Transcending The Nine Heavens – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Hypocrite

That was because during that period of time, their Teacher had received a “Spring and Autumn Elixir” distributed by the sect; The Spring and Autumn Elixir, as its name had suggested, could increase a year’s worth of pure martial powers in the person who had consumed it!

Their Teacher had completed a task for the sect, and therefore obtained the Spring and Autumn Elixir as a reward. Chu Yang remembered that his Teacher had once said, that he would also no longer receive any benefit from consuming that kind of medicine again. That was why, between Chu Yang and his two Martial Brothers, he was thinking of choosing someone to consume it.

Spring and Autumn Elixir. Chu Yang’s heart was filled with a momentary sorrow. If that was to be tossed away in the Three Higher Heavens, no one would even bother picking up that kind of rubbish. Instead, that had became the reason for Eldest Martial Brother to be treacherous towards both him and Tan Tan!

Remembering his previous life, that Spring and Autumn Elixir was also given away to Eldest Martial Brother Shi Qian Shan……

It was only until when Tan Tan had suddenly met with an accident and died, and during the time when Chu Yang had once went to pay his respects to Tan Tan, that he unintentionally also saw that Eldest Martial Brother was also around. Moreover, before Tan Tan’s gravestone marker, Eldest Martial Brother had revealed the truth of that matter, which was secretly heard by Chu Yang. Only then did he know, that the Eldest Martial Brother whom both he and Tan Tan had all along respected, was actually such a despicable person!

When he had thought until that point, Chu Yang secretly sighed. In their previous lives, how foolish had both he and Tan Tan been……

Shi Qian Shan, with a slim build, he had a very refined appearance, and was twenty-three or twenty-four years of age. During normal days, he would be extremely nice towards Chu Yang and Tan Tan. From how it usually looked like, that Eldest Martial Brother seemed to be even closer than a natural elder brother.

However, he had never thought that everything would actually be an act! Shi Qian Shan, from the beginning to the end, had all along made use of Chu Yang and Tan Tan! All of his usual pretense, was just to step on the both of them during a critical period, and monopolise the cultivation resources of the sect!

As to why Shi Qian Shan had done such a thing, Chu Yang also understood the reason. Through using all means and methods necessary, he wanted to enter the Inner Quarters of the Beyond The Heavens Storey, and obtain the qualifications to become an Inner Quarters Disciple. After that, he would then aspire to become the Eldest Martial Brother of all the Inner Quarters Disciples in the entire Beyond The Heavens Storey, and obtain the rights to enter the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds of the Beyond The Heavens Storey!

Once he had entered that place, he would then be a candidate for the sect’s next Sect Master! Of all the generations of Disciples in the Beyond The Heavens Storey, only a single person would be able to enter!

With regard to power and authority, Shi Qian Shan fanatically pursued them enthusiastically! In his eyes, to achieve his objectives, he would unconditionally sacrifice everything!

For Chu Yang and his two Martial Brothers, they were all External Disciples of the Beyond The Heavens Storey. According to common reasoning, it was absolutely impossible for them to enter the Inner Quarters. For Shi Qian Shan to think of entering, he would need to stand out with his exceptional talents time and time again at the sect’s Disciples Sparring Conventions, until he was the last person standing!

That was also the Beyond The Heavens Storey’s method to excite and encourage its Disciples to improve since ages past.

That was why, even though that Spring and Autumn Elixir would only raise a mere one year’s worth of pure martial powers, from each of those young Disciple’s point of view, a single year’s worth of pure martial powers was instead sufficient to outstrip Martial Brothers of similar classes by a long distance!

In his previous life, Shi Qian Shan had succeeded. He had, from that moment’s status as an External Disciple, slowly climbed up one step at a time, and finally entered the Inner Quarters, obtaining the qualification to contend for the position of Eldest Martial Brother.

However, four years later, for reasons unknown, the Beyond The Heavens Storey was suddenly besieged by a coalition of various large sects, annihilated while turning into smoke and flying ashes in the span of a single night!

Meanwhile, Chu Yang had fallen unconscious due to serious injuries, and was then buried under many layers of corpses. When he regained consciousness, it had already been three days later.

During that moment, fierce fires raged throughout the Beyond The Heavens Storey, and they had not yet been completely burnt out. After being severely burnt relentlessly for three days, the main building of the Beyond The Heavens Storey finally collapsed completely, nearly smashing the immobilised Chu Yang under it.

However, after the collapse, a fragment of a sword was instead revealed in a deep part of the building’s foundation, sparkling brilliantly! It seemed to carry with it a Devil’s temptation……

That was the first fragment of the Nine Tribulation Sword, the Sword Point.

