ENL – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Sit Sit Here, Apple Apple There

Inside the City Lord’s Residence, Lei Min had just finished choosing a mount that he was satisfied with, enjoying the power that should have belonged to life exterminators. Suddenly, one of the residence’s many servants came to report that Ji Fengyan had abruptly arrived for a visit.

“Eh? She actually came?” Lei Min slightly raised his brows, his mouth curling in a cold smile. Looking at that fledgeling mount which was full of vigour inside the cage, Lei Min nonchalantly said, “I thought that she was really stupid. In the end, didn’t she just have a realization? If she doesn’t have a powerful mount, then in the future when she entered the battlefield, she would definitely die without a doubt! However…” Lei Min lightly paused, his eyes flashing with a malicious gleam. “Even if she wanted a mount, that still won’t be so easy. It truly is a pity though… When she enters the battlefield in the future, considering her talents, it’s very likely that she wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. A pity about this Ji City…”

A servant off to the side immediately responded. “It won’t be a pity. Isn’t there still the City Lord and you, the Young City Lord? Even if Young Lady Ji dies on the battlefield, as Young Lady Ji’s husband, Young City Lord can also naturally take over Ji City’s authority of administration.”

Lei Min laughed and didn’t reply to those words. “Enough, let’s go take a look.”

Inside the City Lord’s Residence’s main hall, Ji Fengyan, Liu Huo, as well as Ling He and the two guards that he brought along with him, all sat there waiting. However, as time passed, there was still no signs of the Lei family’s father and son duo.

Ling He was a little bit resentful, but under Ji Fengyan’s secret indications, he suppressed his anger and kept sitting in his chair.

“Fengyan, you’ve had the time to come today?” After a long wait, a luxuriously dressed Lei Xu under the accompaniment of a maid slowly walked over, his cheerfully smiling face sweeping over Ji Fengyan. When his gaze landed on Liu Huo off to Ji Fengyan’s side, he became a bit stunned, but quickly recovered back to normal.

“The reason I came today to impose on your hospitality is because I have something to discuss with you, Sir Lei.” Ji Fengyan said, her voice as light the clouds.

Lei Xu gracefully sat in the master seat, calmly looking at Ji Fengyan as he accepted the tea that his maid poured for him. Leisurely taking a sip, he then began to speak. “I have an approximate understanding of your situation. It isn’t that Uncle Lei is reprimanding you, but Fengyan, you are still too young and can’t keep your cool in a lot of things. Although that fawn is adorable, but it basically can’t accompany a life exterminator. You must know, that as a life exterminator, you will become a leading general in the future and battle with the demons. The demons have a brutal nature and are very dangerous. If you don’t have a powerful mount to rely on, then every step on the battlefield will be extremely difficult.”

As Lei Xu was talking, Lei Min also arrived at the main hall. When he saw Liu Huo sitting by Ji Fengyan’s side, that elegant mask of his stiffened, his eyes freezing over a bit.

Liu Huo, who had remained silent this entire time, acutely felt that gaze filled with hostility. Lifting up his head, his eyes that were as peaceful as water clashed with Lei Min’s bitingly cold eyes. Inside them, he could see that it was full of enmity and disdain.

Liu Huo lightly furrowed his brows. After sweeping a glance at Lei Min, he retrieved his gaze, remaining silent. However, his response caused Lei Min to become even more smug.

So what if you looked even better?

In the end, you’re still just an embroidered pillow!

Ji Fengyan hadn’t even bothered to look at Lei Min, so naturally she wasn’t able to perceived the slight friction between him and Liu huo. After she had calmly finished listening to Lei Xu’s ridiculously long speech, she abruptly laughed. Those eyes of hers that had curved from her laughter twinkled in amusement.

“Sir Lei, I believe you’ve misunderstood me. The reason I came here today isn’t for the mount, it’s for Ji City’s mineral veins!”

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