Hitomishiri Onna 4

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Chapter 4 My Resolve

“Al! You opened your eyes?!”

I slowly awoke to the sound of words, and it felt like I had slept for at least a month. At the time I didn’t understand it at all, but my body felt super fatigued! That was the kind of situation I’d fallen into.

“Al! Dr. Safi! Al opened his eyes!”

Mom and Dad came to check on me, and behind them I heard footsteps. Suddenly, I saw a face I didn’t recognize; The person Dad called Dr. Safi had beautiful blue colored hair tied behind his head. And what was this, I had always thought guys with long hair in my old life were nasty looking, but this guy was different.

“Yes, his face has a good color, he should be fine now. However, this will still occur periodically, so please make sure your family is prepared.”

“…We will be. Thank you so much Dr. Safi.”

Mom and Dad stood and gave their heartfelt thanks to Dr. Safi. Apparently he had saved me from my fever.

I babbled an ‘Au au (Thank you)’ at Dr. Safi, with all my gratitude. His kind eyes crinkled as he laughed. Seriously, yet another handsome man.


“All right, I’ll see myself home.”

“Really, thank you for everything!”

“…I know I told you once before, but Altis-kun will continue to be afflicted by these symptoms throughout his life. Caring for him will be difficult. So I hope your family will come together and support him with all your power.”

I could hear the adults talking together. I couldn’t see their faces, but they certainly weren’t laughing. I could hear the seriousness in their voices.

Form what Dr. Safi was saying, I would be a big burden on my family from here on out. It could even get worse. …I wanted to help my family, but how? And with a body like this? I was already powerless as it was. Even when I got older, I would probably still need to be looked after, even though I should be the one looking after my parents at that time.


I had to leave home.

I knew just how much love they had to give after only this one month of living with them. It made me so happy…but that was exactly why.

I couldn’t stay babied forever. I had been an adult in my previous life after all, and I’d held down a decent job. If I put my mind to it, I could certainly do it. I’d take care of myself. And I’d study; I could do it.

“Au auah (I absolutely won’t force my parents to care for me forever!)”

At the tender age of 1-month old, I quietly made up my mind.



“…Ryan-san, please calm your magic. You could have an adverse effect on Altis-kun right now!”

At the doctor’s pleading, I let out a long breath, and calmed the magic emitting from my body. It was a bad habit of mine. When I got overly emotional, magic would leak from my body. I had more magic than most, and that was the likely culprit.

“Doctor! Can Al… Can Al be cured?!”

“That’s… it would be very difficult with today’s current magical knowledge.”

The doctor’s declaration caused Meria to stagger. I supported her from behind as we finally understood what was going on.

Excessive Magic Disorder. Meria and I had both heard of it before. After all, I also suffered from the same illness, but I only had a mild case; if I took medicine once a month, it would lessen the effects to the point that there weren’t any problems. Meria knew this as well.

Excessive Magic Disorder is something you’re born with, and those afflicted surpass the limit of magic their bodies are able to contain. You don’t often encounter someone with it, but it’s most commonly found in births between nobles, who have a large capacity for magic, and commoners, who only have a moderate capacity for magic. However, in this case, I was the cause.

“Certainly, Ryan-san also has Excessive Magic Disorder. …It is likely hereditary.”

My mind blanked when Dr. Safi confirmed my fears. Somewhere inside, I knew it. Meria grabbed my hand tightly, and it was so wondrously comforting, it calmed the magic stirring inside me.

“Altis-kun has a very acute case of Excessive Magic Disorder, and as such the attacks will worsen, causing his body to weaken. I’ll prescribe some medicine. Have him take it every single day, do not miss a dose. If his condition worsens while on the medication, please call on me again. Do you understand?”

The one to respond the quickest was neither myself nor Meria.

“I understand! I’ll rush to get Dr. Safi immediately!”

It was Solis, who had been crying just before. Everyone was surprised at the expression my son wore. Only Dr. Safi lowered his head, bidding Solis thanks for the help, and patted his head.

Solis faced the doctor with a fierce light in his blue eyes, then gave a single nod in return. That my son wore such an adult expression despite being a child, filled me both with pride and sadness.

“Ryan, we must also do all we can to help Al. Let’s all protect Al together, okay?”

Meria had been supporting me, and now wore the most motherly expression I’d ever seen. Aah, that’s right. Al, Meria, Jörg, Solis, and myself, we were all family. It was important to protect each other. I would absolutely absolutely protect them.

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