ENL – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Extraordinary Ghost Control

When Ji Fengyan pushed open the firewood room’s door, she saw a pile of trash stacked together. There was a broken table, a half-rotten log of wood, and even some ragged bedding…

Ji Fengyan: “……”

She really shouldn’t have believed that Ling He and that group of burly men would actually have any capabilities at cleaning.

Lightly sighing, Ji Fengyan resigned herself to her fate and took out a stack of white paper that she carried on her. Quickly slicing out a few palm-sized paper figures with only her fingers, she then ripped away the bandage on that finger which was cut open on the mountainside. With a calm face, Ji Fengyan squeezed out a droplet of blood and tapped those paper figures with it on where the head would be.

A light toss soon after~

Those thin little paper figures swayed in the air for a moment before finally landing, and when they landed they directly stood up.

“Clean this place up. During that time also help be look for a few things.” She said towards those little paper figures which had been touched by blood, her arms crossed.

Those little paper figure immediately obeyed Ji Fengyan’s words and began to move.

Calmly sitting off to the side, she watched as those little paper figure busied themselves with their work.

Ghost Control Materialization. This was originally a daoist method for controlling ghost and also the art that many daoist partitioners were proficient in. At the start, Ji Fengyan even researched it for a time but after she was caught by her master, she was violently pummelled by him and directly forbidden from using any ghost manipulation arts.

Association with ghosts isn’t the domain of immortal cultivators.

Ji Fengyan didn’t known if that was true or not, but as respect for the deceased, she didn’t plan on going against the admonishment that her master had set down. However… ghost control really did make things a lot more convenient. The problem was that when one interacted with ghosts too much, their body would be infected with a ghastly aura that was a hinderance towards immortal ascension. Since that was the case, Ji Fengyan worked her brain and came up with a clever method. While she wouldn’t bind ghosts to those paper figures and command them to do her bidding, she could use her blood as the anchor and substitute those ghosts for her spirit energy, thus being able to temporarily control the movements of those little paper figures.

The downside was…

Ji Fengyan would usually be in a state of anaemia all year long.

While she had been lost in her thoughts for a moment, those little paper figures had just about finished with cleaning up the firewood room. Even the things that Ji Fengyan needed had already been found.

Meanwhile, the blood dots on their heads became dimmer and dimmer. Directly until everything was finished and those blood dots completely disappeared, those little paper figures turned back into normal paper, softly falling onto the ground.

After she finished retrieving those little paper figures, Ji Fengyan’s eyes faintly lit up as she saw the broken wooden tables and three half-rotten logs of wood brought out by them. After pulling up her sleeves and taking out an object similar to a carving knife, she sat down and started to carve those logs of aged wood.

Ling He glanced a few times at the firewood room which was brightly-lit by lamplight and instructed the other brothers to not disturb Ji Fengyan after he confirmed that it was her inside.

Besides, their young lady was constantly going crazy so they were already used to it. Without their young lady’s orders, it would be best if they just docilely waited.

Amongst the flying wood shavings, Ji Fengyan’s eyes blazed with a fervent ardour. Those scrambled logs of wood were slowly carved into a certain fixed shape in her hands, the logs that had already been carved placed at her side. If someone else was there, then they would have quickly noticed that those things that she carved looked extremely similar to human limbs!

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