Hitomishiri Onna 2

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Chapter 2 Getting used to things

“He’s so cute!”

“I know, he’s like a little angel.”

It’s been 1 month. Thanks to the neighbor folk, my shyness slowly began to ebb away with having to deal with things like diapers and breasts. And just a bit of trivia, my mother’s breasts were larger than mine in my previous life.

Currently, Mama was having a tea party at the house with some of her friends. Everyone was dressed in beautiful clothes, and all the girls over 10 were already unbelievably beautiful with good figures. Mama and her friends all called me cute and angelic, lavishing me with praise, and it felt rather nice. I still hadn’t been able to really see what I looked like, but I was probably pretty cute. For a boy at least.

Yes, I, formerly Yoshiko, was now Altis, a boy. That thing that wasn’t there in my previous life was now blatantly between my legs. At first I was like, noooo, you’ve got to be kidding me… But I had no choice but to get used to it. Along that same train of thought, I tried to stay optimistic about potentially falling in love with girls in the future.

“Mother, I have returned.”

“Mother, I’m back!”

The eldest son, Jörg, and the second son, Solis, had come home. Over the past month I came to know that they attended a military school. They had both inherited my Dad’s brown hair and bright blue eyes, along with his good looks; of course, not once in my previous life had I conversed with a hot guy, other than when absolutely necessary. The sad truth was that even though I’d come to accept my newfound gender, I still wasn’t used to them. I hated my shy self for that.

“Al, how have you been little buddy?”

“Solis, if you’re going to hold Al, wash your hands first.”

When my brothers got back, they immediately made for my crib. I think they’re nice. But it hurt when they poked my cheeks and I wished they’d stop.

The adults all smiled at the boys. Don’t smile at them, save me! It seriously hurt!

I could only think such things to myself as I was still incapable of speech. Speaking of, what should I say for my first word? Mother? Father? Brother? It was the only worry I had at the moment, but I thought it was pretty important. It was important to me as in my previous life, I’d never had such a warm and welcoming family.

In middle school, my parents passed away, and suddenly I was living with my relatives. Shy as I was, I never really spoke much with my Aunt and Uncle. There was the fact that my parents had just died, but even before that I didn’t talk much, and I was slow at responding, leading others to call me a boring girl behind my back.

Still, now that I’ve been reborn, I suppose that doesn’t matter much anymore. Still, for my new parents that laughed gently and my brothers that fussed over me, I wanted to live up to their expectation. That was what I wanted to live for.

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