ENL – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114 – Are You Jealous? (4)

“If you really want it, then show some sincerity. If I don’t feel that you guys have enough, then I might just mercifully grant you a part.” Ji Fengyan smiled in a charmingly simple manner. However, her words were sharper than anything else.

Ling He, who was originally worried that his young lady would be fooled by Lei Min, finally relaxed after hearing Ji Fengyan’s reply.

What she said was right!

The Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection was the objective given to Su Lingsheng and Lei Min by the Eldest Princess. If they failed, then those two would absolutely not be able to get off easy, but Lei Min still wanted to scare their young lady into giving him the flower to help them finish their task. Wasn’t that just treating her like an idiot to play around with?

What’s more…

Ling He didn’t believe for a bit that Lei Min and Su Lingsheng would actually put in a good word for Ji Fengyan in front of the Eldest Princess. Heck, not spewing curses about her could already be counted as them being nice.

Lei Min’s face frosted over even more. Ji Fengyan’s reply, completely blocked off all of the words that he had wanted to say.

“Less nonsense. If you want something, then just directly say it. Don’t act like a hypocrite just because you managed to snatch an opportunity this time.” Su Lingsheng said, unable to take it anymore.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Truly a pity Remember, that is what you said.”

Su Lingsheng clenched her teeth, throughly hating how irritating Ji Fengyan was.

“Lady Su doesn’t need to be so anxious. After all, this isn’t something that our lady requested of you. It makes no sense that as the one who clearly requires assistance, you guys still remain so forceful and overbearing.” Ling He snorted.

She glared at Ling He, but there was nothing else she could say.

“What kind of sincerity do you want?” Lei Min asked Ji Fengyan with narrowed eyes.

Ji Fengyan shrugged, showing a “think for yourself” attitude.

All of the lined-up commoners in the surrounding areas poked their heads over to watch this side’s scenery. After all, the “love and hatred” between those three were a hot topic for gossip in Ji City.

“Min…” Su Lingsheng felt a bit lost and could only turn to Lei Min.

Lei Min patted Su Lingsheng’s hand and turned to look at Ji Fengyan’s seemingly smiling face. The depths of his eyes flashed with hatred, but he quickly concealed it.

Abruptly, Lei Min stepped forward and knelt in front of Ji Fengyan with a “thud”. Lowering his gaze, he began to beg in a hoarse voice. “The timeless affection flower is something that the Eldest Princess requires, therefore City Lord Ji, please show some leniency and grant it to us.”

Lei Min kneeling drew startled cries from everybody in the surrounding area. This young city lord who had commanded the wind and rain in Ji City for so many years had actually knelt in public?

Su Lingsheng was also shocked by Lei Min’s actions and could only manage to return back to reality after a long moment. When those anxious eyes of hers met Ji Fengyan’s once again, they burned with an even deeper hatred than before.

“There is some sincerity, but… it’s still lacking.” Ji Fengyan said with a smile, meeting Su Lingsheng’s hatred-filled eyes with a raised brow. Her intention was very clear.

Su Lingsheng glared at Ji Fengyan with disbelief. She couldn’t believe that Ji Fengyan actually dared to have such a thought.

Ji Fengyan actually wanted her to kneel down and beg her!

“Don’t even dream about-“

“Lingsheng!” Lei Min abruptly interrupted.

She shook a bit.

“For the Eldest Princess.” Lei Min sighed deeply, closing his eyes.

Su Lingsheng clenched her teeth and glared at Ji Fengyan. After struggling for a while, she unwillingly knelt in front of Ji Fengyan.

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  1. joellyanne says:

    Just kneeling is not, if you give it to them then … thanks.

  2. Eksentrysyti says:

    This is where Ji Fengyan smiles and walks away. She’s not a charity, why does she need to give anything to some rich Princess that has nothing to do with her just because some scrubs begged her?

  3. Dragrath says:

    Really forced kneeling isn’t sincerity at all if she were to really be sincere she would need to acknowledge her own faults… Sadly this couple is too rotten to be able to ever do that.

    One of these days I would really like to see a villain that actually acknowledges when they are in the wrong and doesn’t keep digging themselves into a ever deeper hole… >_>

  4. jo12kspj says:

    then you trash the flower… done. bang!

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