ENL – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – Paying With Your Body

That unknown beautiful teenager had woken up, and woke up pretty early too. However, at that time, Ji Fengyan wasn’t in the residence. When she got back, Ling He didn’t have any time to say one word to her before he saw his young lady energetically enter her room and shut the door tightly.

Right now, Ji Fengyan couldn’t avoid it anymore. She unconsciously wanted to evade that beautiful young teenager who was constantly swindled by her two times, but…

Throwing an injured person off to the side and ignoring them seemed a little bit too inconsiderate. Ji Fengyan hesitated for a while before taking two bottles of the medicinal pills that she had refined before, toughened up, and headed towards the room where that beautiful teenager was resting.

It was already afternoon, the sunlight no longer as dazzling as it was at noon. Light trickled through the window, giving the entire room a trace of warmth.

When Ji Fengyan arrived in front of the door, she saw a extremely beautiful figure calmly sitting on a chair facing the window. Sunlight slowly scattered on that person’s body, as if it was covering his body with a layer of golden light. Beautiful in a way that wasn’t clear.

It was in that instant that Ji Fengyan really felt as if she saw an immortal that entered the mortal realm.

The teenager quietly sat in the room, his long eyelashes casting a small shadow upon his eyes, covering up the light in their depths.

As if he felt the appearance of another person, that teenager slowly raised his head. His clear eyes looked as if they were inlayed with black diamonds, both radiant and deep.

Ji Fengyan was slightly dumbfound by his gaze. Before she didn’t really feel anything, but now it was the first time that she “crossed eyes” with this teenager. Those eyes were truly the prettiest eyes that Ji Fengyan had ever seen. Both calm and deep, carrying an emotionlessness that seemed to be isolated from the world

“You’re awake? Do you feel a bit better?” Ji Fengyan stowed away her thoughts, pretending to be composed as she walked over to the “victim’s” side and sat down.

That beautiful teenager indifferently looked at Ji Fengyan. After remaining silent for a while, he abruptly spoke. “Was it you that saved me?”

Ji Fengyan watched that beautiful teenager’s pretty face. Perhaps it was because her Inner Core finally had hopes of recovery and that her mood also followed along in excitement, so after a moment of guilt, she turned towards that face which was as beautiful as a flower. Using a single hand to hold up her chin, Ji Fengyan didn’t blush or change her breathing as she brightly smiled and said, “Yep, it was me who saved you.”

There was no problem!

She did indeed save him, didn’t she?

As for… other details, he didn’t ask anything…

Originally, she thought that the beautiful teenager would shed tears of gratitude because of this life-saving favour, but who that he would just give her a light glance and not say anything else?

Ji Fengyan slightly raised her brows as she looked at this somewhat strange beautiful teenager in front of her. Suddenly, the wicked part of her leapt up. She slightly turned her eyes, staring at that teenager’s handsome face. “You don’t have anything that you want to say to me?”

The beautiful teenager shook his head. However, immediate afterwards his brows abruptly knitted slightly. He lifted his eyes to look at Ji Fengyan. “My name isn’t Liu Huo.”

“……” Ji Fengyan became dumbfounded for a moment. After a long time, she finally remember how this “Liu Huo” started.

Suddenly, Ji Fengyan’s face became somewhat awkward, but soon after, a wicked and evil smile once again climbed up onto her lips. Holding up her chin with a single hand, she wickedly looked at that teenager before asking, “Do you know that there’s a saying?”

The beautiful teenager silently watched her.

“The favour of saving one’s life must be repaid with the body. I saved you, so according to customs, you must naturally pay with your body. Isn’t that right? Little Liu Huo.” Ji Fengyan’s smile was extremely frivolous. That expression really looked like a bad woman taking liberties with two young men.

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