ENL – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – Those Who Have Money Are Without a Care

The style of this person’s luxurious spending and decisively sweeping away the stones attracted quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately, the several people who wanted to covertly follow and check the other party’s status all inexplicably became confused while secretly following, directly losing track of their target…

There were some people who didn’t believe this. Today, after that person came again and swept through two trailer’s worth of raw stones, a few men holding doubts in their hearts followed those trailers as they passed through Ji City’s streets. While these men were following, they watched wide-eyed as the owner of those two trailers went around though all of the city’s biggest markets, using a lot of gold to buy a ridiculous amount of raw stones.

Ji City was extremely poor. After those three men observed for several days and knew that this cloaked person would spend a lot of gold to buy raw stones, but had never opened them on the scene, greed started to sprout in their hearts. However… when they followed that trailer to a small alley, the trailer that was originally very close to them abruptly disappeared in front of their eyes! Becoming startled, they quickly chased, but… that was a small alley. Those three people stayed there and made several turns around it for almost half a day and still couldn’t walk out.

If they knew there was a thing called “Ghost Hitting the Wall”, perhaps they wouldn’t have so stubbornly courted death.

Meanwhile, that trailer they followed had already arrived at a run-down courtyard and stopped in front of it.

Even though that courtyard was dilapidated, two large and bulky guards stood at the gates. When they saw that person wearing a cloak and the trailer, those two guards immediately stepped up in welcome. Shouting towards the inside of the courtyard on the way, it only took a moment for a large group of guards to come out. Each person began to carry several raw stones as they entered the residence.

Ling He stared at that courtyard full of stones, his emotions incomparably complicated. Inside the residence, a portion of the guards went out to transport the raw stones while the others sat there and used tools to roughly carve them.

As that person wearing a black cloak walked over to Ling He’s side, he immediately spoke. “My lady, how much more do you still want to buy?”

That person took off the cloak, abruptly revealing Ji Fengyan’s brightly smiling little face. “Not much. This is enough temporarily.”

“……” Ling He’s emotions became even more complicated.

No one knew why their young lady would suddenly have an interest in stone gambling. Every day, she would take a guard and bring along a trailer to sweep through the items inside the stone gambling establishments throughout the city. When those guards who followed Ji Fengyan came back, they would always have an “I have no more regrets” expression.

Ji Fengyan’s style inside those stone gambling establishments was simple and rough. She would sweep inside the store and then start randomly pointing. There was no asking about the price of the raw stones that she had pointed at, she would directly stuff it into the trailer for transportation. As such, this bold way of doing things really stupefied those guards.

In the beginning, Ling He wanted to stop Ji Fengyan’s way of spending money like water. However after he found out that all of the stones that Ji Fengyan brought back all contained rare ores, he could only silently swallow back his objections. Now, there were already two room inside the residence that was completely filled with several types of rare ores, their price inestimable.

On one side, Ling He was excited that they didn’t have to be poor anymore, on the other, he wanted to spit blood because of his young lady’s special hobby.

At this age, didn’t all little girls like to face their mirrors and play with their makeup?

Why did their young lady like to stay together with those ragged stones?

His heart really hurts…

Ji Fengyan knew about Ling He’s concerns, but also didn’t bother to explain too much. These days of draining those ores of their spiritual energy let her Inner Core gradually recover day by day. Although this was slow, at the very least it was progress. Still…

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