Chu Yang had generally met with great fortune and obtained a fragment of the Nine Tribulation Sword. The road to Chu Yang’s rise would then begin from that moment forth…… while at that point of time, he was already twenty years of age!

Meanwhile, from within Chu Yang’s memories, that collapsed building’s foundation was the location of the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds of the Beyond The Heavens Storey!

The place where Shi Qian Shan had also dreamed of entering!

The corners of Chu Yang’s lips revealed the hint of a smile, and he muttered, “Shi Qian Shan, in this lifetime, this Seven Shades Congregation Grounds will be mine!”

Since he had been reborn, since time had been brought back by four years, then how could he waste those four years? He definitely needed to obtain the Nine Tribulations Sword even earlier! Meanwhile, in order to obtain the Nine Tribulations Sword, he would need to enter the Inner Quarters, and obtain the status of Eldest Martial Brother before being able to enter the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds!

Apart from that, there were also no other methods!

“What did you say?” Chu Yang’s voice was extremely low, and Tan Tan absolutely could not hear. He only saw Chu Yang’s lips moving momentarily, and he could not help asking.

“I said…… this sky is really blue! This earth is really thick! These purple bamboos are really nice to look at! These flowers are really fragrant! Tan Tan, you have grown to become really handsome…… Hahahaha……” Chu Yang jumped onto his feet, and suddenly burst out laughing. The sound of his laughter was clear and melodious, and it resonated for quite a distance.

At that very moment, Chu Yang was completely inspired! All of the regret in his past life, would thus be compensated in that lifetime!

Qing Wu, wait for me!

I will not disappoint you in this life!

I want to let you know, that you look nicer than a sword! I want to let you know, that in this world, you look the nicest! You look the nicest!

Tan Tan, my good Brother! I will not let you die again!

Mo Tian Ji, you had better watch out!

The peak in the Way of the Heavens, I, Chu Yang…… will, ascend! To! It!

“Hey, it is a matter-of-course that I am handsome, but is this sky, this earth, these purple bamboos…… just how are they nice to look at huh…… you are really crazy,” Tan Tan muttered, batting his eyelids. One of his eyebrows seemed as if it was raised towards the skies, while the other seemed as though it was stabbing into the ground.

“Chu Yang, Tan Tan! Are the both of you here huh?” Following the sound of a momentary refreshing laughter, a young man in cyan clothes emerged from amongst the Purple Bamboo Forest whilst dodging the branches.

The person had a slim build, and a thin face. He was tanned, and had a pair of eyes that were not large, but were instead very lively.

Shi Qian Shan!

Chu Yang immediately turned his head around to take a look, and calmly looked at that gentle and smiling face. He clearly saw a hint of disappointment and annoyance flashed by deeply within Shi Qian Shan’s gaze.

That was a feeling of annoyance generated from seeing that Chu Yang was actually safe and sound! Damn it, why did he not die?

However, Shi Qian Shan promptly revealed a face filled with an angry expression, and shouted, “What are the both of you doing? Chu Yang, what happened to your head? Didn’t I tell the both of you earlier, that during sparring practises between Martial Brothers, attacks should stop with light touches; attacks should stop with light touches! Tan Tan, by using that much strength, are you thinking of hitting Chu Yang to death?”

Tan Tan looked at Shi Qian Shan with a little fear, his entire face filled with shame. He gaped, and muttered, “Eldest Martial Brother, it’s…… it’s my mistake…… my, my handsome and dashing looks had shocked Chu Yang, and he…… he fell into a daze……”

Chu Yang was momentarily speechless.

“Ah, the both of you, ah, the both of you…… really do not give me a peace of mind,” Shi Qian Shan gave out a sigh that was filled with failed expectations, “Ah, when will the both of you let Teacher and me be assured? You are both already of this age, but still behave like children……”

While saying that, he quickly walked over with a face full of concern. As he was walking, with a *Shaa* — sound, he had already torn off a piece of his inner clothes. When he had arrived before Chu Yang, he had a face of pity. “Does it hurt huh? Don’t move, I will bandage it for you. Do not move recklessly. For these few days, do not run about, otherwise you will let the wind enter your wounds……”

Shi Qian Shan carefully used the front of his clothes to wipe away the traces of blood on Chu Yang, and then began to bandage Chu Yang’s wounds using a light and gentle strength. Finally, feeling assured, he looked over once more. Letting out a breath, he said, “Ai, if Teacher saw this, he would definitely want to blame me once more for not looking over my two Younger Martial Brothers. Ah, the both of you……” He sighed while shaking his head.

