SLKD – Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Resurrection, a Spirit, and my New Life

So that’s how it is… I landed in a parallel world? The only difference was that there are demons in this world ! ?

After my brain finished processing these vague memories, I suddenly understood.

The black flame in front of me was a demon? When I looked at it, I suddenly feel a little bit afraid, but that is probably from this world me’s memory. This demon require human souls to level up and I am in danger of having my soul sucked away from me… but why does the outline on the demon’s face look surprised?

Hold up, a demon’s dark magic devours life so I should be dead… no… this world’s ‘me’ was dead. Then I came from another world into this world me’s body… and what? I went into confusion. Why am I here?

“Impossible, impossible. How can a human not die in the midst of my hellfire? How is that possible? I clearly saw your soul disappear, how did you revive? The demon collapsed and looked as if it was insane.

Huh? The girl behind me is shivering and watching me with wet moist eyes. This beautiful dark blue haired girl is…

‘I’ was in a bad mood so I went to walk along the creek near my home. I found a human spirit that could only be found in stories. ‘I’ immediately ran to her to greet her. I did not notice a demon appear when I went to say hello. It was a Griess (fire demon). Then this world’s me grabbed her and ran into the abandoned factory around 100 meters away from my home (It was a pretty big factory in this world). I then got hit by it’s fire.

“I must have missed, this kid obviously knows illusion magic. Yes, I must have seen wrong. But out of all the demons, the Griess demon is the most powerful spirit hunter. I, Genuoduolasu am also a Superior demon! How else can my flame not burn off this mongrel’s soul that I do not even want to eat? The demon mumbled to itself and started to cast a few spells.

You don’t want to eat my spirit? I started to feel faint. Even the demon looked down on the spirit of the me in this world. To not even be considered as food, the me in this world, how much of a trash are you…

This is really funny. This demon is actually a Superior demon. In this world I am as weak as anyone can be, how could I possibly have used magic to confuse a Superior demon? Even an Advanced Magician could not have done it. This stupid demon. This is what I thought in my head, I am not stupid enough to actually say that out loud. No, even if I did not say anything, the fact that am still alive is enough mockingly enough.

“Human, be honored. You are the first person I met that did not die to my Hellfire Meteor Bomb but I wont be deceived twice…” The demon named Geno-something said. A black-like round table appeared. That big dark magic must be the one that shoots the Hellfire Meteor bomb? That name is really stupid, but I must escape now. That demon’s dark magic is nothing to sneeze at…

“Bang, bang, bang.” As I was escaping the stupid bomb fireball or whatever shot out quickly. Although it’s speed was fast, I could probably dodge it in a split second. But… there was a girl behind me.

“Hot… hot…” Well, the black hellfire bomb hit me and started to burn. I’m going to burn to death.. ehh? It’s not hot anymore?

Another one hit me and I feel it burning against my skin. Then it stopped burning. When the flame was burning, it seems like it went inside my body? It is not trying to devour my life right? With this strong of a dark magic attack, I should have already have died multiple times already…

The Gelimisu? or whatever demon, saw that I was alive and roared like a crazy beast: “ Even if you use illusions, I won’t be tricked, I will hit you. You damn kid ! ! ! ”

“Hey.” I wanted to tell him that I did not use any magic and actually did get hit by the fireballs but he started to launch his spell again. I squat down in front of the girl behind me and protected her head: “Can you… escape… his… attack… range? Dammit, it was so hot. Because of this hot pain, I had some problems getting my words out. I don’t know why I could not be swallowed up by dark magic, but if this continues I will probably die from pain.

The girl stared at me as she nodded her head.

“Okay, I will help you block the flames, you must run away now.”

The girl was stunned by my words but got her trembling legs in order and sprinted behind the bunker.

“Go to hell, go to hell.” That stupid thing went completely bonkers…

“Pop”. “Ahh~~~~” The girl cried as a fireball hit her leg and the black flame started to burn…

“Hey !” Seeing this, I start to get angry: “Only a coward would hit attack a girl. Unforgivable.” I rush at the demon and send the demon flying. It probably flew about seven or eight meters.

