearning and pining for it”.

Even a normal wild beast had sharp instincts much less Bai Ze, whose intellect had been slowly improved by having been fed a constant diet of medicinal pills by Ji Fengyan. Therefore, when Bai Ze saw the eyes that the Howling Heaven Hound was giving it, Bai Ze was naturally frightened to the point where its soul almost left its body.

Perhaps having felt Bai Ze’s trembling, Ji Fengyan swept an eye over the Howling Heaven Hound. With incomparable speed, the Howling Heaven Hound changed the direction of its gaze, pretending to be relaxed as it used its claws to scratch its tail.

Obviously, just based on their actions from before, little Bai Ze’s intellect still couldn’t compare to the Howling Heaven Hound’s.

Just as Ji Fengyan was considering whether or not to increase the “medicinal strength” of the pills that she were giving to Bai Ze, a series of rushed footsteps suddenly echoed out from behind the door.

A panting, sweat-covered Zuo Nuo dashed over to the door. “My lady, not good! That pimped tramp Lei Xu has brought soldiers to surround the entrance of our residence!”

“Brought soldiers to surround the entrance of our residence?” She asked with slightly raised brows.

Originally, she had thought that he would have been more docile for a time after having suffered such a loss, but who knew that he would have started making trouble only after just a few days!

“Yes! And a lot of soldiers too, at least a hundred of them. The boss told me to inform you and see what my lady has in mind to deal with them,” Zuo Nuo said nervously.

“How to deal with them?” Ji Fengyan lightly smiled, “What are you being scared for? If soldiers come, then the general blocks, if water comes, then use the earth to guard! Come, let’s go meet them. I want to see just what trouble he can still stir up.”

After she had finished speaking, she took large strides as she headed towards the outside of the door.

Liu Huo naturally also followed along, even Yang Jian and the Howling Heaven Hound came over as well. Only, when Bai Ze was preparing to come out with them was it poked on the nose by Ji Fengyan and told, “You’re still small, so you won’t participate in these temporarily. Quickly grow up, little one.”

Little Bai Ze dazedly stood there, only understanding the general idea of her intent. One thought appeared in little Bai Ze’s hazy mind.

Really want to…

Quickly grow up.

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