ENL – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 – If You Can’t Speak Normally, Then Shut It (1)

Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhengyu followed Ling He to the front hall.

The moment they walked in, a dark figure abruptly shot towards Ji Fengyan’s direction. Before Ling He could even react, Ji Fengyan had already taken action and blocked it. When the dark figure finally managed to stand steady in front of them and Ling He realized who it was, he almost spat out blood in anger.

That dark figure wasn’t any other person. It was exactly Zuo Nuo whom Ling He had left behind to handle the situation before they could arrive.

The perfectly fine Zuo Nuo from before, at this moment had a rather serious injury near the upper edges of his cheek, his blood flowing from the wound over his sharp angular face. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ji Fengyan had managed to quickly react and stopped him from directly falling to the ground by redirecting the majority of the force, then it was likely Zuo Nuo would have lost half of his life by now.

“M-my lady…” Zuo Nuo murmured, his face scrunched up in pain. He wanted to stand up properly, but his entire body couldn’t stop shaking.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. Abruptly, she tore her gaze away from Zuo Nuo and glanced towards the people in the main hall.

Inside, Su Lingsheng glaringly stood there in a noticeable position, her chin held up arrogantly while Lei Min stood besides her.

In front of Su Lingsheng, a big and tall man with a firm face was braced there, his still extended fist not having enough time to retract. When he saw Ji Fengyan, his lips curled up in a sneer as he slowly relaxed his hand and arrogantly turned to glance at the dishevelled Zuo Nuo.

“Can’t you take a beating?”

Zuo Nuo clenched his teeth, wanting to charge forward, but was carefully held back by Ji Fengyan.

Ling He’s face didn’t look any better. Just a moment ago, Su Lingsheng had suddenly charged into the residence with Lei Min and this strange man, so Ling He had left Zuo Nuo and the other guards behind to watch over them while he dashed off to get Ji Fengyan.

However, he had never thought that in that moment this strange man would actually directly attack!

Not only was Zuo Nuo beaten up, even the other guards in the main hall were a mess. All of their bodies were coloured blue and purple with some even having internal injuries, their blood already dripping out from the corners of their mouth.

The guards in the residence were all veterans who had crawled out from the battlefield, While Ling He didn’t dare to guarantee that they were once the most powerful soldiers there, but their abilities were absolutely not something that ordinary people could stand up against! However, the ten guards in the main hall were actually all beaten up to the point of injury by this man that Su Lingsheng had brought along with her!

“In the end, what do you guys want to do?!” Ling He asked with a darkened face. With a “swish” sound, he pulled out his heavy sword from behind his back, moving to stand in from of Ji Fengyan.

Sweeping a glance over Ling He, the man’s eyes only showed disdain.

“You don’t have the qualifications to speak to me. Let your master get the **** over here.”

Ling He glared at that man, his hand clenching his heavy sword even tighter.

“Boss, this guy is really strong…” Zuo Nuo hurriedly said, resisting the piercing pain that he felt.

Ling He narrowed his eyes.

The man sneered, his attitude as if Ling He didn’t even exist at all.

“Could anybody tell me where did this rabid dog come from?” Ji Fengyan inquired from behind Ling He. Leaving Zuo Nuo in Ling He’s care, she stepped out from behind him to stand in front of that man.

That man slightly frowned as he swept an condescending glance over Ji Fengyan’s thin body that had moved forward to stand in front of him.

“You’re Ji Fengyan?” He asked.

Ji Fengyan chuckled as she headed towards the centre seat in the main hall in a carefree manner. Sitting down with one leg crossed over the other, she raised up her chin as she looked down upon that wildly arrogant man.

“Get somebody who is able to speak normally to come over. I’m unable to understand what a dog barks mean!”

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