Transcending The Nine Heavens – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Secret Behind The Nine Tribulations Sword

That calling due to an extreme longing once again appeared, and Chu Yang carefully waited in anticipation for a while. Indeed, within a short period of time, the faint and dim Nine Tribulations Sword within his Dantian once again sent off a strong and intense calling of desire……

That kind of feeling was like a baby who could no longer tolerate being hungry, and was wildly flailing his or her legs while crying and screaming, wanting to drink milk. The appearance of that feeling caused Chu Yang to momentarily sweat. He really did not know how that sort of ridiculous feeling was produced.

When his thoughts came into contact with that feeling, the faint and dim Nine Tribulations Sword gave off light feelings of resistance and curiosity, as if a baby was looking at himself or herself with wide and innocent eyes. That baby’s gaze was filled with desire, unfamiliarity, and expectations……

Without any reason, Chu Yang momentarily felt a wave of gentle affection well up from within him, and tenderly willed his thoughts over to embrace it…… At that time, the silhouette of that sword only slightly resisted for a while, and then it let down all of its guard.

Upon contact with his thoughts, Chu Yang also understood how that thing came about!

That was not exactly the Nine Tribulations Sword; Correctly speaking, that was the Soul belonging to the Nine Tribulations Sword! Or it could also be called the Sword’s Awareness!

It was during the time when he had performed that destructive technique, and had pierced the Nine Tribulations Sword into his own heart, that the blood from his heart poured out and stimulated the Sword’s Soul. That also meant that the beginning phase of the Nine Tribulations Sword’s greatest secret had been stimulated……

Meanwhile, it was that stimulated Sword’s Soul which, without knowing how, actually brought him back to the period when he was a youth!

The final technique of the Nine Tribulations Sword was originally a tabooed technique. To perish together with the enemy, moreover, to first kill himself, then kill the enemy! Only someone who possessed that kind of decisive thought would be able to perform it!

What Chu Yang did not know was, that was exactly one of the mysterious parts of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

All the previous Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword had only practised according to the Path of Sword Cultivation; meanwhile, they did not obtain the Nine Tribulations Sword’s approval! That was because, by completely treating it as a sword to be used for practise…… Then, what could be obtained from that?

A sword, was originally emotionless. That was why, while they were being driven by such practises, they had naturally chosen the Path of the Emotionless Sword!

That was why, all of the previous Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword, they were only “Slaves to the Sword”! Including Chu Yang in his previous life, he was also merely a Slave to the Sword! Slave to the Sword!

It was the sword that was making use of the people, and not the people who were making use of the sword!

However, Chu Yang had instead performed the final technique, ‘With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!’

Excluding Chu Yang, none of all the previous people who obtained the Nine Tribulations Sword had dared to use that technique! Meanwhile, after their lives had reached the limit, or after they had been accidentally killed by others, the Nine Tribulations Sword would automatically break apart, and once again return into its fragmented state, scattering across the continents. It would silently await its true Master, looking forward to the very day that it would stand at the very peak of the Nine Tribulations Sword’s brilliance, while it revealed its true divine destiny……

That was why, whilst without a care for anything else, Chu Yang’s performance of the final technique had resulted in the Sword’s Soul to completely activate, and resided within his Dantian. Meanwhile, it was also from that moment forth, that the godly item which was ranked first in the Continent of the Nine Heavens, truly had a Master!

That was also why it would accept Chu Yang that easily.

It could be said, that with the exception of the Nine Tribulations Sword’s creator, Chu Yang was the first Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

The veritable Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword.

That was what it truly meant, to survive after facing the danger of death!

From that very moment forth, Chu Yang clearly knew that he would walk on a completely different path as compared to his previous life!

At that moment, the Sword’s Soul belonging to that Nine Tribulations Sword was just like a baby who was frantically waiting to be laid to sleep, and was pressing for the various fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and nourishment from the spiritual energies of the Heavens and Earth! By giving out those kinds of pressing emotions, it was also urging Chu Yang to seek the fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword! As to finding the necessary nourishment for the Nine Tribulations Sword……

Chu Yang’s concentration sank into his Dantian. Then, using his mind’s concentration, he embraced that faint and dim Sword’s Soul, and whole-heartedly focused his intent at pacifying it……

After some time, as if the intent of the Nine Tribulations Sword had sensed Chu Yang’s sincerity, it slowly began to quieten down. Although there remained some unwillingness, it instead no longer gave out those calls of longing……

It was like a child who did not manage to obtain his or her favourite toy, but was instead understanding enough not to forcibly throw a tantrum. It only pouted and held back its tears, and with an expression of grievance, looked at his or her own parents……

That Soul of the Nine Tribulations Sword was rather like an adorable small child.

