ENL – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 – Enemies Meet on Narrow Roads (4)

After she finished speaking, Su Lingsheng signalled to two of the guards following behind her and they immediately lifted a mahogany chest over.

That chest was extremely heavy. When it was placed on the ground, it released a low “thump” sound.

“If that’s so, then everything will be fine.” A black-clothed businessmen nodded. Although his tone was still rather polite, there was not the least bit of humbleness in it, completely unlike the abased respect that normal businessmen would display in front of a member of the imperial government.

On the other side though, Su Lingsheng’s attitude was very cautions, completely different from the normal disrespectful attitude that she would display in front of a regular businessman.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you to check.” Su Lingsheng smiled.

The black-clothed businessman nodded before immediately opening up the mahogany chest with his partner. Inside the mahogany chest, an arrangement of polished rare ores were placed there, their bulk and colour rather considerable. Off to the side, once the surrounding commoners saw things clearly, they all couldn’t help but swallow secretly. Compared to the rare ores in Su Lingsheng’s chest, the ones in their hands were simply garbage.

While in normal people’s eyes these rare ores were incomparably precious, those two black-clothed businessmen weren’t impressed. They calmly examined the chest of rare ores one by one, while Su Lingsheng stood off to the side watching with nervous eyes.

After a moment, the two businessmen finished check all of the ores and closed the chest before looking at Su Lingsheng with a displeased expression.

“Young Lady Su, if I remember correctly, when we came to Ji City last time our Young Master had already told you about the rare ores we needed. Although you have a decent amount of rare ores here with sufficient quality, the amount is still far from the amount that we requested.” One of them coldly said.

Su Lingsheng’s face turned a bit awkward. Her gaze drifted towards Ji Fengyan, the hatred in her eyes clear.

How could she not know that there weren’t enough rare ores?!

However, not to mention that she had been in a mysterious coma for the last several days, once she woke up Ji City had already changed masters. All of the valuable mineral veins were now in Ji Fengyan’s hands, so how could she gather all of the rare ores that they required?

At this time and at this moment, the hatred in Su Lingsheng’s heart toward Ji Fengyan became even greater. This affair was originally arranged by the Eldest Princess for her and the Lei family’s father and son duo to take care of, but a Ji Fengyan barged in during the middle and completely messed it all up!

Su Lingsheng secretly clenched her teeth. Taking a deep breath, she looked away before smiling. “I know that the amount is still enough, but the Eldest Princess has already promised that should your group give the item to her, she will absolutely put a word in with His Majesty to ensure that your merchant group is able to travel unhindered throughout all of our cities. Your group should already know that His Majesty dearly loves the Eldest Princess. Even if your group doesn’t fear any power, it still wouldn’t be bad to give the Eldest Princess some face.”

Those two business men’s expressions became a bit hesitant.

“What’s more, I believe that your objective in coming to Ji City isn’t to gather even more rare ores. I can guarantee that this chest of rare ores is absolutely the best in Ji City. Except for mine, your group will absolutely not be able to find any others that are even better.” Su Lingsheng stated with extreme confidence.


The expressions of those two businessmen became even more delicate. It was unknown whether it was deliberate or not, but their gazes turned towards Ji Fengyan off to the side.

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