ENL – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – Merchants from Afar (1)

Ling He felt very complicated as he watched the cartloads of wealth and treasures being hauled away. That ignoramus *** ** * ***** Lei Min running as far away as he could didn’t matter, but he brought all of the wealth that Lei Xu had accumulated over the years with him. As for Ji Fengyan… she hadn’t received a single coin. The made Ling He feel really depressed.

“If I knew early on, then I would have flipped over the entire City Lord’s Residence to search.” Ling He muttered over the next several days, to the point where he even repeated it now while sitting in front of Ji Fengyan.

At this moment, Ji Fengyan was checking Liu Huo’s wounds. Hearing Ling He’s words, she swept a glance at him before shrugging her shoulders. “Those two loved money like it was their life. Even if you gave it to me, I wouldn’t want it because it’s too dirty.”

“But… My lady, the money you have now will be used up sooner or later.” Ling He whispered.

Ji Fengyan waved it off. She knew what Ling He was worried about. After refusing Ji City’s eminent families’ tributes and missing out on collecting Lei Xu’s family fortune, for Ling He to be worried was pretty normal.


“Big Brother He, you don’t need to be worried about these things. What you need to know is that we don’t lack money, that’s all.”

Ling He responded with a perfunctory, “Got it”, but the worry in his heart hadn’t lighted in the least.

Liu Huo pulled at the edges of his clothes before looking at a depressed Ling He and a smiling Ji Fengyan who was holding Bai Ze.

“Little Liu Huo, the injuries on your body has pretty much recovered,” she said.

Unconsciously lifting his hand, Liu Huo felt his back. The once badly mangled flesh there had recovered to the point where it felt smooth again.

Just as Liu Huo wanted to speak, Zuo Nuo suddenly dashed in with a happy expression on his face.

“My lady, boss, good news!”

“Lei Min has been found?” Ling He unconsciously asked.

Zuo Nuo was a bit dumbfounded, but quickly shook his head.

Ji Fengyan felt a bit helpless. “Big Brother He, stop worrying about Lei Min.”

“How could I not worry about him? Leaving that brat behind will become a hidden danger sooner or later.” Ling He replied with furrowed brows.

“We also don’t need to worry about that.” Ji Fengyan said carelessly, using a hand to support her chin. “Hasn’t Su Lingsheng also gone missing along with him? After Lei Xu’s fall from power, Lei Min naturally needs to hug onto Su Lingsheng’s thighs. I’m guessing that they should have already fled to the Eldest Princess’s side by now.”

“What your subordinate is worried about is exactly that. If Lei Min and Su Lingsheng began speaking nonsense in the Eldest Princess’s ears and she comes looking for you, then…”

Ji Fengyan waved her hand, signalling for him not to worry so much.

Off to the side, Liu Huo remained silent as he sat there, but every word between Ji Fengyan and Ling He was heard by him without fault. Lowering his gaze slightly, it was unknown what he was thinking.

“Oh, whatever. Zuo Nuo, what was the good news that you mentioned?” Ling He sighed before turning to ask Zuo Nuo.

Zuo Nuo quickly replied, “There’s a merchant group that’s arrived at Ji City. Right now, they should’ve just entered the city gates. A lot of the commoners are bringing their ores and heading over to trade. It’s pretty lively out there!”

“What merchant group?” Ling He asked with furrowed brows.

“I’ve also just recently heard about them. This merchant group comes to Ji City every once in a while and every time they come, they’ll purchase large quantities of ores at pretty decent prices. Their influence is also one of the reasons why Ji City’s commoners are so infatuated with stone gambling. Aside from that, isn’t our residence filled with several piles of ores? I just thought that it would be a good idea to take advantage of this time and directly sell those ores.” Zuo Nuo said, getting even more excited as he spoke.

Ling He’s eyes slightly flashed. This really was aid in a timely manner. He was just worrying about how to earn money!

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