ENL – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Is This the Legendary Soul Reincarnation?

Ji Fengyan thought she was dead.


Why is it that even though she was already throughly dead, there was still a weeping sound brushing against the edges of her ears?

The sounds of crying in her ears grew even louder. Ji Fengyan unconsciously wanted to open her eyes to look at who exactly would be cared for so much that they would be mourned, but in the instant that she opened her eyes…

Blue skies and white clouds. There was also a muscular man’s face covered in tears and snot.

That muscular man cried fiercely. When Ji Fengyan saw that the intense emotions left his chin covered with tears and snot, ready to drip onto her face, she instantly lifted her hand unconsciously!


“M-my… my lady…” Startled, the muscular man that had wept until he was out of breath looked at Ji Fengyan who had slapped him, his eyes filled with astonishment.

Ji Fengyan dazedly widened her eyes. Just a second ago, when she had stretched out her hand, her palm’s sense of touch was so realistic…

“I’m… still alive?” Ji Fengyan softly mumbled with bewilderment.

“My lady! My lady, it’s good that you’re fine! You really should stop scaring your subordinate!” That muscular man sobbed.

Ji Fengyan quickly sat up. Her whole body was filled with a heart-rending lung-splitting severe pan. However, this didn’t make her feel the slightest bit arduous, on the contrary she felt a type of extreme delight!

She really hurt. There was still the feeling of pain?

She didn’t die?!

She was still alive!

Unexpectedly, she survived after being struck by heavenly lightning!

“Hahaha… hahaha…” The delight of having survived this calamity made it difficult for Ji Fengyan to control her laughter. As the muscular man besides her heard her giggling, he was stupefied.

Besides him, a few men wearing armour were somewhat nonplussed. They unconsciously poked the muscular man.

“Captain, did the young lady injure her head?”

“Don’t speak nonsense!” That muscular man was also befuddled, but subconsciously defended Ji Fengyan. Even though he spoke like that, he couldn’t stop himself from having the same thoughts.

How could Ji Fengyan care about what these few fellow’s thoughts were? Knowing that she was still alive, she was so happy that she almost wanted to jump for joy. However, before she could feel the delight of having survived, scene after scene of memories that did belong to her instantly flowed into her mind.

There was a frail and timid little girl. She grew up in a big clan and because of her father’s death, she inherited the treasure he left behind. When she was fourteen, she received the emperor’s decree to head towards a certain city and accept the position of city lord.

The result… dying on the way. Suddenly ambushed, the personal guards this original host’s father left for her died to protect their charge. However, the little girl was severely injured during the fierce battle, already on her last breath. Unexpectedly, when she once again woke up…

Ji Fengyan had arrived.

“Soul reincarnation?” Ji Fengyan slightly widened her eyes.

Did this count as her compensation after being cheated by the Heavenly Dao?

Just when Ji Fengyan was still thinking about human life…

A bolt of lightning descended from the sky. As thunder rumbled, it directly struck the ground, only one step away from Ji Fengyan, leaving a scorching black scar on the surface of the earth.

“Not good! They want to completely exterminate us! You guys, quickly take the young lady and leave!” The muscular leader looked at the intertwined thunder and lightning, raising the heavy sword in his hands and charging forward.

On the slope of the mountain opposite of Ji Fengyan, a group of men wearing black robes were brandishing the magic staffs in their hands and chanting an incomprehensible arcane incantation. As their collective intonation’s began, bolt after bolt of lightning were summoned forth from the distant sky. They poured down like rainwater, blasting the earth and leaving streak after streak of scorched black furrows that exuded black smoke.

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