ENL – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Coming to Settle Things

The manager felt as if he was down eight lifetimes of bloody luck. Su Lingsheng was the beloved of Lei Min, but something had happened to her in his area. Who knows what Lei Min would do to him later? Closing his doors with a strained face, the manager headed towards the back courtyard with large strides.

Filled with different types of ores, both big and small, the amount in the back courtyard far exceeded those placed in the store by who knows how many times.

“Where was it placed?” The manager swept an eye over a servant as he asked.

Understanding what he meant, the servant pointed at a room.

“Good enough. Once you guys are finished cleaning things up today, head on home earlier. God knows where that dead girl popped up from, causing such a big problem for me.” Snorting two times, the manger walked towards the room.

Inside that room, two people were busy carving a large raw stone. A dim blue ore sparkled radiantly under the candlelight. The manager’s originally gloomy face completely disappeared after seeing that dim blue glow, his mouth raising in a smug smile.

“Boss, the grade of this stone is pretty good. We’ve only opened a half and still haven’t finished opening all of it. Looking at things, there will be more than enough.” The man opening the stone said, turning his head towards the manager.

Satisfied, the manager nodded his head. Looking at that Elusive Dream Ore being opened bit by bit, the smile on his face became even deeper. Sitting on a chair off to the side, he crossed his legs. “Today’s luck was horrendous, but this can still count as a bit of compensation. While that dead girl is unknown and silent, who would have thought that her luck would actually be so good? Two stones both opened at a sky-high price.

“It’s still you, boss, who’s the smartest, hiding this raw stone away after finding out.” A man to the side fawned.

The manager waved his hand. “If this stone was to be completely opened at that time, Young Lady Su would have lost the first round. Naturally, I couldn’t let that dead girl have her way. A pity that I didn’t manage to get that Luminous Moon Ore, otherwise we would’ve hit the jackpot.”

Thinking about how that Luminous Moon Ore was taken away by Ji Fengyan, the manager could feel his flesh hurting. Despite the bulk of that Luminous Moon Ore being small, if it were placed onto the market, it would definitely explode into a sky-high price.

The more he thought about it, the more depressed the manager felt. He could only take the Elusive Dream Ore in front of him to appease himself. After the entire Elusive Dream was completely opened out, it was smaller than the raw stone by a round. Even though it couldn’t beat the Luminous Moon Ore in terms of rareness, such a large Elusive Dream Ore also wasn’t commonly seen.

“You guys can leave for now, I’ll stay and look at it again.” Rubbing his chin, the manager licked his lips in greed as he looked at that enormous Elusive Dream Ore in front of him. The price of this stone would probably exceed all of the money he earned in a year.

“If it weren’t for that dead girl having a grudge with Young Lady Su, with her luck perhaps she would have still been of use.” The manager said thoughtfully.

Inside the room, only the manager was left. He greedily stroked that Elusive Dream Ore, his entire mind focused on thinking of how he would find a merchant that he was familiar with to auction this stone off and earn a lot of money.

Immersed in his dream of getting rich, the manager didn’t notice at all that the tightly locked door behind him was silently opened as a dainty figure quietly slipped into the room.

“Wow, this Elusive Dream Ore really isn’t small.” A voice carrying a smile suddenly rang out.

His entire indulging in his fantasies, the manager didn’t react to it, only smiling boorishly in a stupor. “Yes! Such a big Elusive Dream Ore, even in the entire empi-“

The manager hadn’t finished speaking before his back was instantly startled into shock! Feeling that something wasn’t right, he quickly turned his body around, an emaciated figure unexpectedly entering his eyes!

“Why are you here? Who let you in?!” Looking in astonishment at Ji Fengyan who had appeared behind his back at an unknown time, the manager simply couldn’t believe his eyes!

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