“Eldest Martial Brother…… we were in the wrong……” Feeling miserable, Tan Tan said, “Sorry. When I fight with him again, I will just mask my face……”

“Why did you apologise to me? Ai, such a large wound, would it hurt if I were to place it on your body?” Shi Qian Shan angrily said, “You should apologise to Younger Martial Brother Chu Yang!”

Towards Tan Tan’s narcissism, Shi Qian Shan faintly revealed a hint of disdain in his eyes. Such an ugly thing, he can actually be narcissistic to such a stage? That really is unthinkable.

Whenever Shi Qian Shan spoke, every single sentence would make others feel as if those words had been spoken from the bottom of his heart. Moreover, his gaze never flinched, and had always watched directly at the other person in the eyes. His gaze appeared magnanimous, and people would know from a single look that he was upright, that everything he had done, had all been done sincerely!

“Yes, yes,” Tan Tan nodded his head repeatedly, his entire face filled with guilt and shame. Under Eldest Martial Brother’s care-filled scolding, he intuitively felt ashamed. Whilst helplessly touching his face, Tan Tan sadly gave a sigh, and felt that he was that much handsome and dashing, suave to the extent of shocking the Heavens and moving the Earth, that it actually brought disaster and was therefore an unforgivable thing……

Chu Yang secretly gave a momentarily sigh. That Shi Qian Shan, no matter if it were his expressions and actions, or even tone, they all seemed that much genuine, and there were absolutely no flaws. If he had not been reborn, he would definitely have been deceived by him……

It was no wonder that in his previous life, that person would be able to continuously stand out from amongst all the External Disciples and swiftly rose through the ranks, until he was finally able to compete for the position of Eldest Martial Brother!

If the Beyond The Heavens Storey had not been annihilated, Chu Yang was definitely certain that in the end, the position of Inner Quarters Disciples’ Eldest Martial Brother would absolutely be Shi Qian Shan’s foregone conclusion!

That kind of capability to present a set of actions but actually perform another set of actions, that was really too rare! It was simply flawless! Others would never know what he was secretly thinking in his mind.

It was no wonder that in my previous life, after Shi Qian Shan had entered the Inner Quarters, within an extremely short period of time, he would be able to obtain the affection of Sect Master Wu Yun Liang’s daughter, Wu Qing Qing……

Wu Qing Qing had been called to be the most beautiful woman in the Beyond The Heavens Storey, so how would she lack in the number of suitors? However, Shi Qian Shan’s physical appearance was nothing extraordinary, but he had instead quietly captured the affections of that girl who had been so loved by the Heavens! During that moment, when the news had spread, the entire Beyond the Heavens Storey was in a state of shock!

However, at the moment, Chu Yang instead knew that everything had not been incidental! Shi Qian Shan, he would be able to do it!

In this lifetime, however, for Shi Qian Shan to once again think of easily doing it…… that will be difficult. That is because, before him, there is still me, Chu Yang! Before me, all of his conspiracies are no different from being non-existent!

“Let’s go, follow me and return to recuperate your injuries,” Shi Qian Shan attentively supported Chu Yang as he stood up.

Chu Yang momentarily smiled, but just as he was about to take a step, he was suddenly startled. From within his own Dantian, there emerged the feeling of an extreme hunger. Or it could also be said, that it was a very pressing, very urgent feeling.

Chu Yang was immediately startled!

What is happening? Being hungry…… should also be the stomach’s affair right? Or maybe the stomach would feel unbearable, but why is the Dantian also hungry?

That kind of feeling surged forth like a rushing tide. Within his Dantian, it was also as if a pot had been opened.

Given the strength of Chu Yang’s mental convictions, he actually also found it to be absolutely unbearable! Feeling really unbearable, Chu Yang immersed into his mental consciousness, activated his martial powers and observed his body’s internal situation. From a single look, Chu Yang nearly exclaimed out loud!

At the center of his Dantian, the shadow of an empty small sword had actually appeared! Its colour was dark and murky, and it was only the size of the part of a finger where fingerprints began. On the body of the sword, eight cracks could be clearly seen!

The shape of that sword was a little weird, but from Chu Yang’s point of view, it was instead incomparably familiar!

Although dilapidated, that was only just an illusory shadow, and even though it was without a form, it emanated the hint of an absolutely domineering presence!

Isn’t, isn’t this the Nine Tribulations Sword huh?! Why is it within my own Dantian?

Within a moment, Chu Yang was stupefied. His body staggered twice, and he almost fell from the shock!

alyschu note:

Dantian (丹田) – A point of location within a person, that which energy is pooled together at.

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