Hitomishiri Onna 5

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Chapter 5 Everyday Life
Time flew by even faster than in my previous life.

“Al, good morning.”


I had become 6-years old. In these past 5 and a half years I had been battling the Excessive Magic Disorder, and thanks to my shyness resurfacing, I hadn’t even been able to talk with my family much! Agh, when I was a baby it was so much easier to say what I wanted (it was all baby talk though)! I’m such an idiot!

“Al, you’re looking good today. But don’t overdo it, okay?

Mom examined my complexion, then laughed gently when our eyes met. …Still, I was really bad at making eye contact, even though it was such an important part of communication.

That was why I averted my eyes quickly. Even though I knew it would make Mom a little sad. I’m so sorry, but it’s impossible!

“Hurry and take your seat, love; breakfast is almost ready.”

She tapped on my head, then I watched as she exited the room. Aaaahg, the guilt consumed me!


On the dining table was a vegetable soup and a hard bread like French bread, and milk from an animal called a ‘Mille’ (I had never actually seen a Mille, but I guessed it was something like a cow). This was the usual Westoria home breakfast fare.

The eldest son, Jörg, had already gotten ready and headed out, thus, the second son, Solis, was running late! While he caused a ruckus around the house, he jammed some bread into his mouth. However he put in too much and…

“Gegh, it’s, stuck! Al! A drink!”

As expected…

Solis was in pain with bread half lodged down his throat, so I brought him the Mille milk, and he quickly snatched it out of my hands. Watching him chug it down made it seem that much more painful.


“All right, I’m off!”

“…Have a good day, Onii-chan.”

“Have a good day, take care now!”

“…Well, I’d best be on my way too.”

I watched Solis leave while I ate at the table, and Dad stood up to follow suit. Dad was an Imperial Guard for the king. Being part of the Imperial Guard was something every boy dreamed of. Solis often talked about it, so it was easy to remember.

“Ryan, take care. And have a good day.”

“I will. I’m off then. Al, be good while I’m gone.”


I loved the big hands Dad used to muss with my hair. They were rough and calloused, but it was the proof of how hard he worked. My cheeks started to pull into a smile, but it would be bad for me to start smiling now. So, as usual, I bit my lip to keep myself from smiling. After all, if his son started laughing suddenly, he might not muss with my hair anymore.

Mom and Dad kissed each other goodbye, but not a deep French kiss. The first time I saw them do that, I was shocked at the sudden PDA, but after six years, I’d gotten used to it. For the most part.

Dad was the last one to leave the house, so it was just me, Mom, and the maid Michella-san. After I was diagnosed with Excessive Magic Disorder, Dad hired on the 70-year old lady. Her age didn’t matter, and Mom had complete faith in her to perform her duties.

Whenever I suffered from my disorder, Mother wouldn’t leave my side, and Michella-san was left to do the chores. Every time I had an attack, Michella-san indicated her understanding and took over managing the household. I tried to look at her with respect, but I could tell I was disliked. She often looked at me coldly, even though she smiled while talking to my brothers.

Even so, I didn’t have the guts to even try and speak with her, much less be discouraged from doing so by her.

“Al, your fever only just went down yesterday. Just in case, stay in bed for today, okay?”

And so today, once again I was confined to the bed.

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