ENL – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Grandmaster (4)

Zhan Fei still hadn’t managed to react before he felt the pain coming from the nerves in his four limbs. A low grunt escaped from between his gritted teeth.

He didn’t even dare to utter a single syllable.

As for Su Lingsheng and Lei Min, both of them were scared out of their wits. Never would they have thought that Xing Lou would be so decisive when acting, There wasn’t any indication at all.

Su Lingsheng’s legs trembled, unable to even kneel properly. Lei Min’s face lost all colour as he lowered his head and shuddered, not daring to make a single sound.

Putting his bow away, Xuan Wei moved to stand off to the side.

As for Xing Lou, he didn’t bother to look at Zhan Fei at all. Those deep eyes of his only had Ji Fengyan in them.

Ji Fengyan on the other hand was a bit dumbfounded and looked at Xing Lou with hesitation. She actually had no idea about what Xing Lou really wanted to do.

“How do you want to handle him?” Xing Lou asked calmly, his voice like that of a musical instrument, contrary to the scent of blood spreading through the main hall.

Ji Fengyan’s expression became a bit complicated.

What the heck was this Grandmaster thinking?

He really planned on letting her handle Zhan Fei?

Seeing Ji Fengyan remain silent, Xing Lou gave Xuan Wei a glance. Xuan Wei once again pulled out his bow and nocked an arrow. This time it was aiming directly for Zhan Fei’s head!

Everybody was dumbfounded. Even Ling He and the others were so completely flabbergasted that they had long since forgotten about trying to get revenge on Zhan Fei.

“Grandmaster! Lord Grandmaster, please have mercy!” A pale-faced Lei Min suddenly begged. Kneeling shakily on the floor, he began to lay out his case, “Lord Grandmaster, we made a mistake in this master. I beg you, please let Zhan Fei off on the account that he’s a life exterminator! Lord Zhan Fei, he’s… he’s shed his blood for the Empire, slaying countless numbers of demons. Although this time, he has went overboard, but lord Grandmaster please show mercy and let him off just this one time…”

Lei Min spoke on one side, while kowtowing to Xing Lou on the other. The sound of heavy banging rang out through the entire main hall.


Xing Lou’s face didn’t show the slightest hint of change.

As Ji Fengyan returned to reality, she had a bizarre feeling in her heart. However, with things as it was now, she really didn’t have any other choice.

“I think that this is already good enough,” Ji Fengyan coughed, clearing her throat.

Xing Lou lightly frowned and looked at Ji Fengyan with confusion, as if feeling that she usually wasn’t so generous.

Still, no matter what Xing Lou thought, Ji Fengyan didn’t intend on becoming the Eldest Princess’ mortal enemy quite just yet. This Zhan Fei was also a life exterminator granted to the Eldest Princess by His Majesty. If he died here at her residence, then the devil knew how many problems she would face next.

Ji Fengyan had originally planned on teaching Zhan Fei a lesson, and when he left, she would take his head without anybody knowing.

A pity that her plan was completely squashed by the sudden appearance of Xing Lou.

A crude and simple punishment would attract a lot of hatred. Ji Fengyan herself wasn’t afraid of any problems, after all even if the King of Heaven himself came, she would still be able to escape. However, Ling He and the others wouldn’t be so fortunate.

Gazing at Ji Fengyan for a long moment until he was certain that Ji Fengyan had her mind set, he raised his hand. Xuan Wei put his bow away and retreated off to the side.

Lei Min let out a huge sigh of relief in his heart, yet sweat had already completely drenched his shirt.

“This place is Ji City. Even if they are a member of the Imperial Family, they still cannot just do as they wish. Return and tell the Eldest Princess that the one who punished you today is me,” Xing Lou ordered, looking coldly at Zhan Fei who was still lying in his blood…

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