ENL – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 – Cuddling (2)


An unusual sound softly reverberated throughout the darkened room.

At that moment, the small body being held in Ji Fengyan’s chest began to stretch under the moonlight.

His clothes tore into strips under the pressure, its remnants hanging on his sturdy body.

That beautiful face that had caused Ji Fengyan to marvel at it countless times lost all of its tenderness at that point, changing into one that was as sharp as a blade with handsome and exquisite features. As his body changed, becoming tall and slender, it seized the advantage and covered the sleeping Ji Fengyan in its shadow.

Rough pants resounded throughout the silent room.

Slightly lowering his head, he glanced at his slim fingers before turning to look at the young girl who had unknowingly curled up on his chest. Within his crimson eyes, a silent storm began to brew.

The sleeping Ji Fengyan was completely unaware of all of this.

Borrowing the moonlight, he gazed at the soundly sleeping little face on his chest, his cold and rigid face softening up at the sight. Lying on the bed motionless, he hesitated for quite a while before slowing starting to sit up.

“Damned brat, obediently go to sleep.”

“…….” A certain person’s entire body stiffened while the small hand on his posterior felt like it was scalding iron.

That handsome and extraordinary face turned bright red.

It was unknown how long a certain person struggled with himself before giving a slight sigh and lightly grabbing onto Ji Fengyan’s mischievous hand that was still holding onto his butt and… pulling it away.

The handsome man sat on the edge of the bed as moonlight shone across his broad chest. He didn’t care about the tattered rags hanging on him that couldn’t hide his sturdy body, he just sat there and stared at the sleeping Ji Fengyan in a daze.

“I’ll come return,” the man whispered. In the instant that he was just about to stand up, he felt a slight force lightly pulling at him.

Turning around, he then found out that the edges of his clothes were actually being tightly held onto by Ji Fengyan. Although she was sleeping so soundly, she was still unwilling to let go.

Feeling a bit helpless, he glared at Ji Fengyan for a moment before his gaze couldn’t help but land on those small gleaming red lips of hers.

His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Unexpectedly, he couldn’t resist, lowering his body and kissing those small lips that usually never stopped talking.

The soft and warm sensations of her lips burned him to his very soul. It was but a light peck, but it caused him to feel as if his entire body was in the middle of a blazing inferno. Feeling a bit flustered, he immediately stood up, his slender fingertips going to his burning lips, his crimson eyes filled with a trace of turbulence.

Seeing that Ji Fengyan still hadn’t noticed anything, he awkwardly tore off the strip of cloth that was being pulled on by her before his slender body turned into a dark shadow as he fled in a panic under the moonlight…

That night, Ji Fengyan slept very soundly, however she kept feeling as if there was something that was always constantly harassing her in her slumber.

When the first light of dawn shone through the windows of the room, Ji Fengyan lazily stretched her body before opening her still rather sleepy eyes.


The instant that she opened them, she was stunned.

Her own chest was empty while the only thing left in her hand was a piece of fabric.

Almost immediately, Ji Fengyan reacted. Leaping up from the bed, she quickly put on her clothes and directly walked outside the room.

“Damned brat, couldn’t you say a word when you woke up?”

Originally, Ji Fengyan thought that Liu Huo would be off about his daily business when he woke up, but after searching through the residence for almost half a day…

She couldn’t find a trace of that figure that had caused her to marvel at it countless times.


A certain Bei: Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Little Lunatic: Shut it!

A certain Bei: Such a pitiful little girl, there’s no more tender tofu for you to eat now.

Little Lunatic: Give me back my little Liu Huo!

A certain Bei: Bwahaha! Go off to one side now, I’ll be bringing my wife out to eat now while you can squat in the corner and grow a mushroom.

Little Lunatic: Get back here and finish writing for me!

A certain Bei: No, I’m hungry, I need something to eat first! If I’m not full, then how will I have the strength to work?

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