ENL – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Absolutely Certain to Win?

According to the rules, after both of them had finished choosing, Su Lingsheng would open her stone first.

After experiencing the excitement of an Exquisite Gold Ore and an Elusive Dream Ore, everybody’s mental state at this moment was a bit numb. They already had no idea about what rare ores Su LIngsheng could open this time.

The sounds of stone being carved reverberated throughout the store. They pierced everyone’s eardrums, as if they were shaving away their hearts inch by inch.

During the carving process, clean water was constantly used to wash away the powder on the stone.


The ore encapsulated by the stone finally revealed it’s edge.

An emerald-coloured ore became even more radiant after being cleaned with water. At this moment, everybody’s eyes were stretched wide!

“Beryl Jade Ore!” Came a started shouted from the crowd, revealing the value of Su Lingsheng’s rare ore.

Beryl Jade Ore and Exquisite Gold Ore were both equally famous as rare ores. The rarity of this ore wasn’t any less then that of an Exquisite Gold Ore, but its demand was far more frenzied. Having a naturally strong magical energy, Beryl Jade Ore was the rare ore mages desired the most. As long as one had it on their body, it didn’t matter whether it was in the cultivation of magic or the use of magic, all of it would have double the effect with half the effort!

When Su Lingsheng saw the emerald green of the Beryl Jade Ore, a smug smile silently appeared on her lips. She arrogantly lifted her head to look a Ji Fengyan, her eyes revealing an absolute certainty of victory!

Beryl Jade Ore’s market price was even a bit higher than Exquisite Gold Ore. As it was continuously carved, the ore’s bulk unexpectedly took up half the space of the raw stone!

This density was extraordinarily scarce even in the entire stone gambling world!

After the carving was finished, the store’s manager seemed to tremble as he brought that soaked Beryl Jade Ore in front of Su Lingsheng. His smile even causing the wrinkles on his face to fold.

“Congratulations, Young Lady Su! This Beryl Jade Ore’s colour is extremely good, a treasure that is difficult to find! Just based on this Beryl Jade Ore’s size, the market price will absolutely not be below thirty thousand gold coins!”

Thirty thousand gold coins!

This was the most expensive rare ore opened in their entire store’s history!

When that number was spoken out, almost everyone was already certain of Su Lingsheng’s victory!

This Beryl Jade Ore’s bulk was already bigger than Ji Fengyan’s stone. Even if she was once again **** lucky and opened an Elusive Dream Ore, just based on bulk alone, it would absolutely not exceed the value of this Beryl Jade Ore!

At this moment, it was easy to tell who won or lost!

The smug smile on Su Lingsheng’s face was hidden in her haughtiness. She held that Beryl Jade Ore in her hand, arrogantly looking at Ji Fengyan, the maliciousness flashing in the depths of her eyes capable of making people panic.

“A Beryl Jade Ore worth thirty thousand gold coins. I really want to know if you still have any methods to turn the tables in this round.” Su Lingsheng gazed at Ji Fengyan. She already couldn’t hold herself back in wanting to see the scene of this country bumpkin throwing away all of her face and crawling around Ji City while barking like a dog.

However, Ji Fengyan’s face still had that seeming to smile expression from before. Her gaze swept over Su Lingsheng face before slowly sliding over the happy observers.

On those strange faces, she could see an ugly expectation.

“Wow, it seems wanting to win against your Beryl Jade Ore really isn’t an easy thing.” Ji Fengyan lightly laughed.

“Perhaps you can wish for a miracle to happen. Of course, that’s if the gods are willing to even bother with you.” Su LIngsheng sneered.

Slightly raising her brows, Ji Fengyan look at that unremarkable foot-cushion stone. Her lips lifted in a smile, “Who knows? Perhaps I just am the favoured child of the gods .”

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