A momentary sense of pity welled up from within Chu Yang, and under that kind of sentiment, he actually felt a sense of shame accumulating from within his heart……

He controlled his feelings of excitement, and exhaled a long breath. Opening his eyes, he instead saw Shi Qian Shan looking at him, before himself. Within the deepest recesses of Shi Qian Shan’s eyes, there was actually a slight hint of excitement. It was probably because he had thought that Chu Yang showing that kind of abnormality was due to his injuries. When he saw Chu Yang opening his eyes, that excitement within his eyes fleeted away, and with a concerned tone of voice, he said, “Younger Martial Brother Chu, what happened to you?”

“Nothing. It was only just…… earlier, I suddenly felt like farting, but…… however, taking into account that Senior Martial Brother, you were following directly behind, I was embarrassed, and had spent quite a large amount of effort to restrain it back……” Chu Yang said seriously, and gave Shi Qian Shan a meaningful look.

“Urgh……” Shi Qian Shan’s facial expression changed, and he embarrassedly said, “This…… it must be very uncomfortable right……” Within that short span of time, he also did not know how to answer; on whether he should advise Chu Yang to fart or…… Chu Yang should still hold it in like that……

Ah, either way, both were unsuitable in terms of keeping up appearances……

At one side, with a *Pu*, Tan Tan also began to laugh. However, he also felt that it was not the appropriate time, and therefore did not dare to give out a loud laughter. Adding to the fact that he had a unique voice, that had resulted in the laughing sound to actually, really, sound as if a typical fart had been released……

Shi Qian Shan momentarily felt a wave of nausea, and almost threw up.

Within his mind, Chu Yang gave an imaginary, secret smile. He felt that it was as if his own mentality had slowly began to change, as if, when compared to his previous life, he was no longer the same……

All of his regrets, had been given the chance to be atoned. Naturally, his mentality also became one that was inspired and not easily provoked.

In his previous life, he had only obtained the Sword Point of the Nine Tribulations Sword four years later from that very moment. Moreover, throughout his past life, he did not know that the Nine Tribulations Sword actually had that kind of Sword’s Soul!

Taking a step at a time, as he walked towards the houses within the Purple Bamboo Forest, Chu Yang’s way of thinking seemed as though it was also changing, and that its transformation was being completed as he neared his destination.

With each step that Chu Yang took, as he neared the house that had only existed within his memories, he could feel his own soul trembling once. Then, a new feeling and mood would begin to rise from within his heart. Slowly, his heart actually began to fill with longing.

Within that house, was his own Teacher! The person whom he had respected the most throughout his entire life!

Since he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age, then, without caring if he had been reborn or whatever, at that moment, he was already no longer that Poisonous Sword Revered Martial Artist! At that moment, he was Chu Yang, a youth! A frail and delicate youth!

On that continent, before had he matured, there were countless people who could cause his death! If he had still thought of himself as the Revered Martial Expert of his previous life, then under the circumstance of his capabilities being a mismatch with his mentality, he would then die exceedingly fast……

Only Chu Yang knew, that a Revered Martial Artist would still be able to have a lifetime of prestige in that Three Lower Heavens. However, should a Revered Martial Artist arrive at the Three Middle Heavens, there would still be instances where that person’s hands and feet would be tied up, and he or she would therefore require to be careful with his or her endeavours. Meanwhile, should a Revered Martial Artist arrive at the Three Higher Heavens……

He or she would then be nothing special!

Only by forgetting the past glories of his previous life, and beginning anew, one step at a time, continuing until his arrival to the peak — that would be the only correct rationality! Then, for the first step, that would be to become the Eldest Martial Brother of all the Inner Quarters Disciples of Beyond The Heavens Sect within the shortest time possible, then entering the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds and obtain the first fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

For the path of that life, what could be imagined was that it would definitely be a lot more exciting that his previous life!

The three people stopped their footsteps at the same time; they had already arrived at the Purple Bamboo Garden. While looking at those few houses that had previously only remained within his memories, deep and intense emotions were shot forth from within Chu Yang’s eyes. He unintentionally stopped his feet and stood still, and he could only feel the emotions within his heart surging forth like a tide. He was actually unable to momentarily contain his emotions!

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