ENL – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Approaching Rage

“My lady, this mineral vein seems…” Ling He said quietly.

Ji Fengyan lightly laughed. “Seems extremely old isn’t it?”

Ling He nodded. Even he, an outsider could also see that this mineral vein had likely been abandoned long ago.

After walking halfway through, Ji Fengyan suddenly spoke. “This much is fine, we can go back now.”

Qi who had walked the farthest in the front looked at Ji Fengyan with emotionless eyes and also didn’t say anything, directly turning around.

Even if Ling He was an idiot, at this moment he could also clearly understand things. He lowered his voice and said, “My lady, that *** ** * ** Lei Xu is obviously playing us for fools! With how many mineral veins that Ji City has and his promised agreement, in the end he actually brought us to this crap that was abandoned long ago. He’s clearly fobbing us off!”

Ling He’s words were full of anger, filled with disgust towards Lei Xu.

Ji Fengyan remained calm. “Now, this is like his style. If he directly brought us to a rich mineral vein, I would’ve truly been suspicious about whether or not he hid an assassin inside to kill and exterminate us, haha.”

“My lady, you can still actually laugh about this. “ Ling He was extremely speechless. He also didn’t know whether his young lady’s head had a problem or whether her heart was truly broad, still in the mood to laugh even after being fobbed off like this by Lei Xu.

Ji Fengyan patted Ling He’s shoulder, speaking with all sincerity. “Big Brother He, I have my arrangements so you don’t need to worry.”

As they were speaking, their group had already walked out from the tunnel. Lei Xu had been standing outside, and seeing that Ji Fengyan who had went in not long ago appear in front of him again, the depths of his eyes flashed with a biting sneer. However, his face still maintained that fake smile of his.

“Fengyan, did you already finish looking? I’ve already said that there isn’t anything good to see here. You’re a young girl, dashing off to such dark and dank places isn’t safe. Not to mention that there’s nothing interesting here.”

Lei Xu’s tone sounded as if he was trying to cajole a child.

“Sir Lei, Ji City shouldn’t only have this one mineral vein, right?” Ji Fengyan directly asked, essentially ignoring Lei Xu’s words.

“Of course not. If Fengyan is still interested though, I can continue to bring you to see a few others. While it’s difficult to become interested in this stuff, but looking too much can also be really boring.”

These words of Lei Xu were clearly making Ji Fengyan out to be a little kid who had no problems but went looking for some, causing those family leaders of the several large eminent families of Ji City to secretly laugh.

Ling He almost couldn’t restrain himself from stepping up and slapping Lei Xu in the face.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Ji Fengyan responded calmly.

Lei Xu signalled Qi and thus, the group that hadn’t stopped there for long once again continued on.

Later on, under the guidance of Qi, Ji Fengyan looked over seven to eight other mineral veins. However, the situation of each and every single mineral vein was the exact same as the first one. If it hadn’t been abandoned for a long time, then it was lacking in ores. Not to mention rare ores, Ji Fengyan could barely find even the most common iron ones.

Ji Fengyan had been observing this entire trip and travelled over quite a few rugged mountain slopes, but there wasn’t even the slightest sign of the mineral veins that she was looking for.

Directly until Ji Fengyan exited the eighth mineral vein, her shoulders covered in quite a bit of dirt, the smile in the depths of her eyes completely disappeared.

Just a while ago in that tunnel, a stone half the size of a man had fallen. If it wasn’t because Ling He and the others reacted fast enough and shattered that stone, then it was like that Ji Fengyan would have already been injured by now.

Even so, Ling He and the other several guards still appeared rather dishevelled at the moment.

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