“Ahh~~~ ahh~~~ woo~~~ woo~~~”The girl could not slap the black flame off her leg. Using water magic, she could not douse this inextinguishable eternal flame…

Immediately, I came over and try to pat the flames on her leg away myself. The girl’s snow white leg was scalded into an ugly red.

Damn that demon. What if it left a scar on this beautiful flawless white leg? It deserves to die.

The girl’s eyes were becoming red because of her sobbing. As I was patting the flame, I rub her head: “Hey, stop crying, okay?” I don’t know why but when I see a girl cry, my mind becomes a mess.

I turn around and see the stupid demon still muttering to himself: “Impossible, impossible”

I got angrier and angrier. I hate it when people bully the weak but it really hits my nerve even more when a girl gets bullied. I clench my fist and a white flame envelops my right hand. I stared as the white flame seemed to gobble up his black flame…

“Ahh~~~ impossible, impossible, sacred fire? How… can… a human…. have a dragon’s ability? Is this guy using his illusions again?” The demon’s dark face twitched: “I won’t be tricked, I won’t. I know you are manipulating my senses and you are trying to make me feel the flame’s purification. Haha, I won’t be fooled.”

“What kind of rubbish is this guy spouting now? So noisy.” As I run in the direction of the demon, it became frightened and tried to flee.

I punch him hard in the back and it got engulfed in the white flame. He flew maybe around ten meters away. After a split second, it disappeared into the air.

With the me in this world’s memory, I knew that the smoke only appears after a demon dies.

The white flames quickly disappeared from my hands afterwards. Instead of being stunned by the fact that I sent a Superior demon flying, I walked back to the girl.

The girl raised her head to look at me. She stopped crying and her red eyes on her beautiful face makes a person pity her. I asked: “Can you walk? I can take you to my place.”

She shakes her head. Looks like she is unable to walk.

I crouch down and said to her: “Then get up, I will carry you.”

The girl tried to stand up. “Ahh ~~” She let out a painful cry and sat down again.

I stood up and took a proper look at her. I notice that this girl, no, this human-like spirit was actually very pretty. She had an exquisite delicate face with flawless skin. Her big watery eyes were mature and beautiful.

However, at the moment, her face was a pale lifeless color.

I scratch my head in thought. Then I wrap my left arm around her waist and cradled her feet with my right arm.

She struggled a bit. Even if there was dirt on her face, I can see that she had flushed in embarrassment.

I felt something from my body enter her body. I could not describe what it was but the feeling disappeared after a few seconds.

I put my fingers on her face to wipe away the dirt and smiled: “Hold on, we’re almost there.”

I don’t know if it was because of what I said but she suddenly stilled and then nestled in my arms like a kitten…

I have never hugged a girl before but I think the girl in my arms should be around 1.7 meters tall. She was so light though. Are all women made out of water? Huh? Her head is smoking and a “gulu gulu” boiling sound came out… Her temperature has increased and her beautiful red face felt as hot as burning iron. Don’t tell me that she has a fever?

“Hey, are you alright?” I started to get worried.

I see her shake her head but her eyes were spinning in circles. She seems to be nervous? I got it. She must be shy.

We left the factory after I purified all the black flames in the area.

After we left the abandoned factory, I realized that this was that famous iron-making factory in my world. Over here, it was an abandoned factory.

I guess in this parallel world, anything can happen. I shake my head and started to walk home.

My home in this world was pretty remote. The nearest building from my home was that 100 meter away abandoned factory. Not only was it far away, the land was cheap and nobody lived around here. If you asked why the land wasn’t good, it is because it has been heard that the cracks connecting the demon world appear frequently here. But this world’s me have never seen such a thing in his entire life.

“We’re here.” I open the door. My home in this world was different from my previous world’s home. It was a flat roofed three story villa that covered a large area. This world’s uncle was very rich but he was cheated. I still remember the time when he naively laughed and said: “Ha ha, he sold me such a cheap place, what a fool…” He now realized who the real fool was…

However I think this place is safe. At least, ‘I’ have never been attacked in this world… until today…

I put the girl on the sofa and looked through the medicine cabinet. I find a bottle of sterilized water to clean the wound but… was it enough to clean this kind of burn? I was used to applying medicine on myself because I always got into fights. I look at her injury again and felt that it was probably OK. I have never used it for a burn but when I look at her leg, it seemed like the burn had faded a bit and had already started to heal.

