ENL – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Kneel

Ji Fengyan’s words were what Lei Xu had just said a while ago. Right now, she returned them back to Lei Xu with a flourish.

Lei Xu’s face was extremely unsightly. He could only watch wide-eyed as his son was beaten by Ling He and the others until his skin split and his muscles bursted, the hatred towards Ji Fengyan in heart increasing to its utmost limit. It almost required him to crunch his teeth into pieces before he could finally hold himself back from charging forward.

Ling He’s group’s battle power was very strong while his side lacked enough people. If they truly did have a conflict and Ji Fengyan gave them another charge, then even if she killed them, it was likely no one would even be able to take her down.

Fifty heavy canings. Even if it was a strong-bodied man, it was still likely that he would have lost half of his life much less Lei Min, this tender-skinned young master.

After being caned ten times, the clothes covering Lei Min’s posterior had already become ragged, dyed in red as the thick stench of blood began to spread.

In the beginning Lei Min still continued to curse, but near the end his voice turned to bitter pleading, finally his mouth began to foam and his eyes rolled back.

However, Ling He and the others basically had no intentions of stopping.

As Lei Xu watched, his heart leapt in fright. Seeing his son about to be beaten to death, he ignored everything else and abruptly stepped forward to hold back Ling He’s heavy sword. “You can’t keep on beating him! If you keep on beating him then Min’er will die!”

Ling He twisted his lips, obviously not caring about what Lei Xu said.

In their eyes, it would be the best if that little bastard Lei Min was beaten to death, so why would they let him off?

Perceiving Ling He and the others’ indifference, Lei Xu’s gaze once again turned to the calm Ji Fengyan off to the side. It was very clear that if she didn’t speak, then Ling He’s group wouldn’t stop.

Lei Xu’s emotions were extremely complicated. Seeing Ji Fengyan’s seemingly smiling expression, he took a deep breath and stepped forward…

With a “thump” sound, he knelt in front of Ji Fengyan!

This kneel of Lei Xu’s stunned everybody on the scene, especially those family leaders. They had essentially never thought that the constantly scheming Lei Xu would actually be forced to such an extent by a little girl.

“Fengyan, you are Ji City’s city lord and have been friends with Min’er since young. These last few years in Ji City, Min’er has been spoiled by me and wasn’t taught well. As such, I hope that you can give Min’er a chance. It wasn’t his intention to question either you or His Majesty, he had only been hasty and afraid of harming everybody’s bonds of friendship to say those words.” Lei Xu forced himself to say, his eyes filled with blood.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Lei Xu and slightly tilted her head, “Sir Lei, what did you just just say? It was too windy so I didn’t hear clearly.”

Lei Xu secretly clenched his teeth so tightly that they almost shattered, his head about to explode from anger. However, looking at Lei Min’s tragic appearance, he couldn’t help but admit defeat.

“Subordinate Lei Xu sincerely requests that the Lady City Lord have mercy and forgives my son this once! In the future, he will not repeat this offence!” Lei Xu said clearly, every single word trembling and carrying blood.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes curved up in a smile, pretending to be amicable as she said, “Does Sir Lei have to go through such trouble? Fine, let’s stop. Sir Lei also has it rough having such a difficult son. Today, looking at Sir Lei’s face, I’ll spare him from any other punishment. I do hope that Lei Min learns from his lesson today.”

Lei Xu cursed Ji Fengyan’s eighteen generations of ancestors several times in his head, his face still maintain that fake appearance where he was about to shed tears of gratitude.

“Thank you, City Lord!”

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