No matter what other people say, using sterilized water on any injury was no problem. I picked up a cotton swab and dipped it in the distilled water. I gently applied the water. “Ah ~” She moaned as her leg winced.

“Does it hurt?

The girl cutely nodded her head like how Satsuki does, giving me a little sister kind of feeling. I smiled as I rub her head: “If it hurts, then don’t move. Are you hungry? I’ll go make something for you.” The refrigerator was pretty empty… but I think I still had some eggs and noodles?

The girl cutely stared at me, blushing into a red color again. How strange, no matter how you look at her, she was obviously was the mature silent type. Why did she look so cute? Satsuki’s cuter but why do I feel my heart beat? Is this the way people feel when they see their sister growing up?

I cannot explain this sensation. It is a sweet and sour kind of feeling.

As I wash the pots and pans that had never been used before, I sigh. This world’s me really knows how to enjoy life. Although this world’s uncle and my world’s uncle were always busy working, which was why they rarely were home, the sixth grade me in the other world was completely different than the me in this world.

Well, I remembered how to make noodle soup… I recalled how my uncle made it and started to make it.

About ten minutes later, I completed the Plain Noodle Soup that my uncle always made me for me whenever he came home, back when we were in China. (Since there weren’t enough ingredients, it wasn’t really a plain noodle soup though).

I suddenly feel a homesickness for my previous world but this world seemed to be more fun. Well ~~ anyway, time will always go on. There are probably tons of other parallel worlds out there anyway. Anything can happen in this world. I’m tired of all the days of fighting other people. Even though ‘I’ am viewed as a low leveled nerd and is held in disdain here, I am probably stronger here than I was in my previous world. Besides, I can fight demons. Also it seems like I can transform spiritual power into magic in this world. That could be fun.

But why are my parents dead in this world too? Had I always been doomed to lose my parents at a such young age?

My parents died in a car accident in my previous world but here, they were killed in action…

As I thought about it, I could not help but feel sorry for myself.

Aftering making the noodles, I walked out of the kitchen. The girl was using water magic on her wound but immediately stopped when she saw me.

Now that I think about it, she is a water sprite. Legends say that spirits have a special aura around them. I remember that the me in this world recognized what she was. Was why he blindly ran at her and got scorched to death? I look up and down at the girl’s tattered clothes and shook my head.

I could not see anything.

Since there is no food in the house, I made some noodles. Try them.” I put the bowl down on the table and stabbed the chopsticks in the noodles.

The girl stared at the noodles for a while and then she held the chopsticks. She skillfully used the chopsticks to suck the noodles in her mouth. I could not describe how she held the chopsticks but suddenly, they fell on the floor.

Oh right, she was a spirit, how did she usually eat her food?

I see about to her crouch down to pick up the chopsticks and hurriedly stopped her: “Ah, you don’t have to pick that up, let me do it.” I stepped forward and picked up the chopsticks. I was scared that the friction of her crouching would make her injury worsen so I did that. Then again, why does it look as if her wound was already almost completely healed?

I looked at her beautiful white leg and saw that the part of her leg that use to be an ugly red, had become pink and was close to her original skin color.

She must really be a spirit, her ability to heal herself was simply amazing.

I put the chopsticks on the table and picked up her bowl. I held it against her pink lips and said: “I don’t own any forks so you have to eat it this way. I’ll go out and buy some later.”

She hesitated. She looked at me. Then she looked at the noodles. Since she didn’t want to embarrass me, she slightly opened her mouth and slowly slurped it in her mouth. She covered her mouth and widened her big watery eyes: “It’s delicious.”

This was the first time I heard her speak. Her voice was very soft and melodic to my ears.

The first thing she said were words of praise. This made me feel very happy because she is the first person to tell me that the food I make was delicious.

I laugh. “Since it’s delicious, have some more.”

Without restraint, she gulped it all down and even ate my share. After finishing all the noodles, she realized what she did and apologized. I did not care as long as she was happy.

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